The Anti Modi Brigade & Misleading Adventures

Last two days front pages and headlines of almost all visual & print MSM were gloating about the Economic Collapse of India by referring to a SBI Report. This reports, obviously details minutely the pitfalls in the Indian economy.  The MSM bellowed that while the government argued that economy was rather safe, the SBI report confirms the economic meltdown. The MSM corroborated the SBI report and added their own nourishment to it by assuring the reader/listener that the meltdown was gonna be permanent. They assured the citizens that the research wing of the SBI in its report has confirmed thus.

The common citizen was forced to believe the MSM dramatics and ensuing malaise since the reference was that of a report from the biggest bank falling directly under the government. It was argued to the extent that even a bank under the government has chosen to counter and disagree with the government’s financial policies… wah! What more is needed to bring in anarchy❗️So what is the merit of this Blog..?

So far so good with thugs called MSM. Headlines are perfect, contents are minutely detailed and with a bit of add on from the MSM themselves, undoubtedly contributed by the equally aghast political pundits of the Opposition, the news was juicy enough to fill up the Breaking News segment. Except for one major problem … The SBI report that was the talk of a imminent collapse of INDIA was NOT A STATE BANK OF INDIA REPORT.  None from the MSM thought of verifying what is SBI.

Apparently, SBI is a private company called “Specialists in Business Information (SBI), a branch of am American company called Market Research. They are a private research organization that does market research privately for its mother company in the usa called “Market Research”‼️

This was what the MSM imbeciles made headlines of, either a deliberate oversight in haste to break the news or a genuine error!

Here are some of the headlines that followed pursuant to the false belief that SBI reports a financial collapse…:

Economic slowdown not just technical, it’s real: SBI report

Additionally, plenty other print and visual media analysis, manufactured of course, created panic and havoc at the Modi governments bad economic policies that consequently has resulted in this crisis. Debates and articles were manufactured in abundance with cartoons, posters, talk shows, mimics and what not against Modi and his government. They even concluded that 2019 was now a bleak chance for BJP.

So much hatred these people had against the Prime Minister that they did not even pause to verify facts of the details provided by the government and instead chose to believe a private research organization report by conveniently publishing it under the title –SBI Report‼️

Worse still, the very same day there was a report from the world bank Chief who said that India, with GST implementation, embarks on a tectonic shift taking India closer to 8 percent growth the coming year. This important report didn’t find space in the front pages or in the debates.

So, by and large, we citizens have to construe that if any unauthorized entity speaks against India our MSM would carry it as headlines without bathing a eyelid and would further manufacture their own ifs and buts to decorate an unverified news/reports to its Zenith. So much so for media honesty🙏🏼


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Col Purohit Reveals the Torture he Suffered

Col Purohit reveals the tale of the brutal torture he suffered while in custody without even charge sheet!

Bullet points from the interview Col Purohit gave to NewsX:

1. Torture is too sober word for my nightmare.

2. I was kept naked, handcuffed and blind folded.

3. I was suspended from horizontal bars and stretched.

4. They wanted me to confess something which i never did.

5. I exposed Kashmiri terrorists travelling in netas’ cars.

6. I exposed Dawood Ibrahim connection With Naxal outfits.

7. I exposed Netas’ connection to fake currency rackets.

8. I serve the National flag and the President, not any political party.

9. My Army has not let me down; I’m still a serving Officer.

Are these the reasons why Congress Govt targeted him? Was Congress scared they would get exposed?

It’s a blot on the nation that a decorated, serving army officer was treated the way he was.

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Ahmed Patel ➖ The Incognito Don

He is right hand of Sonia Gandhi, planner and executioner similar to “A Sniper Killer” who kills his enemy and no one knows the Killer. Killer leaves the place with gun powder in air. Everyone worked under his order virtually except Sonia Gandhi.He is the owner of almost all Madarsas in India.

His family members are VC of Deoband Institutions. His many cousins run Chain of Madarsas. He has married off his family member to Farooq Abdullah’s family. He has his links in Kerala. He is in one word allegedly known as “A Mafia of Muslims and Gateway of Arab money to India.

”.Common people” don’t know who is the man or Cartel who commands media to outrage on certain topic. How Chandigarh’s unfortunate incident take all media space for 3 days where Girl has faced nothing physically or verbally but death of Hindu Girl who was in Delhi to become Air Hostess killed by continuous stabbing by Adil Khan in broad day light don’t get media space. Those who are in Power Corridor and media groups openly say it’s all on orders of Ahmad Patel.

No one dares to write against Ahmad Patel. He is the man who control daily debates. You just Google for 10 minutes about Ahmad Patel and Media Personalities and know the result. It is allegedly said that 70-80% of media house still take command of Ahmad Patel and Prime result of Ahmad Patel power was Arnab Goswami. He was thrown out of “Times Now” not because Vineet Jain wanted it but because media cartel complained to Ahmad Patel that Arnab Goswami made them fail to set the JNU narrative. He single handedly  defeated the command of Patel and thus faced the consequences.

Ahmad Patel also allegedly controls Corporate Cartel and it is also visible when you connect how media gets fund – People like Nilekani, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and many NGOs that run social camps like Narayan Murthy know that➖ it is Ahmad Patel.

Do you know How Mainstream Media suddenly change their Platform from TV to Digital?

The Quint, The Print, The Wire, Alt_News, News Laundary, thenewsminute, JantaKaReporter, Huffmanpost etc are some of many web portals where Main Star Journalist suddenly changed and adopted to. People like Barkha Dutt is no longer on TV, she is with The Quint. People like Sekhar Gupta came up with The Print. You don’t need to do anything, you just need to know who fund them? You will see common names – Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Nilkenis, Murthys , Azim Premzis , Amir Khans etc are some common names as fund raisers. They allegedly work on the reference basis and if the reference letter contains the name of Ahmad Patel then it is a Command.

Ahmad Patel is allegedly the one who backtracked three orders and missed the planned opportunity when RAW had got Dawood. People blame Sonia Gandhi but actually he was the man who did.Ahmad Patel was the man who planned to coin the concept “Saffron Terror”. He himself is a Muslim but keep his title Patel. From Samjhauta Blast to Ajmer Blast to Mumbai Blast, he orchestrated everything from media narrative to Home Ministry. Many people in Power Corridor openly say on platform like Twitter that he has links with ISI – Intelligence Agency of Pakistan and he executed many of their plans successfully between 2004-2014.

He is the witness of all crime because factually he was unofficial executioner. 

Ahmad Patel was also in charge of recruiting officials on key posts between 2004-2014 from Judiciary to Secretary to Media Editors. He appointed IB Head, RAW Heads and Chief of Staffs. He placed his men in all departments to control the whole nation’s narrative.You can imagine Patel’s power that he jailed sitting Home Minister of State Amit Shah for more than 4 months and his whole State Intelligence Team for 8 Years led by Vanzara. He was so powerful that He grilled sitting CM Narendra Modi for 13 hours. He compelled Shah to leave Gujarat.

From Augusta Westland to Spectrum, he was the man. He was the prime broker. He and Rahul Gandhi had a tussle because people backing Rahul Gandhi wanted more powers in decision making. But Sonia Gandhi favoured Ahmad Patel more than Rahul. Yesterday also when Sonia Gandhi called for Emergency AICC meeting to make plan to save Ahmad Patel, Rahul Gandhi didn’t came to participate and excused with the reason of Viral Fever. Everyone within Congress Party too knew that there are two blocks which is managed by Sonia Gandhi who along with Motilal Vohra responsible for Finance. One Block is of Rahul Gandhi and his men and other block is led by silent Ahmad Patel. Many believe that Sonia does more favour to Ahmad Patel than Rahul Gandhi for unknown reasons.

Travel to Jammu, Noida, interior of Himachal, Chennai, Interior of Udaipur, Ajmer and Jodhpur etc in Rajasthan and might be many other places where you can witness the work of Ahmad Patel. How did Ahmad Patel take all those Rohingya Muslims thrown out of Myanmar to make them settle across India? These are warrior outfits or you can say “Sleeper Cells” of Ahmad Patel and can do anything on his command in emergency. This man never came into limelight so that he can do his work easily. Last week’s incident at last exposed him in public and people now know who is this man, for whom the Congress was so desperate.He openly captured 44 MLAs, wasted crores in Resort and ensured his victory. No Law No Media No one questioned him How could he do that — sadly, not even BJP ruling both the centre and state!!

Last week also had shown his power when he required 45 MLAs votes but he knew that he will get 44 Votes. Thus, he went to EC and EC disqualified 2 votes within hours. Video shows no malpractice – You can see both Video, it’s available in Public Domain. Despite the presence of NDA Cabinet Ministers, Ahmad Patel made sure EC make him winner.

This is equivalent to winning a State Election. Congress was reduced from 57 to 42 seats in Gujarat but Congress made sure he wins. You can imagine his importance to Sonia Gandhi. He is the lifeline of Sonia Gandhi.

Now, as Amit Shah and Ahmad Patel both are entering Rajya Sabha, tussle between two will bring more stories to read and understand.



(This is quoted from a WhatsApp forward I received with no author’s name)




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Islamic banking is the another name of destruction of civilization through Economic Jihad.

Struggle for Hindu Existence


RBI’s idea to bring Sharia Banking into the fray is deeply flawed, writes Tarek Fatah.

Islamic Banks are international financial institutions to culminate Pan-Islamist movement propagating jihad and war against the West and non-Muslims. 

By Tarek Fatah.

It is with astonishment that I read the announcement by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) last week wherein it proposed the opening of an “Islamic window”+ in conventional banks for “gradual” introduction of Sharia-compliant Islamic banking in the country+. What followed in the RBI announcement was either naivety or appeasement, but it revealed that Islamists within India now had access to the highest levels of the RBI and had managed to secure their place in manipulating the most vulnerable in the Indian Muslim community

The announcement said the introduction of Islamic banking was to ensure financial inclusion of those sections of the society (read radical Muslims) that remain excluded due to religious…

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In five years VHP’s ‘Hindu helpline’ wing worked significantly for many Hindu causes.

Struggle for Hindu Existence


Incoming calls to VHP’s ‘Hindu helpline’ goes up by 40 per cent in one year.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | Nov 24, 2016:: The unique  24×7 ‘Hindu helpline’ run by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has grown popular with the number of people approaching its call centres going up by 35 per cent in the last one year. Among other things, it also claims to respond to “complaints of cow slaughter, love jihad, attack on Hindus” and even “facilitating the Hindu pilgrims for Simhastha Parv or Amarnathji Yatra”.

About 60,000 volunteers are working across states to help people who approach the helpline for health/medical, travel, administrative/Govt, legal, religious/cultural purposes and general services like educational, developmental etc. Those in emergency – such as accidents or mass conversion to anti Hindu fold – can also seek help.

Rajesh Pandey, a small building material businessman of Allahabad  had some complaints against alleged cow…

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How a Hindu Symbol of Solanki Dynasty turned into Mosque!

Struggle for Hindu Existence


Rudramahalaya  Shiva temple of Siddhpur, Patan District, Gujarat was converted to a Mosque like many others Hindu temples turned as Mosques throughout India.

Agniveer Research Team | Patan | Nov 22, 2016:: Rudramahalaya, a spectacular and ancient 12th-century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located at Siddhpur, Patan District Gujarat. The lavish temple had grandiose architecture, intricate carvings and dedicated to Lord Rudra, a ferocious form of Shiva.  It was built between (1094-1143) by King Jayasimha Siddharaja of the Solanki Dynasty.

The quaint town of Siddhpur was named after the glorious king Jayasimha Siddharaja, who built this magnificent Shiva temple. During the rule of the Solanki dynasty, the people of Sidhpur enjoyed ample amounts of wealth and prosperity, especially during the time of Jayasimha Siddharaja.

The principal temple of Siddhpur was built with a huge availability of resources and comprised of 1600 pillars, 18000 idols, 17000 flags and delicately carved…

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Though I am a hard core Hindu and a hard core anti-beef eater, I beg to differ with the recent spate of news and views expressed in the print, visual and social media against the Prime Minister’s emphatic displeasure at the acts and deeds of the so called GauRakshaks. His words, again, has been distorted enough not just by the Presstitutes but by these GauRakshak groups too in no little terms. There has come forth several articles and veiled threats of discordance with some groups perpetuating an *end to Modi-BJP-RSS era* if adequate recourse is not applied. Laughable it is to say the least. This kind of a verbal and emotional sentiment, to me, appears to emanate more from a emotional than logical point of view and further, leads the pathway to the quintessential Hindu disunity.

The intent and purpose of the Prime Minister making a Statement against the GauRakshaks was truly a political masterstroke keeping in mind the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections. A spate of attacks on Dalits and other Minorities by vigilante Gau Rakshak groups in the name of cow protection had distanced a formidable vote bank that would have otherwise seen merit in a BJP era in Uttar Pradesh. It provided an opportunity for the waning political parties roosting in Uttar Pradesh to spurn the BJP in general and the Prime Minister in particular.

Nevertheless, a repercussion to the extent displayed by various mouth pieces must have been carefully studied, envisaged and shrewdly accepted by both the RSS and the BJP prior to this deliberate announcement by the Prime Minister.

Whilst all of the dissident groups pose to legitimately own the passion of all Hindus and their sentiments as being hurt or attacked by the Prime Minister, I do not agree. I too am a hard core Hindu and I feel that the Prime Minister’s admonishing came at the right time when *some* of these vigilantes, in the name of Gaurakshaks, were creating more harm and uncertainty than its intended purpose. There were places where social harmony collapsed as a result of such vigilante acts. Just as many pro vigilante narratives have cited various examples of anti hindu sentiment and social defiance upon them, so too can several examples of unethical and illogical interference by fringe Hindu groups posing as caretakers of Hindu Samaj and Society be highlighted. Hence, sorry – I don’t buy it nor will I succumb to ingenuine vigilante logic.

Further, all this boisterous and pretentiously vociferous threats that Modi+BJP will find its end like Vajpayee is all but rhetoric, immature and unfledged. It is the *HINDUS* that is being threatened here by such lame rhetoric. It is this very attitude of historically *divided Hindus* that is displayed here. It is these kinds of sentimentally hollow propaganda that is bringing down the HINDU SAMAJ to its chronically disastrous end. It is such antagonism that is dividing the Hindu Samaj further and further away from unity. It indeed is the EGO of such elements within the HINDUS that is blatantly vitiating the pathetic plight of HINDUS and distancing them from becoming one UNIFIED BLOCK of Strength! For godsake, see reason and logic before giving into preposterous and biased opinions or decisions. It will only divide the Hindus further.

To the several opposing GauRakshak groups I appeal – take a revisit at your own existence during the Congress regime. Where were any one of you other than being an unreckoned distraction hiding behind periodically distasteful vigilantism during the lengthy Congress reign! None of you had the clout or the means to arise during their regime. A Christian Lady at its helm with her shrewd political computations ensured that none other than herself had predominance – until BJP under Modi came to take over the reigns from an ageing Advani. During the Congress regime, all of you self proclaimed or otherwise vigilante groups were significantly nomadic ragamuffins that barely demanded the need of attention. Hence, now, to breathe life afresh and unwisely threaten the very source of oxygen provided to you groups of Gaurakshaks is illogical in the least and foolish at the best. Envisaging the existence of you groups, even in a remote corner, during a future period of non Modi-BJP-RSS era would be a hypothetical farce to say the least !

My humble submission to these supposedly hurt groups of Gaurakshaks is to kindly divert their attention towards Unity & Integrity of HINDUS and assist to become a predominant and undefeatable force rather than bicker and banter with egoistic narcissism thereby hastening the already dwindling HINDU STRENGTH! Please…..for gods sake at least, shun your egomania and see reason to what the Prime Minister said.

If not, you stand to lose, we the Hindus stand to deplete and the Nation at large stands to crumble – just as the adversaries desired!

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