Judiciary vs Medical Field

Dr Ramesh Ganesan asked a medico legal question 21 hours ago – An important question worth reading **


Judiciary should also come under CPA (Consumer Protection Act).

–In the Salman Khan hit and run case the LOWER court judge and the HIGH court judge had the SAME pieces of EVIDENCE to deal with.

–They also had the SAME Indian LAW to abide by and most probably they had similar education qualifications too.

–Yet they INTERPRETED the situation in absolutely CONTRASTING manner and gave verdicts which are poles apart.

–Just imagine what would have happened if a YOUNG doctor sitting in a GOVERNMENT hospital doctor catering to hundreds of patients in a day had diagnosed a celebrity patient presenting with gastric discomfort as GASTRITIS and another hospital had LATER on diagnosed that patient to be having a MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION. I am sure that doctor would have been screwed and jailed.

–A JUDGE gets YEARS to decide on a case
unlike a DOCTOR who is expected to diagnose and treat everything in the BLINK of an eye.

–If a doctor making a wrong diagnosis can be prosecuted shouldn’t a judge giving wrong verdicts meet the same fate?

–If hospitals can be sued for not admitting poor patients shouldn’t the courts be prosecuted for having lacs of impending cases?

–Is it not appalling that a judge taking 12 years to give a wrong verdict gets away unhurt and a doctor making one mistake is screwed by our legal system?

–Doctors practice medicine which is more of an art than an exact science whereas law is absolutely 100% manmade, yet doctors are expected to be right on all occasions.

–If doctors and hospitals have a duty towards the society then does the judiciary not have a responsibility towards the socitey.

–If there is so much of hue and cry in media about doctors and hospitals charging huge sums from patients then why do we not ever hear a word on the astronomical fee ranging between 5-15 Lakhs per hearing from notable lawyers like Manu singhvi, Kapil Sibal, Harish Salwe, Aryaman Sindaram, Gopal Subramaniam, Dushyant Dave, Salman Kurshid, KK Venugopal, Prashanth Bhushan, KTS Tulsi and Jethmalani, as charges for their court appearances??

–Government often talks about putting a capping on the fees doctors charge for various procedures but there is no talk of putting a capping on the fee that these lawyers charge to get justice for their clients.

–If health is a citizen’s right then so is justice. Shall we take our minds off worshipping false heroes & think?


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Judiciary — more of an Irritation than Justice Dispensation

Year 2020/2021

A good analysis but Ranbir Krishna is reproduced here


Chandrachud, J

Khanwilkar, J

Nariman, J

Our #Supreme Court and #High Court Judges think they are Gods. If they order something, it should happen. If they want 700 MTs of oxygen for Delhi, they just order it. And it must happen or they will call the officers and haul them for contempt. Why don’t they order that every Indian should earn Rs 25,000 per month? And it must happen, or they should call the officers and haul them for contempt. Why dont they order that every case in India must be decided in 2 years? And it must happen, or else incompetent judges should be hauled up for contempt.

They have no idea of how oxygen is made, the equipment required, how much it costs, who will pay for it, from where will the money come, are they willing to put their hands in their pockets, the storage, the types of tankers required, the movement of tankers, the logistics of reaching to various hospitals, the safety measures, the equitable distribution throughout India.

CJI, why don’t you formally take over the executive function, and start getting things done? You can suspend the PM and the bureaucracy during your charge, and show us how oxygen should be supplied throughout India.

Of course, you need not concentrate on the judiciary and ensure that justice is given to every citizen within 2 years of filing of any case. Speedy Justice is not a fundamental right in India.

The Madras High Court blames the Election Commission for holding elections which is EC’s constitutional duty. Why doesnt Madras High Court suspend the EC, take over its powers and conduct elections or stay them? Show us they can do a better job!

Is the Madras High Court aware that the Yogi Government in UP went recently to the Allahabad High Court to postpone panchayat elections due to the pandemic, the Yogi Government was ordered by the Court to hold Elections in time on pain of contempt. Now that so many election officers including school teachers on election duty have died due to Covid, will the Allahabad High Court file an FIR against itself for murder?

The Courts tell the Armed Forces how they should do their job, with no understanding of the subject. You are not aware of the Code of Conduct of the Armed Forces, that they cannot steal the affection of a colleague’s wife as husbands have long field postings and their spouses should be safe, or that they cannot leave behind an injured colleague no matter what. The Courts have given judgments contrary to this Code, given minor punishments to the guilty, unmindful of the havoc to the morale. Can’t you leave it to the Armed Forces unless an important point of law is involved?

The Courts tell the Police how to arrest a criminal and not to handcuff, with no knowledge of the subject or the circumstances. Are you aware that in USA, the first thing the Police do to nab a suspect is to put handcuffs? But you do not care for the safety of the policemen. Or even the dignity of law and order. Thanks to our Courts, it is the criminal who has the upper hand over the police?

CJI, what have you done to restore the dignity of the Police?

You give judgments on Hindu traditions like Sabarimala, Jallikattu, height of hundis on Janmashtami, curbs on firecrackers on Diwali, held just one day in a year. This you do without any formal knowledge of Hindu culture and traditions, without even consulting scholars or saints.

And you are so afraid to touch the traditions of Muslims, Christians and Parsees.

Each time the Courts take over the executive domain over which they have no constitutional right, they are acting illegally, contrary to the Constitution. Will the Courts punish themselves for this illegality?

Ranbir Krishan
17 th May 2021

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The Bio-War ➖ Covid19 and Pharma Companies

Very interesting & real eye-opener🤔🤔🤔
Reading (28th May’21) ‘Times of India’ Delhi’s edition, page 3, my fears have come true !
(Remember, TOI is a British Bennet Coleman & Company controlled Newspaper !).
And, many of us are it’s & other similar media houses ‘slaves’.
The News in TOI read : ‘Procure Pfizer Vax as soon as possible for kids, says Kejriwal’.

Now, read the message below, which has been in circulation on Social media.👇

  1. The Gandhi family started backing Pflzer openly along with its associates (Opposition) in social media.
  2. A news float in Social Media that there would be third wave which will put children’s at risk.
  3. In two weeks, CDC, Center of Disease Control under Biden approves vaccination of kids from May 13, 2021
  4. As soon as CDC approves, Pfizer roll out vaccination for kids the very next day all over US.
  5. No trial data is ever shared in public. No one knows when, how and where it was developed
  6. India has appox 40Cr children under 18 years. With Rs 3000 Pflzer per kid, the minimum business for Pflzer is appox 120000+ Cr. If a conservative 20% commission is taken for the family, it is Rs 24000 Cr.
  7. Government of India (GO) refused Pflzer vaccine and put 2 key conditions for permission. First condition is ‘no immunity for Pfizer’ with Indian law and second Condition is ‘local trials in India’.
  8. Suddenly posters in India popped up, saying “Modi why you shipped our children vaccine overseas”. While there is no kids vaccine yet developed in India.
  9. Immediately Bharat Biotech applies for Phase II and III trial of Kids vaccine.
  10. Immediately a PIL is filed in court to stop Bharat Biotech to stop trial for kids vaccine.
  11. Like 2nd wave which started from Maharashtra, another Congress state Rajasthan reports : kids infected.
  12. Although, as per Dr KK Agarwal video, kids are not to worry as they have best immune system and just need to be treated for symptoms. They will be fine with their Anti Bodies
  13. Dr KK Agarwal dies of Corona.
  14. US Admin report that it has huge surplus of Pfizer vaccine.
  15. Delhi Govt. Dy CM Sisodia asks GOI to talk to Moderna and Pflzer for vaccine import.
  16. Moderna and Pflzer refuse to supply vaccine to individual Indian states and said that they will deal only with Government of India.
  17. So the ownership is now on GOI. Effort is to put pressure on GOI to allow Pflzer without trials and with legal immunity. Tomorrow if anything goes wrong with Pflzer which will happen, encouraged by opposition parties, Pflzer is legally protected and the blame will be put on GOI.
  18. So by refusing to supply to individual Indian states, Pflzer lobby very smartly made GOI responsible for everything.
    Why Pfizer want legal immunity in India? and why Modi govt made it a mandatory condition along with trial?

This is the answer

In a shocking new report on the KOVID-19 vaccines, it has been discovered that the Pflzer coronavirus vaccine may have long term health effects not previously disclosed, including “ALS, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological degenerative diseases.”

In a latest paper the Pflzer vaccine was evaluated for the potential to induce prion-based disease in vaccine recipients. Prion-based diseases are, according to the CDC, a form of neurodegenerative diseases, meaning that the Pflzer vaccine is potentially likely to cause long term damage and negative health effects with regards to the brain.

We Indians are not PIGS anymore and The Modi government is saving our lives.

  1. Pflzer has direct relationship with Lab in china and Chinese lab run with US funding.
  2. Another Dr KK Agarwal video advocated for basic Ayurveda treatment. Ayurveda treatment means straight massive loss to Pharma Lobby including Hospitals. Hence Ramdev controversy started out of no where.
  3. Shahid Jameel, the chairman of Genom sequencing lab, the one who was kicked out by Modi Govt and other 800 doctors around the world wrote to GOI to give the access to medical data of covid patients. why?

All developed countries are spending millions of dollars to protect the medical data. They are working round the clock to prevent the reverse AI applications to gain any access to the medical data of the country. why?

Because, in bio-war medical data is vital to customize the virus according to the country.

Biden administration has given access to Huwai to US data.

Now connect all dots and the picture which emerge is a criminal nexus of the Family, Its parasites in various government and media with Global Pharma Lobby lead by Pflzer.

This is the story and let this sink in. A faction of Govt. is continuously working to understand the moves of our enemies and counter them with our own counter moves.

Covaxin is the biggest surprise to our enemies. So will be its use on children.

2DG will be another surprise and a big hurdle in the planl of our adversaries.

We are in the middle of Bio War and we have to win.
Hope, you get it !
If not, read it again.
Please forward this Message to as many people as possible.🙏🏽🇮🇳

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Muslim takeover of West Bengal — by Janet Levy

She wrote this in 2015 and WB is just as she predicted. It’s only us Hindu Fools that become deliberately blind to reality.

Such a dreadful report about Bengal from America which has created panic all over the world.

Once considered a symbol of Indian culture, what has happened in Bengal today is not hidden from anyone.

The communal riots against the Hindus have started happening for quite some time and now the situation has been that the banning of celebrating the festival has started.

But the famous American journalist Janet Levy has now written the article on Bengal and the revelations that have been made in it, the ground will slide under your feet.

Janet Levy claims Bengal will soon become a separate Islamic country

Janet Levy claims in her latest article that civil war is going to start soon in Bengal after Kashmir.
In which mass Hindus will be massacred and demanded a separate country called Mughalistan i.e. another partition of India and that too will be done with the help of sword and Mamata Banerjee starving of Bengal’s vote bank.

Janet Levy in her article has presented several facts in favor of this claim, she wrote that “At the time of Partition, the population of Muslims in West Bengal, which was part of India, was slightly more than 12% whereas Hindus in East Bengal who went to Pakistan Today the population of Muslims in West Bengal has increased to 27 percent, in some districts it has gone up to 63 percent, while on the other hand, Hindus in Bangladesh have reduced from 30 percent to only 8 percent.

You can also read Janet’s full article itself here

Responsible for increasing Muslim population
Janet has written this article in ‘American Thinker’ magazine
This article has been written as a warning to countries that are opening their doors to Muslim refugees.

Janet Levy has written a very sensational claim that 27 percent of the Muslim population in any society is enough to start demanding that the place be made a separate Islamic country.

She has claimed that Muslims live together and as soon as 27 per cent of the population, Islamic law starts demanding Sharia to create a separate country.

Giving the example of West Bengal, she has written that the reason for Mamata Banerjee winning every election continuously is the Muslims there.
In return, Mamta makes policies to appease Muslims.

Jihadi game going on with money coming from Saudi?

Soon the demand for creating a separate Islamic country in Bengal is going to arise and there is no doubt that the power-hungry Mamata should accept it.
She wrote the facts for his claim that Mamta has recognized more than 10,000 madrassas who have received funds from Saudi Arabia and made their degree eligible for a government job, money comes from Saudi and in those madrassas Wahhabi bigotry is taught

Mamta started an Islamic city project where hatred of non-religious people is taught.
She wrote that Mamta has also declared various types of stipends for the Imams of mosques but no such stipends were declared for Hindus.

Apart from this, she wrote that Mamta has also started a project to establish an Islamic city in Bengal.

Muslim medical, technical and nursing schools are being opened all over Bengal
In which Muslim students will get affordable education
Apart from this, many such hospitals are being built in which only Muslims will be treated.
There are schemes to distribute Muslim youth from free bicycle to laptop
It is being taken care that only Muslim boys get laptops and not Muslim girls.

Janet blames Muslims for terrorism. Janet has written that millions of Hindu families living in extreme poverty in Bengal are not given the benefit of any such scheme.

Janet Levy has given many examples around the world where terrorism, religious fanaticism and crime cases started increasing as the Muslim population increased.

With increasing population, a separate Sharia law is demanded at such places and then finally it reaches the demand of a separate country.
In this article, Janet has blamed Islam for this problem.
She has written that this message has been given openly in the Quran that Islamic rule should be established throughout the world.

Taslima Nasreen presented an example.

Janet has written that Islam has spread everywhere by forcibly converting or killing non-Muslims.
She has written about the situation of Bengal in this article.

Referring to the riots in Bengal, she wrote that in 2007 riots broke out against Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen in Kolkata.

This was the first attempt in which Muslim organizations in Bengal started demanding the Islamic blasphemy (Blasfamie) law.

Questions raised on India’s secularism

In 1993, Taslima Nasreen wrote a book ‘Lajja’ on the issue of atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh and forcibly making them Muslims.
After writing the book, she had to leave Bangladesh for fear of bigotry.
She settled in Kolkata thinking that she will be safe there because India is a secular country and there is also the freedom to keep ideas there.

But surprisingly, even in secular country India, Muslims saw Taslima Nasreen with hatred Fatwas issued to cut her throat in India.
She was also attacked several times in different cities of the country.
But the hungry Left and Trinamool governments of Vote bank never supported them because the Muslims would get angry and votebank would do so.

There is demand for ‘Mughalistan’country in Bengal.

Janet Levy further wrote that for the first time in 2013 some fundamentalist Maulanas of Bengal started demanding a separate ‘Mughalistan’.
In the same year riots in Bengal, houses and shops of hundreds of Hindus were looted and many temples were also destroyed.
In these riots, the government ordered the police not to do anything against the rioters.

Are Hindus boycotted?
Mamta was afraid that if the Muslims were stopped they would get angry and would not vote.

It has been said in the article that not only riots but to drive away Hindus, Muslims in districts where there are more Muslims, boycotting Hindu businessman
In the districts of Malda, Murshidabad and North Dinajpur, Muslims do not even buy goods from Hindu shops.

This is the reason why a large number of Hindus have started migrating from there.
Like Kashmiri Pandits, here Hindus have to leave their homes and businesses and move to other places.
These are the districts where Hindus have become a minority.

Mamta sending terrorist supporters to Parliament.

Next, Janet has written that Mamta has now even started sending terrorism supporters to Parliament.

In June 2014, Mamta Banerjee sent a notorious jihadist named Ahmed Hasan Imran as a Rajya Sabha MP on her party ticket.

Hasan Imran has been the co-founder of banned terrorist organization SIMI

Hasan Imran is accused of transferring the money of the Saradha chit fund scam to the Jamaat-e-Islami of Bangladesh to provoke riots in Bangladesh.

NIA and CBI are also under investigation against Hasan Imran

According to the report of the Local Intelligence Unit LIU, Hassan has been involved in many riots and giving shelter to terrorists.
He has been accused of having links with Pakistani intelligence agency ISI

According to Janet, the demand for partition of Bengal from India will soon begin to arise.

Through this article Janet has warned those Western countries who are resettling Muslim refugees that soon they will have to face the same things like Germany and England.

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7 Years under Modi — The Achievements till 2021 May

Our beloved “Bharatvarsh” has achieved several milestones during 7 years of Modi government. #7YearsOfSeva

🔘 International Memberships

● EBRD Membership
● International Energy Agency
● Australia Group
● SCO Membership
● Wassenaar Arrangement
● MTCR Membership
● Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
● International Solar Alliance

🔘 Security Pacts

● Military Logistic Pact ‘LEMOA’ with USA
● Military Logistic Pact ‘MLSA’ with France
● Military Logistic Pact with South Korea
● Cross Servicing Agreement ‘ACSA’ with Japan.
● MLSA pact with Australia.
● Military Logistic Pact with Russia.
● Access to ‘Sabang Port’ Indonesia
● Naval Base at ‘Assomption Island’
● Military base in ‘Agalega Island’
● Access to ‘Duqm Port’ in Oman
● To Build ‘Trincomalee Port’ Sri Lanka
● Maritime Logistic Pact with Singapore
● White Shipping Pact with Israel.

🔘 Big Steps

● OROP for Veterans
● 7th Pay Commission
● MSP Increased For Farmers
● PM Kisan Samman Nidhi
● MSME 1 Crore Loan
● GST Slab Reduction
● MSME 40 Lac Turnover Limit for GST

🔘 Financial Saving

● Black Money Recovered : 94K Cr+
● Undisclosed Income : 1.3 lac cr+
● NPA Recovered : 5.63 lac cr+
● Extra Saving for Defence : 1.92 lac cr+
● DBT Saving : 1.78 lac cr+
● Disinvestment Saving : 2.8 Lac cr+
● Auction of Mines : 1.81 lac cr+

🔘 Major Defence Deals

● Rafale Multirole Fighter
● S-400 SAM
● Project 17A Frigates
● Barak-8 MRSAM
● ‘Arihant Class’ Nuclear Submarine
● ‘Apache’ & ‘Chinook’ Helicopter
● AKULA-II Nuclear Submarine
● Project 11356 class Frigates
● M777, ‘Dhanush’ Howitzer Artilary
● K-9 Tracked Howitzer
● AK-203 Assault Rifle
● “MH-60R” Naval Helicopter deal signed.

🔘 Big 56″ Actions

● Mayanmar Strike
● Surgical Strikes
● Balakot Air Strike
● Banned Jamaat-e-Isl’ami
● Doklam Stand-off
● JKLF Banned
● Sealing of Border with ‘Pak’ & ‘Bangladesh’
● No Major Terrorist Attack on Civilians
● Galwan Stand-Off

🔘 Big Changes

● Swiss Bank Deposits Reduced By 91%
● Extreme Poor reduced to 5 Cr from 26 Cr in 2011
● Ease of Doing Business Ranking 63
● UPI transactions 2,641 mn in Apr’21
● Highest Foodgrain Production 303 mn tonne in 2020-21.

🔘 Financial Reforms

● Aadhaar Act, 2016 (Money Bill)
● Demonetisation
● Bankruptcy & Insolvency Code Bill ‘2016
● Good & Service Tax (GST)
● Benami Property Act
● Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill (FEOB)
● E-Way Bill
● Vehicle Scrap Policy
● Defence Procurement Policy (DPP)
● Liquidity of Banks & NBFC’s Increased.
● 111 lakh cr. National Infra Plan presented.
● Corporate Tax reduced.

🔘 Long Pending Major Issues Resolved

● Bangladesh Enclaves
● NRC Implementation
● Triple Talaq
● Naga Peace Accord
● Citizenship Amendment Bill
● Revoking ‘MFN’ Status to Pakistan.
● Return of Rohing’ya Infiltrators
● Abolition of Haj Subsidy.

🔘 Public Schemes

● MUDRA’ Yojana : 28.82 Cr+ Loans
● ‘Swachh Bharat’ Yojana : 11.35 Cr+ Toilets
● ‘Smart City’ Mission
● ‘Namami Gange’ Mission
● ‘AYUSHMAN’ Yojana
● ‘PM Jan Dhan’ Yojana : 42.38 Cr+ Accounts
● ‘Ujjwala’ LPG Yojana : 8.03 CR+ LPG
● ‘PM Fasal Beema’ Yojana : 8.94 Cr+
● ‘Saubhagya’ Yojana : 2.62 Cr+ Household Electrified
● PMAY Affordable Housing : 1.86 Cr+ House
● ‘Ujala’ LED Yojana : 36.73 Cr+ LED
● ‘UDAN’ Scheme
● ‘Make In India’ Theme
● Atal Pension Yojana : 3.04 Cr Beneficiaries
● ‘PM Jeevan Jyoti Beema Yojana : 10.32 Cr+ Beneficiaries
● PM Suraksha Beema : 23.36 Cr
● Atal Tinkering Labs : 8,878
● ‘Har Ghar Jal’ Yojana

🔘 Monuments Established

● National War Memorial
● Red Fort Barracks Museum
● National Police Memorial
● Cinema Museum
● Statue of Unity – Sardar Patel
● Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya Memorial
● Dr. Ambedkar National Memorial
● Memorial for “P. V. Narsimha Rao”

🔘 Completed Pending Infrastructure Projects

● Kollam Bypass
● Bansagar Canal
● Varanasi Kolkata Waterway (NW-1)
● Bogibeel Bridge
● Katra Rail Line
● Sardar Sarover Dam
● Western & Eastern Peripheral
● Kota Chambal Bridge
● Pakyong Airport
● Dhola Sadiya Bridge
● Chenani Nashri Tunnel
● Rohtang Tunnel

🔘 International Diplomacy

● ADNOC onshore Oil exploration
● Chabahar Port’ Agreement
● ASEAN-India Agreement
● 75 Bn$ Currency Swap Agreement Japan
● Hin’du’ Temple In Abu Dhabi
● Rupee – Rouble trade with Russia
● INSTC project
● Russia-India Gas pipeline*

🔘 Space Missions & Satellites

● GAGAN Navigation
● Microsat-R
● HySIS Satellite
● Catrosat’ Series
● South Asia Satellite

🔘 Big Promises

● NIL Tax upto 5 Lac Taxable Income
● 10% EWS Reservation
● Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan-Dhan (PMSYM)
● Tax Exempted on Notional Rent on 2nd House
● 50 Lac Loan for Start Ups.
● Interest Free Loan upto 1 Lac ‘Kisan Credit Card’

🔘 Mega Projects

● Bullet Train Projects
● Train-18, Tejas & Humsafar Trains
● Strategic Crude Oil Reserves
● Defence Corridor
● Metro Train Projects
● Bharatmala’ Project
● Sagarmala’ Project
● Dedicated Freight Corridors (DFC’s)
● Strategic Border Roads
● Industrial Corridors
● River Interlinking Projects
● Mega Food Parks
● City Gas Distribution (CGD)

🔘 Nuclear Power

● Contract with ‘Australia’ for Uranium
● Contract with ‘Kazakhastan’ for Uranium
● Contract with ‘Canada’ for Uranium
● Contract with ‘Uzbekistan’ for Uranium
● Kundakulam Nuclear Contract (5th & 6th)
● Contract with ‘Russia’ for 6 ‘VVER’ Reactors
● Contract with ‘France’ for 6 ‘EPR’ Reactors
● Contract with ‘USA’ for 6 ‘AP1000’ Reactors

🔘 Important Initiatives

● PM Scholarship for Defence.
● Formation of ‘Jal Shakti’ Ministry.
● New Education Policy Launched.
● First ever ‘Investor’s Summit’ J&K dates declared.
● ‘PM KISAN’ extended to all Farmers.
● Pension for Shopkeepers Implemented.
● Death Penaly for Child Rape
● Crackdown on misadventures of the J&K Bank.
● 58 Redundant Laws removed.
● E-Vehicles Policy Implemented.
● Revival plan for BSNL approved.
● Garvi Gujarat Bhavan Inaugrated.
● SFURTI for promoting Traditional Industries
● Undue Z+ Security of politicians removed
● Industrial Relations Code cleared by Modi
● National Sports Education Board set-up
● “Fit India” Movement launched
● Action by ED, CBI & IT against several Fugitives

🔘 Upcoming Major Infrastructure Projects

● Bilaspur-Mandi-Shimla-Leh Line (465 Km)
● Missamari-Tenga-Tawang Rail Link (378 Km)
● Zozilla Tunnel
● Sela Pass Tunnel
● Ken-Betwa River Linking Project
● Delhi Mumbai Expressway
● Ratle Hydro Electric Project (850 MW)
● Sawalkot Hydel Project (1856 MW)
● Pakal Dul Dam
● Mumbai Trans Harbour Sea Link
● Coastal Freeway
● Barmer Refinery
● Dhubri-Phulbari Bridge
● Underwater Rail-Road tunnel on ‘Brahmputra’
● Majuli Bridge
● Rameshwaram Dhanushkodi Rail Line
● Char Cham Road & Rail Network

🔘 Educational Institutes

● AIIMS – 15
● IIM’s – 7
● IIT’s – 7
● IIIT’s – 14
● Medical College – 90
● Navodaya Vidyalayas – 62
● Kendriya Vidyalayas – 103
● Universities – 141

🔘 Major Bills passed

● Abolition of Article 35A & 370
● Jammu & Kashmir (Reorganization) Bill, 2019
● Triple Tala’q Bill
● NIA (Amnd’t) Bill
● UAPA (Amnd’t) Bill
● POCSO (Amnd’t) Bill
● Unauthorized colonies Bill.
● Labour Safety Bill passed.
● The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill.
● RTI (Amendment) Bill, 2019.
● Chit Funds (Amendment) Bill.
● Consumer Protection Bill, 2019.
● Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill.
● New Farm Bill’2020.

🔘 Economy

● GDP of 4.71% (Avg) (World 2.47%)
● Low Avg Inflation of 4.61%
● Unemployment of 5.68% (Avg) (WB)
● Highest Tax To GDP Ratio
● Lifetime High Forex Reserve of ~$593 bn
● Highest ever FDI of $81.72 bn in 2020
● 5.44 lac cr Surplus Transfer from RBI

🔘 Infrastructure Push

● National Highway Construction – 61,828 Km
● Power Capacity Installed – 133.60 GW
● Rural Road Construction – 2.29 lac crore Km
● Railway Line Doubling : 1,458 Km/year
● Train Services Launched – 871
● 35 Operational Airports ‘UDAN’
● ‘BharatNet’ – 5.21 Lac Km+ OFC Laid Down
● Development of 111 National Waterways

🔘 Important Initiatives

● Soil Health Card
● Crop Insurance
● Neem Coated Urea
● ‘Jan Aushadhi’ Kendra
● Payment Postal Bank
● BHIM App
● eNAM Portal
● Atal Tinkering Lab
● Mission ‘Indradhanush’
● GeM Marketspace
● TReDS System
● Digi Locker
● Passport Seva App
● Postal Payment Bank

🔘 Security Enhancement

● Smart Fencing at Pak & Bangla Borders.
● 17 Advance Landing Grounds (ALG’s)
● 29 Airstrips on National Highways
● 794 New BoP’s (Border Out Posts)
● 13,029 individual & 1,431 large community Bunkers
● Sub base ‘INS Varsha’ & Airbase at ‘Deesa’
● Lakshadweep as strategic outpost for Navy
● Naval Base INS Campbell Bay & INS Kohasa
● Full Body Truck Scanning System (FBTSS)
● Network For Spectrum (NFS) project Implemented
● 36 Radar Stations, 38 more in Ph-II
● 27 reconnaissance systems (LORROS)
● 110 hardened shelters ‘Blast Pens’
● Major Radar Surveillance Station ‘Narcondam Island’.
● 24 disused Airfields for Storage, Radars etc.

🔘 Defence Projects

● A-SAT Missile Project
● S5 Class Nuclear Submarine
● SSN Class Nuclear Sub
● ‘Pralay’ Missile
● ‘Agni-1P’ Missile
● ‘Nirbhay’ Missile
● SFDR Popularization
● ‘K-5’ & ‘K-6’ Missile
● Anti Radiation Missile (ARM)
● XR-SAM Project
● Air launched ‘SANT’ Missile Project
● Brahmos-ER, Brahmos-A & Brahmos-NG

🔘 Important Milestones

● Modi government got clean chit in ‘Rafale’ case.
● “Howdy Modi” event happened.
● OBC Pannel formed.
● India rejected RCEP.
● “Namaste Trump” event organised.
● Chief of Defence Staff, appointed.
● Facial Recognition System, established.
● “Chandrayaan2” Launched with 95% Success.
● ‘Mumbai Metro’ Phase Projects launched.
● RuPay Card launched in Abu Dhabi.
● NRC List for Assam published.
● “Ram Mandir” Construction started.
● Unregulated Deposit Schemes banned.
● J&K Flag Removed from J&K Secretariat.
● J&K Domicile Rule Redefined.

🔘 Cleaning The Mess

● 5 cr ghost accounts Terminated
● 4.49 cr bogus LPG connections Cancelled
● 3.1 cr fake beneficiaries stuck off in MGNREGA
● 2.98 cr fake Ration Cards cancelled
● 98.8 lakh fake Aanganwadi beneficiaries reduced
● 3.38 lac Shell companied Deregistered
● 20,000 FCRA licenses of NGO Cancelled
● 11.44 lakh fake PAN Deactivated
● 7.57 lakh fake beneficiaries eliminated in NSAP
● 12.86 lakh fake Minority beneficiaries removed.
● 7 lakh+ fake Scholarships Terminated

🔘 World Recognition to PM

● Saudi Arab : “The King Abdulaziz Sash”
● Afghanistan : “Amir Amanullah Khan”
● Palestine : “Grand Collar”
● UN : “Champions Of The Earth”
● South Korea : “Seoul Peace Prize”
● WMS : “Philip Kotler Presidential Award”
● UAE : “Zayed Medal”
● Russia : “Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle”
● Maldives : “Order of the Distinguished Rule of Izzudeen”
● Bahrain : The King Hamad Order of the Renaissance
● Modi conferred “Order Of Zayed” in Dubai.

🔘 Covid-19 Pandemic

● PM-CARES fund for Covid-19
● Free Food to 80 cr Poor.
● Developing 6 Vaccines
● 27.1 lakh crore ‘Atmanirbhar Package’
● Low 234 De’aths / Mn of Population
● Largest Vaccination Drive

7YearsOfSeva 🇮🇳 🙏

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Hey Hindus, Awake🙏

Dear Hindus,

We, the Hindus of a majority Hindu country stands isolated, neglected and threatened by a Constitutional stigma that protects the minorities and endangers Majority’s existence. This is systematically executed through the principle avenues of
economics, demographics
prohibition of Hindu religious rights.

Unless a United Hindu responds boldly to a centuries old “divide and rule” policy practiced relentlessly by an orthodox governing system, Hindus will find the rug being slowly but surely pulled away from underneath its feet. The consequences that await them around the corner, God forbid, could put the Holocaust to shame.

Deprived and denied of their genuine rights, Hindus will become the magnified version of the exodus Kashmiri Hindus suffered. While Kashmiri Hindus had India to migrate, the indian Hindus would have no place to go.

Though late and with the inevitable threat starting at them in their own Majority country, for now, Hindus must unite and respond to any adversity boldly, without hesitancy and without qualms of being labeled Communal, Sanghi, Bhakth or any other jargon bestowed . It’s time for our survival, for the survival of Hindustan, for the survival of Hindus, for the survival of our property, our family our culture and our heritage.

Take the first step. One step will lead to several. Boycott the media, books, pamphlets, films and social media which vehemently spread fake, manufactured and false propaganda insulting Hindus and Hindustan. Boycott them.

Render your support to the voices of those Hindus who have initiated the first step towards uniting Hindus without caste or creed. Collective support will be an inspiration to those who raise their voices for us. This imperative instigation is not to harm anyone. Our Hindu culture provides enough space for inclusiveness. But, inclusiveness should not be misconstrued as timorousness or trepidation— NO..!

Unlike other man made Abrahamic religions, the Hindu faith of Sanatana Dharma does not preclude the liberties and rights of other belief systems. It is the fundamental values of Hindu dharma to live and let live, to coexist in harmony and exchange pleasantries without pride or prejudice. Hindu unity is not to achieve predominance but to avoid losing what you have, not to ambush or impede the beliefs of others, but merely for the sole purpose of self-survival and rejuvenation of a dying way of life.

As a first measure, Hindus must begin with their own household. Buy only Hindu products and boycott the products of jihadi & evangelical organizations like Himalayas, for example. Boycott halal products especially meats. Boycott those restaurants that insist on serving only Halal meat. Boycott restaurants selling beef, even if they belong to Hindus. The time for us Hindus to wake up from our eternal slumber and work towards Unity , Liberty and Fraternity has come. It’s now or never!

Do not fall for temptations, fake egos, pseudo secular influences, Left liberal cabal, intellectual diaspora , celebrity utterances and political overtures. Hindus were at the mercy of these brigades for centuries in one form or the other. Don’t be lured by similar familiarity, by perceived honesty, by lucidity of explanation being offered to you in glamorous flavor for mere short term personal gains. The danger inherent in selfish desires is and will be too short for comfort.

Always remember, hey Hindu, you and your progeny has no other place but here, Bharat, to live and die.

Unitedly and Boldly together,

Jai Hindu🙏
Jai Hind🙏


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The Shameful COVID19 Politics

From a retired Major General..!

Though I am not comfortable forwarding political messages, I am unable to resist from sending this. A must read:

During his visit to the US last week, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar participated with General McMaster in a virtual discussion conducted by the Hoover institution. He was questioned on India’s handling of the pandemic. He stated, “We are giving free food to as many as 800 million people. We’ve put money into bank accounts of 400 million.” To underline his statement, he explained that India was providing food stocks to two and a half times the US population and funding more than its population. How many nations were able to sustain such expenditure through these trying times and receding economies?
On the global projection of a failing Indian government, Jaishankar added, “I would certainly see this very much as part of a political effort to depict our current government in a certain way and obviously I have a very profound difference with that.” In recent times, the global image of India has been of funeral pyres, depicting a nation failing in its battle against the pandemic. The world has witnessed multiple waves of the pandemic.

Casualties have been higher in percentages in countries possessing smaller populations, in numbers and/or density, than India, including US, European nations, Brazil etc. In no case were the deceased so disrespectfully depicted as in our case. The reality in the US was that Covid casualties were buried in mass graves employing mechanical means and without permitting the next of kin to pay their last respects or be present. Human touch to those who lost the battle against Covid was missing.

There were also reports of Covid casualties lying in refrigerated vans for a long time in New York, awaiting mass burials. Photographs in US and western media displayed people laying flowers in an open field in remembrance of the deceased. In Italy, the situation was so depressing that the army was called in to take over casualties and hurriedly cremate them away from cities. Most western nations, currently critical of India, adopted similar measures. Indians, on the other hand, cremated their dead with dignity and as per religious ethos, despite shortcomings and a spreading virus.

It was this display of religious reverence which the media displayed to depict a failing nation. Victory against Covid is not determined solely by the number of casualties (dead or infected), but by protecting the majority of the population, as also catering for their essential needs during periods of enforced lockdowns. Number of casualties are dependent on the population and density within a nation; while they matter, they cannot be ultimate determinants. Success should logically depend on reversing the Covid cycle with minimum inconvenience and suffering to the populace.

The fact that India being the world’s second most populated nation was bound to have higher casualties was ignored. There is no doubt the current government erred when it went ahead with elections, religious events and protests, adding to the spread. But why was India singled out globally? There could be multiple reasons, including internal political oneupmanship and anti-government groups grabbing an opportunity. India’s national power has risen in recent years. It is immune to global commentators, who felt they could compel third world countries to behave as per their whims and fancies.

India’s refusal to change decisions, whether on Kashmir or the Citizenship Amendment Act, despite criticism from so-called global watchdogs or senators or members of parliament of the Western world hurt privately funded influential organizations, many of whom control media houses. These were at the forefront in tarnishing the national image. Another plausible reason is jealousy of the Western world in witnessing an Asian nation becoming a global economic giant, overtaking most of their economies as also successfully countering the first wave.

India, till recently considered a third world country, is a rising economic power where Western leaders rush to sign trade deals. Grabbing a part of the growing Indian market is a pre-requisite for economic development for any Western country. This reversal in fortunes has hurt many influential organizations in the west. Western nations selfishly ignored third world countries and saved all vaccines and medical equipment which they could garner for their own populace, storing far more than necessary. It was India which reached out and supported weaker nations. Indian vaccine diplomacy earned it global praise, while the West was branded selfish.

Globally Indian generosity was praised, while it reflected adversely on the ethos and responsibility of the developed world. India was no longer a nation which could be ignored, and this irked so-called global watchdogs and influencers. Politics, within India, aided by some media personalities, also played a role in globally maligning the country. The opposition sought to target the current government but ended up tarnishing the national image. The pandemic was exploited as a political tool for influencing public opinion, as India remains perpetually in an election mode.

Claims of false reporting gained prominence. Governments are temporary and can change depending on the will of the people in future elections, while the nation is permanent. Those who exploited the pandemic to hit out at the government have harmed the national image, rather than an individual or a political party, due to their short-sightedness. In the long term, India will win the battle against the pandemic and will rise again. It will continue supporting the globe in the fight against the pandemic. However, what will take time is changing the adverse image of the nation.

(The writer is a retired Major-General of the Indian Army)

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Why PM Didn’t Order Mass Production of Covid Vaccine sooner!!

Why PM Modi didn’t order mass production of Covid vaccines sooner!

There is a perception that PM Modi should’ve placed orders for mass production of Covid vaccines sooner. I had a detailed discussion with a person who is working on this with GoI. He provided me a lot of clarity. Let me summarize it here:

1.) Any vaccine requires extensive testing for adverse reactions. So, any government would only proceed cautiously. Covid vaccine is no different. Even the US ramped up vaccine administration only gradually. Let’s take the most adverse outcome scenario. A few crore vaccines are produced and administered in a rush only to have adverse reactions as outcome. GoI would be compelled to throw away the vaccines. Worse, it would’ve depleted the raw materials and GoI wouldn’t be able to modify the formula and manufacture new vaccines either. So, GoI took the most prudent decision of ramping up orders, production, and administration gradually. This stance is vindicated by the fact that false propaganda induced vaccine hesitancy between January and March due to which millions of vaccines had to be discarded.

2.) The ability of a large country to vaccinate all of her population depends on her ability to stockpile. This is where the US embargo on the raw materials hurt India badly. This forced GoI to become even more stringent with the orders. Had the US not imposed this racist, neo-colonial embargo, India wouldn’t have faced a crisis at all.

3.) Handling live viruses in the manufacturing process takes skill. One mistake and you would have an outbreak. Training resources takes time.

4.) The world has not seen a pandemic such as this. Given India’s economic and industrial capability, she can realistically manufacture 10 crore vaccines per month which means over the next year all Indians would be vaccinated. However, the high risk population is likely to be around 20-30 crores. If those could be vaccinated on priority then India would drastically reduce ICU admits and mortality. GoI has initiated all necessary steps to fulfill this. As a combination of Covaxin, Covishield, and Sputnik are adminstered to high-risk segments over the next 3 months India would’ve emerged out of risk.

5.) Of course, no need to relax even after that. Viruses could mutate. There could be next waves. However, once the high-risk segments are vaccinated, this risk reduces drastically.

I asked him why PM Modi couldn’t have explained it on television. He replied, “If he had done that, it would have reinforced the false perception regarding vaccine safety which vested interest groups had been spreading. It would’ve bolstered vaccine hesitancy and compounded the problem. So, the only option was to bite the bullet and keep on working.”

He closed with a remark: “However, people like you should disseminate these truths.” Here, I’ve done my small part.

Please share this widely. Translate and publish too.!!

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Pinarayi Secularism of Kerala !!

Every Hindu should know: This is Secularism in Kerala particularly..!!

👉🏼Lump sum grant: Religious minority -1000 Rs
Hindu – Rs.00

👉🏼Special Education Assistance Fund:
Religious Minority – Rs.500
Hindu – OO Rs.

👉🏼Education Loan:
Religious minority – 3% interest.
Hindu – 12.5% interest.

👉🏼IAS. IPS. IFS Scholarship:
Religious Minority – Rs.24,000
Hindu – Rs.00

👉🏼IIT .IIM Scholarship:
Religious Minority – Rs.20,000
Hindu – Rs.00

👉🏼For schools
Special Financial Assistance:
For Muslim schools – 50 lakhs.
Hindu – Rs.00

👉🏼20 lakh for renovation of each Madrasa.

Hey you sleeping Hindu community, politics here is not about ideology, it is about benefiting through appeasement!!

Everything is given on the fundamental basis of religion, understand this..!

Whatever be your political beliefs and ethics here, know that you, the Hindu community, is segregated and omitted from schemes and benefits that should be equal to Hindus too as is with other religions !!

Isn’t it or not … ??

You yourself need to answer this, the so called Secularly enlightened Hindu Fools of the State. !!

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Criminal Media the World over…!

A message I received from other group
I’m following as I’m in agreement.

There are TWO Significant Photos of Barkha Dutt Sitting in front of a Hospital reporting endlessly the miseries encountered by people, including her Father who died a day earlier of her reporting sitting on a cardboard box, adding melodramatic flavour to her near faulty reporting..! Nowhere did she mention that she took her father to the State of the Art Medanta Hospital on April 21. however, succumbed to the Pandemic on April 24th. Strangely you will not find anywhere how old was Shri Dutt — which I think is very strange if not odd. None of the Media reports, let alone her’s, indicates his Age !!!!!!

👉Indian media showed Kargil army position live, helping Pak army in pinpoint attack
👉Indian media showed live operation/landing of NSG commando during 26/11 for the benefit of terrorist, resulting in causalities👉Media portrayed LeT suicide bombers as innocent citizens n helped then UPA govt to fix daring police officers
👉Media was hand in glove with UPA govt on saffron terror, fixing Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, Col Purohit👉When humongous loot was going on during UPA rule, media was laughing n asking were is the loot
👉Media was partner in crime n loot. Country saw journalist purchasing farm houses, 50 cr flat n audacity to rape young journalist in lift👉Country also saw media ganging up to save the rapist senior journalist
👉Media always sided with those politicians who showered them with huge tax payer in the form of different gifts. Parties, club membership, foreign tours, plots, flats, educational favour for kids👉Modi stopped this loot of tax payer money, so the anger of media is seen in distorting news, creating fear n panic, supporting secessionist movement in the name of dissent
👉Thousands of crores have been spent by Kejriwal on media. Its a amount thrown to purchase media👉Media returns the favour by covering his mis governance, sabotage acts, zero development n shifting the blame on central govt
👉If media had asked few tough questions so many live wouldn’t have lost in Delhi👉Media shielded Kejriwal for not sending officer (like other states/UT) to collect tankers, creating a distribution mechanism of received oxygen
👉Media can go to any extent to protect criminals if they r bribed👉Second wave is jackpot for media. They got money to spread widespread panic, creating rush of mild symptoms patient in ICU. This denied beds to serious patients
👉Keep in mind, media is never concerned 4 common man, its available 4 the biggest bidder.
They r 24 carat criminals

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