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NO, Modi Should Not Apologize for the Gujarat 2002 Riots.

Why should Narendra Modi be in any way implicated for the 2002 communal violence of Gujarat unless of course, if he has had a direct hand in it. The Supreme Court has see it otherwise in spite of the thousands of files and affidavits that was presented to them, in spite of the independent inquiry set up to investigate it, in spite of the Amicus Curiae’s confidential report presented to the court and in spite of the several false evidences concocted, created, manufactured and tampered with by the various NGOs, who literally made it their livelihood and business for survival.

I produce below, thanks to wiki, a list of communal riots that has taken place in India post independence during the times of Congress rule.

1947Calc/W Bengal 5000 died 25000 Prafull Ghosh / Congress

1947Punjab 5000 died 3000 Gopichand Bhargav/ Cong.
1964W. Bengal 2000 died Prafull Sen / Congress

1967Ranchi 183 died Mahamaya Prasad/ Cong

1968Asam 82 died B.P. Chalina / Congress

1969Gujarat 512 died H. K. Desai / Congress

1970/Maharashtra 120 died V.P. Naik / Congress
1972Nonari / U.P. 76 died K. P. Tripathi / Congress
1978Hydrabad/ A.P. 19 died J.V. Rav / Congress

1980Moradabad/ U.P.2000 died V.P. Singh / Congress I

1981Biharsharif/ Bihar 80 died J. Mishar / Congress I

1982Meerut / U.P. 12 died 30 Sripati Mishra / Cong. I

1982Baroda / Gujarat17 died 50 M.S. Solanki / Cong. I

1983Malegaon/Maharashtra VasantRao Patil/ Cong. I

1983Hazaribagh/ Bihar ChandraShekher/ Cong I

1984/Maharashtra 146 died 611 VasantRao Patil/ Cong. I

1984Delhi 2733 died Cent. Govt. Congress I

1985Ahemdabad/ 300 died M.S. Solanki / CongressI

1986Ahemdabad/ 59 died 80 Amarsingh chodhary/Cong.

1987Meerut/ U.P.3000 died Bir Bahadur Singh/ Cong.

1989Indore 27 died Moti Lal vora / Congress

1989Kota/Rajasthan S. C. Mathur / Congress

1989Bhadrak/Orissa17 died J.B. Patnaik / Congress

1990Maharashtra Sharad Pawar / Congress

1990Bihar 996 died Jagannath Mishara/ Cong

1990Karnataka 60 died S. Bangarappa / Congress

1990Hydrabad/ A.P. 299 died 350 M.C. Reddy / Congress
1995Kerala 2 died AK Antony / Congress

2001Maharashtra 2 died 30 Vilasrao Deshmukh/Cong.

2001Malegaon/ 16 died Vilasrao Deshmukh/Cong.

2002/Maharashtra 9 died 16 Sushil shinde / Congress

2003Kerala 9 died A.K Antony / Congress

I stop at 2003, because there are equally if not more riots taken place in Congress ruled States till date which would unnecessarily fill this space. Has anyone ever snared the Congress Party for this – never! Has the Congress Party ever apologized for these riots – never! Has the Congress Party ever repented for the Sikh Massacre – Never! So then, where from does this logic arise that Narendra Modi should apologize for the 2002 Gujarat riots? The entire Nation knows like the back of their hand as to what happened that led to the Gujarat riots. Neither the Congress propaganda, the Main Stream Media propaganda, the Print Media propaganda nor the numerous NGOs propaganda can wish away the fact that there was 58 human lives, locked up in a train compartment, drenched with petrol, diesel and kerosene, and set ablaze with an incessant deluge of petrol and diesel kept pumping into the compartment just to ensure that none of the pilgrims entrapped could get out alive! Those pictures, gruesome as they are, are nowhere to be seen or displayed by any of these propagandists while all the time, the riot torn areas were projected everywhere as if that was a holocaust. That was a natural human retaliation where even Hindus lost their lives, 259 to be precise out of the thousand odd killed.

Therefore, Narendra Modi has been diligent enough not to apologize for the riots, smart enough not to react to slander, shrewd enough to dodge questions on riots and on the contrary, pushed himself to the brink of getting the State to where it is now, a landmark insignia in the Indian subcontinent. Now, whether that flares the digestive system of many others is beside the point and irrelevant in the context. He has given a mixture of exemplary governance and progress the last 10 years that most of the nation and the entire Gujarat has better things to do than remember the hype the pseudo-secular Congress apollyons and their minions attempt to manufacture unfailingly.

Therefore, to hell with the rest and Hail Narendra Modi. JAI HIND!

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TERROR – The Kerala Connection

I had this concern all along and had raised it in almost all of my comments to several blogs that was pertinent to Terror activities surrounding kerala, Karnataka, Kashmir and elsewhere in the country. The links are very valid, very active and very profound. They have a established network in terms of manpower deployment, finance, events management and terror strikes. The brains are all distorted radical Islamic youths mostly from Kerala and Karnataka, brainwashed by a doctrine that is at worst, sinister and evil.

Kerala had all along been the hub for terror growth. No activities were required to be unleashed there since the State was already in their grips. A mere 25% of the State’s Muslim population govern 55% of its entire wealth, 35% of immovable assets and nearly 51% of all large scale businesses. The money that pours in from its Middle East sources are in multiple of millions every month. What is amazing is that majority of the Kerala ‘Kakas’ as they are called work as coffee/tea boys, paper vendors, vegetable vendors, fish sellers, minuscule supermarkets etc. yet they are disciplined to donate a percentage of their monthly earnings to a central fund collecting unit that eventually sends it across to various State units in India for funding of Terror activities. Their respective Mosques reminds them every Friday during prayers not to forget their donation.

This large amount of money that flows into the state coffers are neither investigated for its source or its intent. The banks obviously will not worry too much with the wealth pouring in since it elevates their ranking. But the State Agencies under Home Ministry in spite of being aware of this large flow of money into the State do not investigate even by clandestine means. There is no investigation to the umpteen large scale business houses that are sprung out of the blue by a Muslim. No investigation is carried out on a spontaneous deal where a large amount of land costing crores are done by a Muslim. No investigation is done when huge multistory buildings spring up as flats around the State all owned by Muslims. No investigation is done when Mosques are built like toy blocks at every nook and corner of the street all around the State. No investigations are done on a once poor Muslim suddenly owning estates, land, business houses, mansions etc. when it is absolutely known that the average salary of a Gulf Muslim is not more than Rs.15,000/- a month. Of course there are the very rich Gulf Muslims too but they do not add up the immense movable and immovable wealth the Muslims own back in their respective States, particularly Kerala.

The Kerala terror angle should be drastically investigated not just limiting to Mallappuram but to Calicut, Kannur and Kasargod as well where they have made it their strong holds. T.Nazir and 6 others are from Kannur out of which 5 of them were shot dead in Kashmir recently. But when vote bank politics takes precedence over national security, when a majority nation is held to ransom by a mere 17% minority, what better can one expect other than but Terror. Unless and until there is an alternative Government at the Center who governs with a sense of purpose and intent to safeguard its citizens from this menace, there will not be any recourse for the common citizen of India.


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You have become an iconic trend setter for good governance, prosperity and welfare of the people of Gujarat. It is  internationally accepted that you are indeed an  Administrator par excellence who can steer India to a glorious future.  But as is the case with all Indians (i guess) success is never complimented.

On the contrary, it is criticized. Vigorous defamation attempts are artificially constructed to bring down prosperity both politically & economically.  Congress, with the help of radical Muslims from outside and inside Gujarat abetted by the Main Stream Media has systematically attempted to tarnish your larger than life image. When the UPA Government has shown  it lacks what it takes to ensure effective governance — courage, conviction and the ability – to take a risk for the sake of fundamental principles and democracy, it targets YOU,  with the deliberate intention to side-track public attention from its inherent and glaring imperfections.

But rest assured Sir, the entire country appreciates and acknowledges your abilities and directly applauds your success.  Congress has been always communal under its cloak of secularism.  They are a vehement lot who have during the past 60 odd years instigated communal violence for personal and vote bank gains.  All records of proof highlighting Congress involvement in communal and social disturbances,  however,  it sadly falls into the very short memory our Public recollections.  They carry an undeniable infatuation of the Gandhi clan, perhaps due to colonial inhibitions,  who are undeniably the chief architects of  the socio-economic-cultural erosion of our Country.

Gujarat Riots of 2002 is a sinister mastermind of Congress’s petty politics and yet you have become the scapegoat.  Gujarat Riots was and is a Congress/Muslim instigated treachery not only to yourself but to the Nation as well.  The significant Supreme Court Judgement is abundant proof of  your vindication of  all those nefarious allegations deliberately hurled at you.  Kudos to the legal system for upholding the mantle of justice appropriately.

I have reservations about BJP that should be taken up seriously by the Parliamentary Board.  My interest and subsequent membership with  BJP begins with the fascination I had for RSS, an organization that vowed for the Nation.  It was also the only foreseeable alternative from the eternally abhorrent Congress and its insidious manipulations of resource and wealth of a great country.  But I did find in BJP a difference which unfortunately was devoured by individual pettiness mostly post Atelji days.  Their irrelevance has become so conspicuous now that a revival is imperative and imminent.  No doubt, measures are being adopted to address this grave issue.  What baffles the likes of me is why BJP fails to perceive its demerits that stand so blatantly exposed.  Is not the frustrations of their vote bank like me, insinuations from eminent intellectuals who are fed up with Congress, consistent media trashing and lack of coherence itself be sufficient reasons to retrospect, regroup and invigorate to a Party that becomes formidable?  I Wish..!  And you Sir please take an initiative to revive BJP as a formidable National unchallenged Party.

Meanwhile, I wish you all the best.


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XIAN Hypocrisy of Daijiworld in Karnataka – Nov, 2010

Response to a Note of One Mr. Saldanah in objecting BJP Govt in Ktka and RSS Protest on CON Slandering them as communal – 10-11-2010



Prashanth K.P Wrote – 11-11-2010

Mr. Saldanha’s views are not only hypocritical but abhorrent. It emanates basically because their religious preferences are no more affiliated easily. There was a time when they were rampant on conversion almost to the point of being starved. This was duly abetted by their Pope and funded by theirVatican. Ever since a constitutional referendum came restricting conversion, Christians, particularly the likes of Saldanha is finding it consternating. Their parochial vision becoming obliterated is by no means soothing. This is augmented by the awareness Hindus find themselves in now thus clearly evaluating and confronting the polarization Christianity has been so vehemently practicing inIndia. You along with the Islamists were the culprits who ruined the wonderful social, cultural and above all HINDU fabric of our Country. Right from year 1215 onwards you have been killing and converting and you show the audacity to name a few, who again implicated by the unscrupulous mastermind of an obnoxious Christian who unfortunately heads the Indian spineless Government. You get shocked to see children in a Hindu rally yet punish those children who don’t march to a CHURCH every SUNDAY! Anything Christian or Muslim is RIGHT, but anything HINDU is blatantly WRONG!!!! Excuse me Sir, those days are gone, thanks to both of your monolithic religions which has enabled, though late, to open our eyes. If Karnataka is anything but not progress since BJP came in, I PITY YOU!

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