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The ‘Intolerance’ Narrative

The thing is “Narrative”.

A narrative is being built around India. Let’s start with what our colleague in uniform has written. He has no personal experience of any kind of discrimination. He is talking about his happy experiences in uniform. Actually nothing has changed. What has changed is the narrative.

I have asked number of people who are “feeling persecuted”, have they experienced anything? I ask them, quote me one law or ruling that discriminates? Did CAA affect any citizen of India? Their answer is NO. Then why do they feel so? They just stop talking.

A lot has changed in India. One of the things that has changed is all kinds of lobbyists and power brokers find themselves out of work. They are unable to influence decisions in government and are frustrated to the core. That they are on payrolls of institutions who do not want India to rise, is starkly visible. They actually stand exposed. With nothing else, they are creating this “narrative” against the country and its government. They say democracy is in danger but fail to bring out that India is being ruled by a democratically elected government. It’s just that the elected government is not who they want.

The second point is they can’t accept the fact that India is growing and the previous narrative on everything including secularism is being questioned. Mind it, not by government but by people on social media. And that is making them uncomfortable as they do not have answers. So they talk on everything and anything, howsoever small, that might embarrass the country.
Yes, everything is not honky dori, things don’t always work out and sometimes they do go out of hand. As long as lessons are learnt and things improve, that’s it. India is like Europe. Not homogeneous. Extremely difficult to govern as one entity.

Have you noticed how a narrative on Pegasus was built up just prior to parliament session. As the session ended, so did the narrative. Why? Because it was nothing but a narrative to cause disruption.

Today India has done 10 Million vaccinations in a day. Let than sink in. That’s more than total population of UAE (9.3M) and many other “developed” countries. More than Two Newzealands!!! And NZ has not even half its population vaccinated. Figure in UAE is 77%.
This is what actually riles these guys. They had predicted dooms days. Now they cannot fathom how on earth India is doing it. Has any “minority” been discriminated? No. But It’s against their narrative.

If we remember the campaigns built up in last two years – CAA and farmers bills were all on false narrative that was fed to some people. They were instigated. For what? Just to suit and spread a narrative.

We need to be careful about this narrative and use our own experience and thought process to see what is good for the country and what is not.

Just my take
Jai Hind

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KASHMIR, The Soul of India

KASHMIR IS THE SOUL OF INDIA — How many of us know these Truths but for a huge thanks to this Author🙏👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
On Kashmir
by Ira Pande.

“Kashmir is an integral part of India”. I have heard this line parroted by leaders of all political hues.

Recently I came across facts that have changed my perspective on Kashmir totally.

Facts that have astounded me. But more than that baffled me, for they reveal glaring lacunae in the history we have been led to believe is true.

Understandable that the British established a syllabus designed to obliterate our glories and inculcate shame in us for all things Indian.

But, 70 years post-independence, we’re still guilty of toeing their line.

The facts I speak of are proof that Kashmir is the fountainhead from which flows our culture, in fact, everything that defines our identity as Indians.

I had no clue at all about the significance of Kashmir in Indian history and that it was home to Panini, whose Ashtadhyayi is considered the most scientific and flawless treatise on grammar in the world…!

Sharangdev, considered the father of both Hindustani & Carnatic music.

Acharya Abhinav Gupt, one of the greatest scholars of all times, who wrote 46 literary classics including the renowned Abhinav Bharti
His principles of Ras are being taught in 80 universities around the world!

Kashmir was considered the abode of Saraswati, the highest seat of learning in India and was also referred to as Sharda Peeth.
So much so that when students graduated from Kashi, they took 4 symbolic steps towards Kashmir, denoting their aspiration for higher learning.

Almost the entire body of Sanskrit literature has its origins in Kashmir.

Rajtarangini, the authoritative historical tome on the royal lineage of Kashmir, written by Kalhans in the 12th century, outlines the greatness of King Lalitaditya, possibly the most powerful Indian Emperor of all times, whose kingdom in the 8th century extended from the Caspian Sea in the North to the Kaveri basin in the South, and included Assam in the East.

How many Indians have even heard his name???

How many of us know that Srinagar was established by Ashoka?

That Mahayana Buddhism was spread across Mid Asia, China and Japan by Kashmiri monks?

Who are these educationists who are deliberately withholding such vital slices of history from our textbooks?

How will the present and future generations realize that Kashmir is the keystone of our heritage through millennia, finding mention even in our oldest scriptures?

It’s not just a piece of land. It is the abode of the soul of India.

“Kashmir is an integral part of India” now has a new meaning for me. It’s no longer a statement, but an impassioned understanding of its importance.🙏

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