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The recent week has been ripe with the frequent rants and diatribes by Girish Karnad, a playwriter cum actor cum director from Karnataka, who in pursuit of cheap publicity chose to ridicule V.S. Naipaul, a Nobel laureate in one forum and insulted none other than Rabindranath Tagore, yet another Nobel Laureate and a National Icon in Literature by claiming his works to be merely second graded. What more can one say about Girish Karnad other than but he has lost his sensibility either truthfully or deliberately for want of cheap publicity. His attack at Naipaul can not be totally ridiculed because the Indian History that we all, including Karnad, were exposed to was an history that was nowhere close to reality.

Yes, it is a fact that Indian History has been distorted and recorded to conveniently suit the Muslims and socialists alike. Profound efforts have been put in by the erstwhile historians of the 18th and 19th centuries to build Indian History upon monumental canards. This attitude was, to a large extent, pursued by some of the English historians during their era, and post independence, completely exaggerated in pretentious and insincere rhetoric by the socialists led by a Nehru!

Girish Karnad is one amongst those whose elevation to a undesirable status he enjoys now is owed to Shri. C. Rajagopalachari, whose pure and simple translation of the Mahabharata was the basis of Karnad’s inspiration to attempt at his first playwright titled Yayati, Indians attribute and attach themselves to Hindu epics with fierce loyalty, the tele series of Ramayana and Mahabharata being salient examples, and therefore, Karnad’s Yayati too found its way among accolades. Over the years, no doubt Karnad has matured into a reasonable playwriter, average actor and mediocre move director. None of these three traits were exemplary and worthy of a clap for Karnad because none of them were ideally his creations. All of them were stolen, aped, copied and dramatized by him with not even one credited to him. Being a popularity seeker and a white ass licker to the core, he was gifted for his loyalty as the Minister for Culture with the Indian High Commission, London, a non diplomatic and purely decorative post. Other than his basic knowledge in his literary field, he barely had any genuine knowledge of Indian History, his recent rants and diatribes sufficient proofs of this. In India, anything Muslim ran to box office and Karnad chose just that theme for his recent popularity.

It is not too late for him to educate himself of the destruction his much fancied Muslim brethren did to Hindu culture and Hindu places of worship for over 1000 years and still continue to do so till date. The sharp conflicts between the Hindu ethos and Muslim zealotry is personified in the thousands of Temples destroyed, looted and Mosques constructed on that very foundations, a reason why most of the ancient Masjids closely resemble a Hindu Temple to date. The Historian, Praful Goradia, has written a book with references and pictures abundantly highlighting the *Hindu Masjids* as they are called now. A brief read through this book will be sufficient enough for a mediocre pea brain like Karnad to assess the extent of destruction his fond brethren unleashed on ours and his belief, culture and places of worship.

Permit me to quote just one paragraph by Praful Goradia here:-

“Regrettably, a great deal of Indian History is a product of prejudice. Iconoclasm was a major misfortune for the Hindus. Temples, if not by the hundreds, in thousands were desecrated and converted into Mosques and Dargahs. In some cases Temples were destroyed and their rubble were utilized to build Mosques. The deities were buried under the entrance of the Mosques so that they could be stamped and trampled by those who came in for their prayers. How much the Muslims wounded the Hindu sentiment and how much they traumatized the indigenous civilization can only be a matter of conjecture. But surely the destruction of Hindu Temples is a recorded fact but one that failed to find its place in any historical text books reflecting Indian History”.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who founded the Aligarh Muslim University, wrote thus:-

“When Qutubbuddin, the Commander in Chief of Shiabbudin Ghauri invaded and conquered Delhi in AH 587, corresponding to AD 1191, this idol house of Rai Pithora and desecrated and converted into a Mosque. The Idol was taken out of the Temple. Some of the images sculptured on the doors and walls and pillars were effaced completely. Some were defaced. But the structure of the Idol house kept standing as before. Materials from 27 Temples around Delhi, which was worth five crores and forty lakhs of Dilwals were used in the Mosque, and an inscription giving the date of the conquest and his own name was installed on the eastern gate.

When Malvah and Ujjain was conquered by Sultan Shamsuddin in AH 631 corresponding to AD 1233, the Idol house of Mahakal was demolished and its idols and well as the statue of Rajah Bikramajit was brought to Delhi and were strewen in front of the Mosque.

In History books this Mosque has been described as the Masjid-I-Adinah and Juma Masjid Delhi. It is believed that when the Idol house was destroyed and this Mosque was built, it was called the Quwwat Al Islam Masjid!

If a Culture Minister like Girish Karnad does not know Indian History where Hindus were butchered and converted, their Temples destroyed, looted and Mosques built on their very same foundation for over a period of one thousand years, what more can one say about his qualification as a person bestowed with accolades not befitting his pathetic intelligence!

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