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What to say but this has been the sorry state of affairs in India for a very long time now – perhaps twelve to thirteen years since I began observing Indian political affairs keenly.

the Parliament ironically called the Temple of Democracy is reduced to being anything but a Temple. It has been abused to filth and reduced to a street fighting arena.

Amidst all this furor, whatever little work is manageable filters through at the terrible cost of progress of the Nation. What’s happening now, the Parliament logjam as is fondly called, is but of a different nature from earlier protests. This protest is merely to disrupt any work so to speak and hurl accusations at a Govt that wants to function within the Parliamentary ethics. From July 21st onwards, when the monsoon session began, to this date, adjournments has been the norm – thanks to the Congress Party. Their pretext for the disruption holds no legal or political substance since what they are demanding is not merely foolish and illogical, but a unparliamentary precedent.

When all the erstwhile protests were being carried out, I mean during the UPA times, there was substantial evidences against those members of government who stubbornly failed to step down – hence the consequent logjam by the then Opposition which stood to be justified in that context. Here there is neither a case of any wrong doing, any illegality nor immorality from the Government’s side or the MEA’s side specifically.

Federal system does not allow Parliament to take decisions on State Affairs. This is a Constitutional prerogative of the States. Regardless, it would be worthwhile to know that, while Vyapam is already under the SC jurisdiction, all falsely hoisted allegations, accusations and evidences in the cases of MEA and Rajasthan CM has been proved to the contrary by none other than the Media itself which raked up the issue first. If humanitarian gestures are to be questioned under the garb of suspicion and conflict of interest, then Congress would need to explain to the nation the humanitarian aspect under which the Congress Party President spent close to 8500 Crores as part of her healthcare and the sundry expenses surrounding it. That was also an unnecessary gesture of humanitarianism from the people of India towards a human being more and a foreigner less. Perhaps that would substantially explain as to why the Congress and other parties backing them are not ready for a debate in Parliament, as it should be. Because, as intriguing but absurd as it can be, conflict of interest would haunt several in Congress and other Opposition parties.

You don’t hang a person first and then take trial of his case as it would appear in this instance going by the Congress logic. This is merely vendetta politics by the Congress Party and rest assured, they stand to loose considerably further than their 44 they have braved now, in any forthcoming elections. God save India and for once it does emphasize the fact that, despite a MAJORITY Government, even a mouse can disrupt proceedings at will and whisper. I guess a revisit to the Parliamentary Affairs of Functioning needs to be seriously looked into if India has to progress. If not, these elected members would happily exhaust the exchequer without contributing anything to the welfare of the Nation, without hesitation or guilt and without responsibility.

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