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A history of the Congress Party’s plunder of India – Gautam Sen

This is the terribly obvious reality that faces a Hindu in Hindustan today. While humbly thanking Shri. Gautam Sen for passionately highlighting this brilliant yet chilling reality. A Must Read by all please.


Dr. Gautam Sen“The banishment of all trace of Hindu sensibility, the life blood of Indian civilisation, from the public space, in favour of spurious toxic bile called Indian secularism, must be held responsible. In fact it is nothing of the kind since historic secularism was entirely a struggle against the ostensible fascism of the church in Europe. Secularism has no bearing on the cultural and social life of pluralist Hindu society, which did not control the State.” – Dr Gautam Sen

Sonia-G world's fourth richest politician !The extraordinary material greed being displayed by India’s elites highlights profound moral degradation. It surfaces when concern for preserving the goose laying the golden eggs, if only to sustain future avarice, evaporates. This is what has been happening with much of India’s political, bureaucratic and economic elites. They have lost all sense of proportion about even the need to safeguard the nation, the estate they have largely usurped, for their own future…

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