Red on PFI

1. The PFI organization was formed in the year 2006, all the members of which came from those Muslim organizations which were banned by the Government of India like SIMI. Now look how is their funding, which is known to the government but the government cannot do anything because everything is going on according to the rules.

2. I do not know the total number of PFI members in India (maybe close to 50 lakhs) but their 2 lakh members have 2 lakh savings accounts in India’s banks.

3. According to the rules of the Government of India, if any of your relatives, relatives, friends are abroad, then they can send a maximum of ten thousand dollars (about 8 lakh rupees) every month to India.

4. Believe me that every month in these two lakh accounts, only 500 dollars (40 thousand rupees) will be sent by their relatives, which means that about 800 crore rupees come in these two lakh savings accounts every month.

5. Of this 85% goes to PFI which means Rs 680 crore every month. The remaining 15% is the reward of the savings account holder.

6. If 680 crores in a month, then 8160 crores in a year, and this PFI has been in India since 2006, that means for about 16 years, that means in 16 years, they have at least Rs 1,30,560 crores from abroad. And in this I am telling about the lowest figure per month.

Now you think that if every month instead of 500 dollars they send 2000 dollars, then how much money will come and how will the government be able to put someone in jail.

7. Now understand CAA, NRC, hijab case, farmers’ movement, stone pelting in Kashmir, Hindu Muslim riots all over India always, crores of reward for separated from head body, how money comes for all these works. That is why it is said that by 2047 we will make India an Islamic country.

8. In Bihar alone, there are more than 15000 trained fighters of PFI who have been prepared for civil war.

9. PFI’s big boy SDPI (Social Democratic Party of India) This is the political wing of PFI which fights elections so that PFI gets full political support and PFI can be protected by creating ruckus directly in Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha. This SDPI has directly threatened Amit Shah and Ajit Doval that if the leaders of PFI are not released in 24 hours, then the government will be responsible for what will happen.

SDPI workers are facing many allegations of murder of Hindus in Kerala and forced conversion of Hindu girls.

10. PFI’s little boy CFI (Campus Front of India) They work to prepare Muslim boys and girls of college all over the country for jihad because college children get mentally ready for jihad early. They have been given the task of bringing back the land of Babri Masjid, they have also openly put up a poster of the same thing on their website.

11. PFI girl NWF (National Women’s Front), which is the wing of women jihadis, says that this is the most dangerous, she does not hesitate to do any task. How well the government and the system have worked to take action and how hard work – just know. Killing was a difficult task like the surgical strike on Pakistan, but the hard work of the nationalist government and agencies made it happen. Amit Shah and Ajit Doval ji also did complete monitoring of this operation by visiting Delhi Control Room overnight.

We are busy in earning food, but the agencies engaged in the security of the country are engaged 24 hours a day in understanding the threats emerging in the country and eliminating their network. For the last 4-5 months, the PFI leaders were under the watch of the NIA and other secret agencies. Kerala is the biggest stronghold of PFI, so special attention was given there. NIA officials already knew that terrorist activities by PFI were flourishing in Kerala and that is why 200 officers of NIA and other agencies were sent here, emphasizing on Kerala.

All these reached many parts of Kerala last Sunday. They rented rooms of PFI leaders within 1 km radius of their home and office area. No one knew why they had come and what their intentions were. From there they track the routes to the homes and offices of PFI leaders, prepare maps and send them to Delhi.

After getting permission from there, around 200 highly skilled officers of NIA, ED and other secret agencies reach many parts of Kerala and even top police officers of Kerala do not know it. Guards of 10 battalions (750 jawans) of CRPF from Ranchi reached Kochi with all kinds of state-of-the-art weapons to provide security to 200 officers. From there they split into many groups and reached different parts of Kerala but till then they do not know why they have come.

200 officers were divided into teams, engaged in continuous monitoring for 3 days. They use taxis to travel and the cab driver is asked to switch off his cell phone. At the end of the 3 day surveillance, it was informed from Delhi that this is Operation Octopus. After that the higher officials of Kerala Police are informed.

On the other hand, a special aircraft of Border Security Force was kept ready at Kochi airport to take the arrested PFI leaders to Delhi. The order to start the operation comes from Delhi at 2 pm.

At 3:30 pm, all these 200 officers go from their bases to the homes and offices of nearby PFI leaders and start searches by showing search warrants. For security reasons, CRPF and local police are deployed together.

Within 4 hours of the raid, arrested PFI leaders from different areas were brought to Kochi airport and brought to Delhi in a ready flight. PFI leaders were in Delhi till dawn before the Kerala government could intervene.

The agency does not pick up anyone like this, first does all the homework. Even though milk has come in the chest of opposition parties for terrorist Islamic organizations and they are making false allegations against Modi government but you should understand the truth.

*The Raids can be directly linked to a chapter in Mahabharata under the Shri Krishna & Jarasandha episode*

After killing Kansa in the Mahabharata, when Jarasandha was repeatedly attacking Shri Krishna, Shri Krishna used to annihilate his entire army again and again but left Jarasandha alive.

On asking the reason, Shri Krishna said that … I leave Jarasandha alive every time.
Because, after killing Jarasandha all the sleeper cells with ill-intelligence like him will go underground and then it will be very difficult to find them…

And, after that, we will not be able to know that… after all, where such people exist.

That’s why, I repeatedly leave Jarasandha alive and assign my work to him so that he activates his sleeper cell again and again and I end his sleeper cell selectively…

In this way I am able to eliminate such people in one go.

Now if you look at that incident of Mahabharata and the present scenario, then you will understand everything.

When Jarasandh sponsored a dharna in Shaheen Bagh and caused riots in Delhi, from that time he came on the radar of Shri Krishna.

Facts and evidence started gathering about him that what is this after all???

How many are its members, where does the money come from, where is its network… etc etc.

On the other hand, Jarasandha was engrossed in his strength that….we are invincible because we have been blessed with the demonic Zara (minority tag).

We have so many Kateshar with us… so many countries, so many political parties etc. etc.

At the same time, this illusion also came in his mind that… Moi Sarkar considers them to be the whistle of pressure cooker which is working to reduce “their” pressure.

Shri Krishna also kept smiling and pretending that… he is very naive and he is really thinking like what is going on in Jarasandha’s mind.

On the contrary, he kept running the horse of growth and fulfillment.

Here from Bhagwat to Doval and Moi Ji Kateshar kept meeting with the gurus and talking about feeding everyone’s kheer puri by telling everyone’s DNA one.

This makes Jarasandh also happy and carefree.

That, we are invincible… and, we can do whatever we want.

But, early one morning, 100 more handlers of Jarasandh’s network spread across the country were caught with complete evidence and documents.

Then again… a week’s peace… (perhaps to give him time to regroup).
It happened that in 2-3 days when Jarasandh understood that the attack was over now, he collected his resources and people again.

And, began to assess his strength that what and how much we have left now.

Then … again the second attack took place and the people and documents collected again were confiscated.

The funny thing about this whole incident was that… Despite Jarasandh’s network being spread all over the country and abroad, neither word nor any uproar came out against it from anywhere.

Because, even before doing all this, it was explained by Bhagwat and Doval to their religious leaders that… being bean DNA, we are trying to feed you pure ghee puri and dum aloo ki sabzi…

But, this Jarasandhwa… is defaming you, due to which the public is opposing our entire vegetable.

That’s why… before feeding you the whole vegetable, it is necessary to bamboozle this Jarsandhwa.

Therefore, you should take care that when we bamboozle him, his cry should not resonate much.

In this way, even those bears did not allow the outcry to resonate while discharging their responsibility.
And, Jarasandhwa was neatly bamboozled.

Well… the latest update is that Jarasandhwa has been banned for 5 years..

So that, on the basis of those seized documents, now their sleeper cell can be caught by selecting them comfortably.

Also…. in 5 years there are many yagyas to be done…

That is why the Dharmarakshaks… want to ensure the success of their Yagya by removing all possible obstacles that come in the way of the Yagya.

The essence of the whole story is that… now Jarasandhwa has been torn apart and now Jarasandha is just a history.

And, in the war of Mahabharata, now the fear of Jarasandha fighting on the side of Kauravas is over.

Jai Mahakaal…!!!

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The “E” of Life!!

The …E… life !!!!!

In this world of E-mails, E-ticket, E-paper, E-recharge, E-transfer and the latest E-Governance..E- commerce.

Never Forget “E-shwar ( God )”

who makes e-verything e-asy for e-veryone e-veryday.

“E” is the most Eminent letter of the English alphabet.

Men or Women don’t exist without “E”.

House or Home can’t be made without “E”.

Bread or Butter can’t be found without “E”.

“E” is the beginning of “existence” and the end of “trouble.”

It’s not at all in ‘war’
but twice in ‘peace’.

It’s once in ‘hell’ but twice in ‘heaven’.

“E” represented in ‘Emotions’
Hence, all emotional relations like Father, Mother, Brother, Sister,wife & friends have ‘e’ in them.

“E” also represents ‘Effort’ & ‘Energy’
Hence to be ‘Better’ from good both “e” ‘s are added.

Without “e”, we would have no love, life, wife, friends or hope

& ‘see’, ‘hear’, ‘smell’, or ‘taste’ as ‘eye’ ‘ear’, ‘nose’ & ‘tongue’ are incomplete without “e”.

Finally no ‘Life’ & ‘Death’ without “e”.

Hence GO with “E”
but without E-GO.

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Ganesha Chaturthi Meaning & significance


  1. Sense Organs (5)…
  2. Output Organs (5)
    🔹Legs for walking
    🔹Hands for holding
    🔹Excretory organ for passing urine
    🔹Excretory organ for passing stool
    🔹Tongue for talking
  3. 4 fold Inner Organs
    ♦️Mind (Manas – Processing Unit)
    ♦️Intellect (Buddhi – Decision Maker)
    ♦️Memory (Chitta – Storage Unit)
    ♦️Ego (Ahamkara – Identity)
  4. Basic Elements (5)…
    ▶️Sound (Sky)
    ▶️Touch (Air)
    ▶️Shape (Fire)
    ▶️Taste (Water)
    ▶️Smell (Earth)
  5. Vital Life Forces (5)…
    🟣Prana (governs intake)
    🟣Apaana (governs elimination)
    🟣Vyana (governs circulation)
    🟣Udaana (governs speech)
    🟣Samaana (governs metabolism)

A human being is made up of these 24 properties (Ganas).. hence, he is Gana pathi (possessor of all Ganas)

In majority of cases, these Ganas are not under control. Hence, they are binding the conscience of a person by distracting him and churning his mind from different directions. Hence, they are called Pramatha Ganas (mind churning properties). They act as obstacle for a person from realizing his inner divinity.

A person shall transcend influence of these 24 properties by bringing them under reasonable control. Through their help, by converting them into a vehicle, he shall attain the realization of his Original Identity.

Then he becomes a Maha Ganesha (ruler of the properties).

That should be goal of every human being. That is the real significance of celebrating Vinayaka Chavithi Or Ganesh Chaturthi

🙏Ohm Ganeshaya Namah 🙏

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Spit Halal

In a court case in Tamil Nadu, Muslims held that the meaning of Halal is not complete until the cook does not spit in it. Therefore food prepared by Muslims is not complete without spitting. In a court case they admitted that spitting is what made Halal complete, thru out the Nation including TN.

This has had a huge impact on hotels and biryani sellers in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Hindus have stopped going to Halal hotels and also those that sell Biryani. In Tamil Nadu & Kerala several restaurants, hotels and bakeries are removing Halal stickers & boards.

This is happening after severe dip in Hindu customers to these establishments.

Reason is numerous videos of Spit has gone viral.

Before you touch that next plate of Biryani made from Halal process…. Note, It’s halal only if they spit on the food! It’s as per Submissions to the court

Therefore, you are requested to think before eating at any Halal hotel, or Biryani cart, whose leftover you are going to eat.

#Boycott Halal

Do your part to make more people aware..Do Not Order food from any Muslim Hotel.

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Unite Hindus, Unite 🙏

Dear Hindus,

We, the Hindus of a majority Hindu country stands isolated, neglected and threatened by a Constitutional stigma that protects the minorities and endangers Majority’s existence. This is systematically executed through the principle avenues of
economics, demographics
prohibition of Hindu religious rights.

Unless a United Hindu responds boldly to a centuries old “divide and rule” policy practiced relentlessly by an orthodox governing system, Hindus will find the rug being slowly but surely pulled away from underneath its feet. The consequences that await them around the corner, God forbid, could put the Holocaust to shame.

Deprived and denied of their genuine rights, Hindus will become the magnified version of the exodus Kashmiri Hindus suffered. While Kashmiri Hindus had India to migrate, the indian Hindus would have no place to go.

Though late and with the inevitable threat starting at them in their own Majority country, for now, Hindus must unite and respond to any adversity boldly, without hesitancy and without qualms of being labeled Communal, Sanghi, Bhakth or any other jargon bestowed . It’s time for our survival, for the survival of Hindustan, for the survival of Hindus, for the survival of our property, our family our culture and our heritage.

Take the first step. One step will lead to several. Boycott the media, books, pamphlets, films and social media which vehemently spread fake, manufactured and false propaganda insulting Hindus and Hindustan. Boycott them.

Render your support to the voices of those Hindus who have initiated the first step towards uniting Hindus without caste or creed. Collective support will be an inspiration to those who raise their voices for us. This imperative instigation is not to harm anyone. Our Hindu culture provides enough space for inclusiveness. But, inclusiveness should not be misconstrued as timorousness or trepidation— NO..!

Unlike other man made Abrahamic religions, the Hindu faith of Sanatana Dharma does not preclude the liberties and rights of other belief systems. It is the fundamental values of Hindu dharma to live and let live, to coexist in harmony and exchange pleasantries without pride or prejudice. Hindu unity is not to achieve predominance but to avoid losing what you have, not to ambush or impede the beliefs of others, but merely for the sole purpose of self-survival and rejuvenation of a dying way of life.

As a first measure, Hindus must begin with their own household. Buy only Hindu products and boycott the products of jihadi & evangelical organizations like Himalayas, for example. Boycott halal products especially meats. Boycott those restaurants that insist on serving only Halal meat. Boycott restaurants selling beef, even if they belong to Hindus. The time for us Hindus to wake up from our eternal slumber and work towards Unity , Liberty and Fraternity has come. It’s now or never!

Do not fall for temptations, fake egos, pseudo secular influences, Left liberal cabal, intellectual diaspora , celebrity utterances and political overtures. Hindus were at the mercy of these brigades for centuries in one form or the other. Don’t be lured by similar familiarity, by perceived honesty, by lucidity of explanation being offered to you in glamorous flavor for mere short term personal gains. The danger inherent in selfish desires is and will be too short for comfort.

Always remember, hey Hindu, you and your progeny has no other place but here, Bharat, to live and die.

Unitedly and Boldly together,

Jai Hindu🙏
Jai Hind🙏


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Muslim Appeasement in Kerala ➖a Burden on Tax Payers

Madrasa luxuries worth Rs 7500 crore

  • 1. Total population of Kerala: – 35699443. *
  • 2. Muslim population in Kerala: – 8873472. (26%) *
  • 3. Number of Madrasas in Kerala: – 21683. *
  • 4. Number of Madrasa Teachers in Kerala: – 204683. *
  • 5. Number of Panchayats in Kerala: – 941. *
  • 6. The average number of madrasas in a panchayat is: 21683 ÷ 941 = 23 madrasas. * NB: More than one madrasa per ward.
  • 7. Salary of a Madrasa Teacher = 25,000 / – per month (excluding those earning Rs. 300 / – per hour). *
  • 8. Salary to be paid from the exchequer for one month to the Madrasa Teachers: – 204683 25000 = 5,11,70,75,000. ₹ *
  • 9. One month pension for Madrasa teachers (implemented by Pinarayi Government): – 6000 x 2,00,000 = 120,00,00,000. ₹ *
    1. Total one month’s Madrasa salary and pension payable from the exchequer: – 511,70,75,000 + 120,00,00,000 = 631,70,75,000. ₹ *
    1. Expenditure on Madrasa Salary and Pension in Kerala for one year: – 631,70,75,000 x 12 = 7580,49,00,000. ₹ (Seven thousand five hundred and eighty crore forty nine lakh rupees) * NB: Those who check this number do not mind using a calculator. With the size of the number, an error will be displayed.
  • Credit for the information: – Bahu: Minister of Higher Education – Information presented by KT Jalil in the Assembly. *
  • Now a question to secular minds, what is so special about this community that you do not have? The tax money of Hindus, Christians and Muslims is being misused in this manner. Should this injustice still be allowed? The only word to say to those who say Kerala is secular soil! Kerala is not secular, it is a land of religious madness. *
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KASHMIR Files Truth ➖ CONGRESS Complicit in Hindu Genocide for Muslim Votes‼️

Governor Jagmohan’s letter to Rajiv Gandhi on Kashmir: Potatoes one day, the Pope the next

Reproduced here, Thanks to Express News Service

‘Letter to Mr Rajiv Gandhi’, (former Prime Minister) written by Jagmohan, twice Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, on April 20, 1990. The letter, in retrospect, seems to have accurately predicted the Kashmir situation of now while warning against complacency, which, the author says, was ‘wholly ignored’ by the Congress government of the day. Excerpts..

Dear Shri Rajiv Gandhi

You have virtually forced me to write this open letter to you. For, all along I have persistently tried to keep myself away from party politics and to use whatever little talent and energy I might have to do some creative and constructive work, as was done recently in regard to the management and improvement of Mata Vaishno Devi shrine complex and to help in bringing about a sort of cultural renaissance without which our fast decaying institutions cannot be nursed back to health. At the moment, the nobler purposes of these institutions, be they in the sphere of executive, legislature or judiciary etc. have been sapped and the soul of justice and truth sucked out of them by the politics of expediency.

You and your friends like Dr. Farooq Abdullah are, however, bent upon painting a false picture before the nation with regard to Kashmir. Your senior party men like Shiv Shankar and N.K.P. Salve have, apparently at your behest, been using the forum of Parliament for building an atmosphere of prejudice against me. The former raked up a fourteen-year old incident of Turkman Gate and the latter a press interview, an interview that I never gave, to hurl a barrage of accusations of communalism against my person.

Mani Shankar Iyer, too, has been dipping his poisonous darts in the columns of some magazines. I, however, chose to suffer in silence all the slings and arrows of this outrageous armoury of disinformation. Only rarely did I try to correct gross distortions by sending letters to the editors of newspapers and magazines. My intention was to remain content with a book, an academic and historic venture which, I believed, I owed to the nation and to history.

But the other day some friends showed to me press clippings of your comments in the election meetings in Rajasthan. That, I thought, was the limit. I realised that unless I checked your intentional distortions, you would spread false impression about me throughout the country during the course of your election campaign.

Need I remind you that from the beginning of 1988, I had started sending “Warning Signals” to you about the gathering storm in Kashmir? But you and the power wielders around you had neither the time, nor the inclination, nor the vision, to see these signals. They were so clear, so pointed, that to ignore them was to commit sins of true historical proportions.

To recapitulate and to serve as illustrations, I would refer to a few of these signals. In August 1988, after analysing the current and undercurrents, I had summed up the position thus: “The drum-beaters of parochialism and fundamentalism are working overtime. Subversion is on the increase. The shadows of events from across the border are lengthening. Lethal weapons have come in. More may be on the way”.

In April 1989 I had desperately pleaded for immediate action. I said: “The situation is fast deteriorating. It has almost reached a point of no return. For the last five days there has been large-scale violence, arson, firing, hartals, casualties and what not. Things have truly fallen apart. Talking of the Irish crisis, British Prime Minister Disraeli had said: “It is potatoes one day and Pope the next.” Similar is the present position in Kashmir. Yesterday, it was Maqbool Butt; today it is Satanic Verses; Tomorrow it will be repression day and the day after it will be something else. The Chief Minister stands isolated. He has already fallen-politically as well as administratively; perhaps, only constitutional rites remain to be performed. His clutches are too soiled and rickety to support him. Personal aberrations have also eroded his public standing. The situation calls for effective intervention. Today may be timely, tomorrow may be too late”.


Again, in May, I expressed my growing anxiety: ‘What is still more worrying is that every victory of subversionists is swelling their ranks, and the animosity is being diverted against the central authorities.” But you chose not to do anything. Your inaction was mystifying. Equally mystifying was your reaction to my appointment for the second term. How could I suddenly become communal, anti-Muslim and what not?

When I resigned in July 1989 there was no rancour. You wanted me to fight as your party candidate for the South Delhi Lok Sabha seat. Since I had general revulsion for the type of politics which our country had, by and large, come to breed, I declined the offer. If you had any serious reservation about my accepting the offer of J&K Governorship for the second term, you could have adopted the straightforward course and apprised me of your views. I would have thought twice before going into a situation which had virtually reached a point of no return. There would have been no need for you to resort to false accusations.

May be you do not consider truth and consistency as virtues. May be you believe that the words inscribed on our national emblem — SatyamevaJayate — are mere words without meaning and significance for motivating the nation to proceed in the right direction and build a true and just India by true and just means. Perhaps power is all that matters to you — power by whichever means and at whatever cost.

With regard to the conditions prevailing before and after my arrival on the scene, you and your collaborators have been perverting reality. The truth is that before the imposition of Governor’s rule on January 19, 1990, there was a total mental surrender. Even prior to the day (December 8, 1989) of Dr. Rubaiya Sayeed’s kidnapping, when the eagle of terrorism swooped on the state with full fury, 1600 violent incidents, including 351 bomb blasts had taken place in eleven months. Then between January 1 and January 19, 1990, there were as many as 319 violent acts – 21 armed attacks, 114 bomb blasts, 112 arsons, and 72 incidents of mob violence.

You, perhaps, never cared to know that all the components of the power structure had been virtually taken over by the subversives. For example, when Shabir Ahmed Shah was arrested in September 1989 on the Intelligence Bureau’s tip-off, Srinagar Deputy Commissioner flatly refused to sign the warrant of detention. Anantnag Deputy Commissioner adopted the same attitude. The Advocate-General did not appear before the Court to represent the state case. He tried to pass on the responsibility to the Additional Advocate General and the Government council. They, too, did not appear.

Do you not remember what happened on the day of Lok Sabha poll in November 22, 1989 ? In a translating gesture, TV sets were placed near some of the polling booths with placards reading “anyone who will cast his vote will get this.” No one in the administration of Dr. Farooq Abdullah took any step to remove such symbols of defiance of authority.

Let me remind you that Sopore is the hometown of Gulam Rasool Kar, who was at that time a Cabinet Minister in the State Government. It is also the home town of the Chairman of the Legislative Council, Habibullah, and also of the former National Conference MP and Cabinet Minister, Abdul Shah Vakil. Yet only five votes were cast in Sopore town. In Pattan, an area supposedly under the influence of Iftikar Hussain Ansari, the then Congress (I) Minister, not a single vote was cast. Such was the commitment and standing of your leaders and collaborators in the State. And you still thought that subversion and terrorism could be fought with such political and administrative instruments.


Around that point of time, when the police set-up was getting demoralised, when intelligence was fast drying up, when infiltrators in Services were bringing stories of subversive plans like TOPAC, your protégé Dr Farooq Abdullah was either going abroad or releasing 70 hardcore and highly motivated terrorists who were trained in the handling of dangerous weapons, who had contacts at the highest level in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, who knew all the devious routes of going to and returning from Pakistan and whose detention had been approved by the three-member advisory board presided over by the Chief Justice.

Their simultaneous release enabled them to occupy key positions in the network of subversion and terrorism and to complete the chain which took them again to Pakistan to bring arms to indulge in killings and kidnappings and other acts of terrorism. One of the released persons Mohd. Daud Khan of Ganderbal became the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of a terrorist outfit, Al-Bakar, and took a leading part in organising a force of 2,500 Kashmiri youths. Who is to be blamed for all the subsequent heinous crimes committed by these released 70 terrorists? I would leave this question to be answered by the people to whom you are talking about the “Jagmohan Factor.”

The truth supported by the preponderence of evidence is that before January 19, 1990, the terrorist had become the real ruler. The ground had been yielded to him to such an extent that it dominated the public mind. He could virtually swim like a fish in the sea. Would it matter if the sea was subsequently surrounded?

In your attempt to hide all your sins of omission and commission in Kashmir and as a part of your small politics which cannot go beyond dividing people and creating vote banks, you took special pains to demolish all regard and respect which the Kashmiri masses, including the Muslim youth, had developed for me during my first term from April 26, 1984, to July 12, 1989. Against all facts, unassailable evidence and your own precious pronouncements, you started labelling me as anti-Muslim.

May I, in this connection, also invite your attention to three of the important suggestions made in my book, Rebuilding Shahjahanabad: The Walled City of Delhi. One pertained to the creation of the green velvet between Jama Masjid and Red Fort; the second to the construction of a road linking Parliament House with the Jama Masjid complex, and the third to the setting up of a second Shahajhanabad in the Mata Sundawri road-Minto road complex, reflecting the synthetic culture of the city, its traditional as well as its modern texture. Could such suggestions, I ask you, come of an anti-Muslim mind?


How you and your associates use the forum of Parliament to undermine my standing amongst the Kashmiri Muslims was evident from what N.KP. Salve, MP did in the Rajya Sabha on May 25, 1990.

Referring to the so called interview to the Bombay Weekly, THE CURRENT – an interview which I never gave – Salve chose wholly unjustified expressions; “There was a patent and palpable attitude of very disconcerting communal bias and, therefore, he (Governor) was happy under the garb of eliminating the terrorist, the saboteurs and the culprits, in eliminating the whole community as it were; now the Governor has himself given profuse and unabashed vent to his malicious malignity, hate and extreme dislike, branding every member of a particular community as a militant”.

I know Salve. I do not think that if left to himself he would have done what he did. Clearly, he was goaded to say something which was against his training and background. But the elementary precaution which any jurist, at least a jurist of Salve’s eminence would have taken, was to first check whether any such interview had been given by me, and if so, whether the remarks attributed to me were actually made. The unseemly haste was itself revealing. The issue was raised on May 25, while the weekly was dated May 26 June 2, 1990. You yourself rushed a letter to the President on May 25, on the basis of the interview that in reality did not exist. You explained that VP Singh had appointed a person with rabid communalist opinion as Governor. You also got your letter widely published on May 25.

ARTICLE 370 skins the poor, helps parasites’

You created a scene on March 7, 1990 at the time of the visit of the All Party Committee to Srinagar, and made it a point to convey to the people in 1986, that I wanted to have Article 370 abrogated. At that critical juncture, when I was fighting the forces of terrorism with my back to the wall and beginning to turn the corner after frustrating the sinister designs of the subversives from January 26, 1990 onwards, you thought it appropriate to cause hostility against me by tearing the facts out of context. Whether this act of yours was responsible or irresponsible, I would leave to the nation to decide.

What I had really pointed out in August-September 1986 was: ‘Article 370 is nothing but a breeding ground for the parasites at the heart of the paradise. It skins the poor. It deceives them with its mirage. It lines the pockets of the “power elites.” It fans the ego of the new sultans. In essence, it creates a land without justice, a land full of crudities and contradictions. It props up politics of deception, duplicity and demagogy.

It breeds the microbes of subversion. It keeps alive the unwholesome legacy of the two-nation theory. It suffocates the very idea of India and fogs the very vision of a great social and cultural crucible from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. It could be the epicentre of a violent earth-quake, the tremors of which would be felt all over the country with unforeseen consequences.

I had argued, ‘The fundamental aspect which has been lost sight of in the controversy for deletion or retention of Article 370 is its misuse. Over the years, it has become an instrument of exploitation in the hands of the ruling political elites and other vested interests in bureaucracy, business, judiciary and bar. Apart from the politicians, the richer classes have found it convenient to amass wealth and not allow healthy financial legislation to come to the State.

The provisions of the Wealth Tax, the Urban Land Ceiling Act, the Gift Tax etc, and other beneficial laws of the Union have not been allowed to be operated in the State under the cover of Article 370. The common people are prevented from realising that Article 370 is actually keeping them impoverished and denying them justice and also their due share in economic advancement.’

My stand was that the poor people of Kashmir had been exploited under the protective wall of Article 370 and that the correct position needed to be explained to them. I had made a number of suggestions in this regard and also in regard to the reform and reorganisation of the institutional framework. But all these were ignored. A great opportunity was missed.

Subsequent events have reinforced my views that Article 370 and it’s by-product, the separate Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir must go, not only because it is legally and constitutionally feasible to do so, but also because larger and more basic considerations of our past history and contemporary life require it. The Article merely facilitates the growth and continuation of corrupt oligarchies. It puts false notions in the minds of the youth. It gives rise to regional tensions and conflicts and even the autonomy assumed to be available is not attainable in practice.

The distinct personality and cultural identity of Kashmir can be safeguarded without this Article. It is socially regressive and causes situations in which women lose their right if they marry non-state subjects and persons staying for over 44 years in the State are denied elementary human and democratic rights. And, above all, it does not fit into the reality and requirement of India and its vast and varied span.

What India needs today is not petty sovereignty that would sap its spirit and aspirations and turn it into small “banana-republics” in the hands of ‘tin-pot dictators’, but a new social, political and cultural crucible in which values of truth and rectitude, of fairness and justice, and of compassion and catholicity, are melted, purified and moulded into a vigorous and vibrant set- up which provides real freedom, real democracy and real resurgence to all.

I must also point out that when other States in the Union ask for greater autonomy, they do not mean separation of identities. They really want decentralisation and devolution of power, so that administrative and development work is done speedily and the quality of service to the people improves. In Kashmir, the demand for retaining Article 370 with all its ‘pristine purity’, that is, without the alleged dilution that has taken place since 1953, stems from different motivation. It emanates from a clever strategy to remain away from the mainstream, to set up a separate fiefdom, to fly a separate flag, to have a Prime Minister rather than a Chief Minister, and Sadr-i-Riyasat instead of a Governor, and to secure greater power and patronage, not for the good of the masses, not for serving the cause of peace and progress or for attaining unity amidst diversity, but for serving the interests of ‘neo elites’, the ‘new Sheikhs.’

All those aspiring to be the custodians of the vote-banks continue to say that Article 370 is a matter of faith. But they do not proceed further. They do not ask themselves: What does this faith mean? What is its rationale? Would not bringing the State within the full framework of Indian Constitution give brighter lustre and sharper teeth to this faith and make it more just and meaningful?

In a similar strain, expressions like ‘historical necessity and ‘autonomy are talked about. What do these mean in practice? Does historical necessity mean that you include, on paper, Kashmir in the Indian Union by one hand at a huge cost and give it back, in practice, by another hand on the golden platter? And what does autonomy or so called pre-1953 or pre-1947 position imply? Would it not amount to the Kashmiri leadership say: ‘you will send and I will spend; you will have no say even if I build a corrupt and callous oligarchy and cause a situation in which Damocles’Sword of secession could be kept hanging on your head’?

I conclude.

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The Israel ➖ Russia Friendship in the Ukrainian War Context ‼️

Israel and Russia: it’s coming together?
8 March 2022

Kanthan Pillay:

Israel’s prime minister Naftali Bennett was in Moscow Saturday, 5 March 2022. He was at the Kremlin to meet with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin. After a 3 hour meeting, Bennett headed to Berlin to meet German chancellor Olaf Scholz.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard much comment about this in the western media, it’s probably because they are trying to work out how to spin the fact that Israel is directly mediating with the Russians with a mandate from Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky while Biden continues to dither.

Why Israel, you may ask? Well, let me give you some background information that’s not in the spotlight in 10 points:

  1. Russia is the largest supplier of oil to Israel.
  2. Israel is a significant tourist destination for Russia. The two countries enjoy visa-free travel between them. Of 3, 25 million tourists to Israel in 2016, 17% were from Russia.
  3. Russia and Israel have a direct encrypted hotline between the two countries. This was set up between Putin and Israel’s former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2014 after Russia seized Crimea.
  4. Russia’s and Israel’s respective space agencies work together under a cooperation agreement. Among their joint projects, development of a high-resolution satellite-based spy camera.
  5. The first foreign-owned hospital to open in Russia was a branch of Israel’s renowned Hadassah Medical Centre. The facility is based in Skolkovo, a rural part of the Moscow administrative region with a population of less than 325. Its focus is purportedly oncology — I see the location as being perfect for top secret research.
  6. Yandex, which I can best describe as the Russian equivalent of Google, set-in Israel at Tel Aviv University. The one year program recruits from computer science graduates and from the cybernetic units of the Israeli Defence Force. The focus is on machine learning and AI.
  7. In 2019, it was revealed that Russia and Israel have a deal where Russia will not sell arms to Iran in exchange for Israel not selling arms to the Ukraine and Georgia.
  8. I’ve observed over the years that although Russia has deployed its formidable S-400 Missile Defence System in Syria, that system has never been deployed against Israeli airstrikes on Syria.
  9. In mid-February this year, Israel rejected a Biden administration request to deploy the Iron Dome air defence system in Ukraine.
  10. In late February this year, the United States asked Israel to co-sponsor their UN Security Council resolution against Russia. Israel declined.

If none of this seems to make sense given the prevailing narrative, let me offer some thumb suck insights based on anecdotal evidence.

I believe Israelis remember more history than people do in most western countries. As such, they are genuinely grateful to Russia’s Red Army for defeating the Nazis in World War II. This means that Putin inherits a halo effect as a result and many Israelis appear to like him.

World War II is also the reason Israelis don’t like Ukraine. More than 1 million Jews were murdered by death squads in Ukraine. More than 100 000 Ukrainians joined these death squads.

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre says Ukraine has never conducted any investigation into such war criminals, nor prosecuted any holocaust perpetrator.

When the Germans invaded the USSR in 1941, many Ukrainians welcomed the invaders with Nazi flags and banners. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has detailed the collaboration of the local Ukrainians in the systemic murder of Jews and Roma.
Lest you accuse me of spouting Russian propaganda around this, let me quote this report from

Ukraine has in recent years erected a glut of statues honouring Ukrainian nationalists whose legacies are tainted by their indisputable record as Nazi proxies.

The Forward newspaper catalogued some of these deplorables, including Stepan Bandera, leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), whose followers acted as local militia members for the SS and German army. “Ukraine has several dozen monuments and scores of street names glorifying this Nazi collaborator, enough to require two separate Wikipedia pages,” the Forward wrote.

Another frequent Honoré is Roman Shukhevych, revered as a Ukrainian freedom fighter but also the leader of a feared Nazi auxiliary police unit that the Forward notes was “responsible for butchering thousands of Jews and … Poles.” Statues have also been raised for Yaroslav Stetsko, a one-time chair of the OUN, who wrote “I insist on the extermination of the Jews in Ukraine.”

Far-right groups have also gained political currency in the past decade, none more chilling than Svoboda (formerly the Social National Party of Ukraine), whose leader claimed the country was controlled by a “Muscovite-Jewish mafia” and whose deputy used an anti-Semitic slur to describe Ukrainian-born Jewish actor Mila Kunis. Svoboda has sent several members to Ukraine’s Parliament, including one who called the Holocaust a “bright period” in human history, according to Foreign Policy.

Just as disturbing, neo-Nazis are part of some of Ukraine’s growing ranks of volunteer battalions. They are battle-hardened after waging some of the toughest street fighting against Moscow-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine following Putin’s Crimean invasion in 2014. One is the Azov Battalion, founded by an avowed white supremacist who claimed Ukraine’s national purpose was to rid the country of Jews and other inferior races. In 2018, the U.S. Congress stipulated that its aid to Ukraine couldn’t be used “to provide arms, training or other assistance to the Azov Battalion.” Even so, Azov is now an official member of the Ukraine National Guard.

So, when Putin speaks about striving for the “denazification of Ukraine”, he’s not being inaccurate. Remember Russians have every reason to loathe the Nazis as much as Jews do. The Nazis wiped out 6 million Jews, while Russia lost 20 million people defeating the Nazis.

That’s why we should forget what we are being spun in media narratives. There’s far more going on behind the scenes than we are being told. And all of that points to the US being on the wrong side of history.

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HIJAB Controversy ➖ A Calculated Islamic Agenda of Polarization

Dear Hindus,
Hijab issue is a very big dangerous game plan to disrupt and put the whole Country on fire before 2024 Election, attract International attention, impose sanctions and derail the ongoing Hindu Unity Process which is moving towards Hindu Rashttra. Because they have realised that this Government will come back with thumping Majority in 2024 and then they can change any law and even declare this country as Hindu Rashttra. Please note that taking out SECULAR COUNTRY clause, inserted by Indira Gandi in the constitution is important to save Sanatan Dharma. But it needs 2/3rd Majority / Votes in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Then only we can proceed towards declaring Hindu Rashttra.
Secondly Vampanthi judges, filled in all the courts including Supreme Court, controlled by Congress is another big hurdle. They can give any judgment mis interpreting different Articles and later inserted amendments of the constitution to put the government in dock.

It is a very big gameplan planted by ISIS supported SDPI. The first incident happened in Udupi on first January and it was published in International news paper ( Turkey based) the next day. And it bacame a big news throughout Internationaly. They got the boost when SDPI won one seat in the KAPU (near Udupi) Panchayat election concluded very recently. SDPI is spread everywhere. They are brainwashing Muslims to raise voice on every small issues to have a upper hand. Just recollect Congress is responsible to bring up them here. They released all jailed culprits just before last Assembly election to get Muslim votes. Very difficult situation ahead for us.

Selfish Secular Hindus has to understand the situation and reject Secular status and convert as Hard core Hindus. Innocent / Ignorant Hindus to be awakened by all sensible people. We have a serious big job in hand to save our Sanatan Dharma and our Country. We need to try way out to overcome this dangerous situation. Please dedicate some fixed time per week to join nearby well known reliable Hindu organisations I their activities. Dharma Rashati Rakshitaha. Instead of putting money to Government owned temple hundis contribute to Hindu organisations who are working hard and fighting selflessly.

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Ahmed Patel ➖ The erstwhile Power behind Sonia Congress

The BLACK BOX of Sonia Gandhi, #AhmedPatel

Why AHMAD PATEL was important for @incindia

  1. Ahmad Patel was right hand of Sonia Gandhi. Everyone work under him except Sonia Gandhi.
  2. He was owner of most of the madarsas in India. His family members are VC of Deoband institutions. His cousins run chain of madarsas.
  3. He and Farooq Abdullah share family relations. He had links in Kerala. He was gateway of Arab money to India.
  4. He controlled entire media chain. He is the one on whose command Vineet Jain thrown Arnab out from Times Now. His people are placed in all the channels.
  5. There are fleet of corporate cadres under his influence like Nilekani, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Narayan and many NGO runners.
  6. He was the one who backtracked three orders when RAW had got Dawood. From Samjhauta, Ajmer to Mumbai blast, he managed everything from media narrative to Home ministry.
  7. He recruited everyone between 2004-2014 from judiciary, secretary to media editors.
  8. You can imagine his power that he jailed sitting Home Minister Amit Shah for more than 4 months and his entire state
    intelligence team for 8 years led by DIG Vanzara. He was so powerful that he grilled sitting CM Narendra Modi for 13 hours. He compelled Amit Shah to leave Gujrat.
  9. He was the man behind Augusta Westland to Spectrum. He was prime broker. Sonia Gandhi favored Ahmad Patel more than Rahul Gandhi.
  10. He openly captured 44 MLA and had wasted crores in resort. Neither media nor law asked him how he could do that.
    He is not in power though he had shown his power when he required 45 votes knowing that he would get 44 votes only. He went to EC and EC disqualified 2 votes within hours. Video shows no malpractice and one can check the video. Despite the presence of NDA cabinet ministers Ahmad Patel made sure EC make him winner.

This is equal to winning of a state election. He reduced Congress from 57 to 42 but Congress made sure he wins. He was the lifeline of Sonia Gandhi and rumors suggest of a bedroom relationship too but left without investigation as is with all Sonia Gandhi cases by any Govt.

But, what a deserving end..!
Ahmed Patel, who stopped the funeral of former PM PV Narasimha Rao at Delhi and forced the then PM MMS to shift the body toHyderabad and did not even allow the body to bebrought to AICC HQ as Congress PM for last rites & respects is having a silent Burial amidst the COVID protocol of body disposal. No one was allowed to attend his funeral!
Karma does come back!

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