Whilst India is being inundated with Terror strikes almost every day, from North to South and from East to West, it beseeches the attention of common citizens to ponder with growing concern as to why this alarming increase. Yes, every citizen must ponder over it. The drastic increase in terror activities in India is very pertinent to the origin, sustenance and maintenance of terror activities in States where Muslim population has predominantly ballooned. Eg. Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Telangana, West Bengal and UP to name a few. While the pseudo-liberal intellectuals and wine drinking elite might consider these outrageously discriminative facts, figures and incidences beg to reflect to the contrary. The complicity of the Congress Party and the various Governments it controlled around the country provided infallible armor for the growth of these radical elements – notwithstanding the fact that Congress have wedded with such elements for vote bank politics. With no formidable political alternative available, and with emerging regional political parties too depending on vote bank politics for the sake of power, India bled terribly during the major part of its 70 years’ independence. The Hindus, in numeric Majority, stood shamelessly divided under a pseudo-secular sentiment. Islam and Christianity, in numeric Minority, united formidably to wean away rights and privileges that should have been one and for all citizens of the country. The Constitution of India, a holy book, was abusively amended to blossom privileges granted to these two religions in the name of Minority while shriveling the privileges of Hindus, being Majority. It was a defined, connived and orchestrated process of Democratic Anarchy, thanks to our revered and celebrated forefathers and subsequent governors of the Nation, namely the Congress!

As radicalism burgeoned, initially as a political outfit and subsequently mushrooming into innumerable communal fringe elements that solely propagated Islamic Jihad, the establishment deliberately slept over it despite innumerable evidences to act upon. And this is precisely where, taking advantage of the political promiscuity, Jihadi outfits went literally on a barrage in States like Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Telangana, West Bengal, UP so on and so forth. Links were established with terror groups outside the country and in no negligent terms with terror groups elsewhere within the country with religion as a camouflage and politics as a disguise. Over a period of time, the Islamists had extensively established their network in terms of manpower deployment, finance, events management and terror strikes. The cadres comprised of distorted radical Islamic youths, from all strata of Muslim society, mostly from Kerala and Karnataka, brainwashed by fourteen hundred year old doctrine that is at best a unproven compilation of theocratic rubbish and at worst a collection of sinister evil.

Kerala had all along been a suitable hub for the growth of terror. Its logistical advantage, its vast Muslim population – roughly 29% at this point in time, every household having at least one member living/working in the middle east and of course influence of their archaic dogma, Substantial nurturing of youths towards a violent narrative was unleashed in the State with the assistance of unchecked and unaudited foreign fund inflows which essentially changed the culturally predominant Hindu geographical landscape to an explosion of crudely designed Mosques which now outnumber traditional tea shops, Madrasas, Muslim aided schools and colleges and rampant land acquisitions. A mere 29% of the State’s Muslim population governs 55% of the entire State’s natural wealth, 35% of immovable assets and nearly 51% of all large scale businesses. The money that pours in from its Middle East sources is in multiple millions of dollars every day.

What is amazingly baffling is the fact that majority of the Kerala Muslims or ‘Kakas’ as they are called come from the unskilled lower labor category working basically as coffee/tea boys, paper vendors, vegetable vendors, fish sellers, supermarket salesmen etc. However, they are strictly instructed through their religious houses and umpteen Muslim social welfare organizations to generously donate a percentage of their monthly earnings to a central fund collecting unit, generally located in a Mosque that eventually carts it across to various State units in India for funding of Terror activities under the guise of aiding orphanages, madrasas, hospitals, old age homes, assisting the underprivileged et al. Their respective Mosques remind them every Friday during prayers not to forget their donation and any omission, commission or default is severely chided.

This enormous amount of money that flows into the private coffers are neither investigated for its source or its intent. All Agencies, both State and Central and those directly under Home Ministry, despite being aware of this large inflow of money into the country do not investigate or even question the inflow by clandestine means. There is no investigation to the umpteen large scale business houses that mushroom, out of nowhere, under the ownership of a Muslim. No investigation is carried out on a spontaneous deal where large amount of land costing crores are realized by a Muslim. No investigation is done when huge multi-story buildings spring up as residential complexes around the State is owned by a Muslim. No investigation is done when Mosques spring up in every nook and corner of the State at an alarming pace. It is envisaged that there are approximately 2000 big, small and prayer worthy Mosques in this small State – close to half of them necking the skies from 1970 onwards. Unfortunately, there exists no documental proof to authenticate this with the State or Central Government’s concerned department.

Further, No investigations are carried out when a once drastically poor Muslim suddenly flashes riches, owns estates, land, business houses, mansions etc. When it is absolutely known that the average salary of a Gulf Muslim is not more than Rs.15,000/- a month, it does not demand logic to see reason. Of course there are the very rich Gulf Muslims too but they do not add up to the immense movable and immovable wealth the common Muslims, utterly impoverished not so long a period ago, now own in their respective States, particularly Kerala.

Historically, Kerala had a legacy of communal flare ups, thanks to Tippu Sultan. He, true to the volatile 109 verses in the Koran that commanded hate, murder and terror against all human beings who refuse to submit or convert to Islam, went on a rampage in Kerala and Karnataka beheading almost all Hindu men, raping their women, converting their children and thus giving birth to a Muslim dominated district in Malappuram in Kerala and in a large area of South Karnataka. In 1921, present day Malappuram district witnessed a devastating revolt and massacre known as the “Moplah rebellions” where Muslims went berserk (said to be with the help of the British as part of their divide and rule policy) killing lakhs of innocent Hindus overnight with a view to make it a Muslim majority state. They succeeded. Presently, a large number of houses and Mosques bear visual resemblance to the rich Hindu architectural beauty – a deliberate omission by the Muslims for the sake of benign provocation. When a large section of the Muslim community in the State continue to go about with barbaric acts of violence like chopping of hands and legs, while their Imams becomes the caretakers of hoarded weapons in Mosques, when their radical elements brave the public with atrocious acts and speeches, when the community at large demands Friday to be declared a holiday and when the core educational system is modified to suit a Muslim perspective – the elected establishment and the people who voted them into power blink the other way – and the Hindus themselves shamefully scatter and shelter under a political party that preaches vote bank politics.

The advent of the rise of the Bhatkal brothers in Karnataka and the likes of radicalists like Abdul Nasser Madani, T.Nazeer, Abdul Jabbar, P.Sabir, M. Buhari, M. Fayaz, M. Fayees, K. Abdul Raheem, Muhammed Yasin so on and so forth are a direct consequence of the disunity amongst Hindus and the vote bank politics of the Communist Leftists and Congress Parties. Bountiful wealth along with political patronage gave the Muslims a rejuvenated energy to syndicate their radical religious faith into a formidable political party, the Muslim League. Under this flagship they began all kinds of anti-national activities, from hosting the Pakistani flag over Kozhikode Airport to exporting terror in Kashmir, Gujarat, Hyderabad and Coimbatore to name a few. In the recent years the Muslim and Christian political groups have been putting various pressures upon all the other political parties in Kerala to fulfil their goal for ethnic cleansing of Hindus. Newly built ‘Kerala Religious Police” a Muslim fanatic wing, Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), the Islamic Sevak Sangh (ISS), Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are some of the radical platforms floated by the Islamists of Kerala with a defined Jihadi road map were inculcated. A newly formed National Democratic Front (NDF), a reorganized alternative to ISS and SIMI which was banned have masterminded communal violence, murders and conversions in recent years with the Love Jihad emerging as the latest tool in their armor.

The export of terror from the State of Kerala has reached alarming proportions while the establishment has turned to look the other way. At this point, while writing this article, there are 33 youths disappeared from Kerala and joined ISIS out of a total of 200 from pan India The Kerala terror angle should be intrinsically and drastically investigated not just limiting to Malappuram alone, but to Calicut, Kannur and Kasargod as well where the Islamists have converted it into strong holds. But when vote bank politics takes precedence over national security, when a majority nation is held to ransom by a mere 17% minority, what better one can expect other than but Terror.

That the BJP, in 2014, under a charismatic leader like Shri. Narendra Modi emerged into being a national force shattering all previous political history is a huge sigh of relief for the Hindus of India. Being a man of few words but more deeds, the results are there for all to see. Though not enough, there is a comprehensive shackle imposed upon the hitherto free for all radical agencies. Money inflow, their main oxygen, has been curtailed to a large extent. Arrests and reprimands are occurring at an unprecedented pace. Most of the radicals are on the run or have gone under cover. All the intelligence agencies have found renewed enthusiasm in safeguarding national security under the Modi Government, thanks to removal of all red tapes inherent. More needs to be done – but yes – the Hindus can hope for some recourse. But if they don’t unite formidably with all their diversity, they themselves stand to lose. Meantime, let us dwell with content in this new found hope called Modi!

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What to say but this has been the sorry state of affairs in India for a very long time now – perhaps twelve to thirteen years since I began observing Indian political affairs keenly.

the Parliament ironically called the Temple of Democracy is reduced to being anything but a Temple. It has been abused to filth and reduced to a street fighting arena.

Amidst all this furor, whatever little work is manageable filters through at the terrible cost of progress of the Nation. What’s happening now, the Parliament logjam as is fondly called, is but of a different nature from earlier protests. This protest is merely to disrupt any work so to speak and hurl accusations at a Govt that wants to function within the Parliamentary ethics. From July 21st onwards, when the monsoon session began, to this date, adjournments has been the norm – thanks to the Congress Party. Their pretext for the disruption holds no legal or political substance since what they are demanding is not merely foolish and illogical, but a unparliamentary precedent.

When all the erstwhile protests were being carried out, I mean during the UPA times, there was substantial evidences against those members of government who stubbornly failed to step down – hence the consequent logjam by the then Opposition which stood to be justified in that context. Here there is neither a case of any wrong doing, any illegality nor immorality from the Government’s side or the MEA’s side specifically.

Federal system does not allow Parliament to take decisions on State Affairs. This is a Constitutional prerogative of the States. Regardless, it would be worthwhile to know that, while Vyapam is already under the SC jurisdiction, all falsely hoisted allegations, accusations and evidences in the cases of MEA and Rajasthan CM has been proved to the contrary by none other than the Media itself which raked up the issue first. If humanitarian gestures are to be questioned under the garb of suspicion and conflict of interest, then Congress would need to explain to the nation the humanitarian aspect under which the Congress Party President spent close to 8500 Crores as part of her healthcare and the sundry expenses surrounding it. That was also an unnecessary gesture of humanitarianism from the people of India towards a human being more and a foreigner less. Perhaps that would substantially explain as to why the Congress and other parties backing them are not ready for a debate in Parliament, as it should be. Because, as intriguing but absurd as it can be, conflict of interest would haunt several in Congress and other Opposition parties.

You don’t hang a person first and then take trial of his case as it would appear in this instance going by the Congress logic. This is merely vendetta politics by the Congress Party and rest assured, they stand to loose considerably further than their 44 they have braved now, in any forthcoming elections. God save India and for once it does emphasize the fact that, despite a MAJORITY Government, even a mouse can disrupt proceedings at will and whisper. I guess a revisit to the Parliamentary Affairs of Functioning needs to be seriously looked into if India has to progress. If not, these elected members would happily exhaust the exchequer without contributing anything to the welfare of the Nation, without hesitation or guilt and without responsibility.

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Many of my Hindu friends, intelligent, cultured people, whom I respect, have loved the film PK.

This set me thinking: I know that most Hindus do not mind being made fun off and that their religion allows for near unlimited tolerance.

But nevertheless, as a friend of the #Hindus, here are my arguments:

1)        Obviously @amirkhan would have never dared making fun of Islam and its Prophet Mohamed. Not only Amir is a Muslim, who though he married a Hindu, brings up his kids as Muslims and goes to Mecca, but he also knows that there would have been all India riots against him and the cinemas that showed #PK.

2) Where does the tradition of making fun and running down Hindu Gurus originate? Not from Amir Khan, not from Bollywood, not even from Nehru – but from the British, who found that Hinduism was the biggest stumbling block to…

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About #Islam, Logic, statistics & #CharlieHebdo.


There have been many who while condemning the killing of the #CharlieHebdo cartoonists and journalists, said that Charlie Hebdo was Islamophobic and even some, as the #AlJaezeraDoha-correspondent Mohamed Vall Salem that ‘if you insult 1,5 billion Muslims, one or two of them will kill you’… This reminds me how in India Leftist intellectuals keep putting on the same foot, #Islamic terrorism and #Hindu fundamentalism. In those cases, a good journalist – and I would say any sane human being – looks at statistics: OK, the #CharlieHebdo cartoonists may have done something that offends #Muslims, that is depict the Prophet, but did they kill anybody? Did they snuff out violently and coldly a human life as the Kouachi brothers did? From a Dharmic point of view, or even a Christian one, which act do you think carries the blackest karma: the drawing of a cartoon or the taking of human lives?…

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These are measures that must be considered by the PMO in its commitment towards a better India.


1) Accessibility to Ministers

The popular impression is that the PM has tremendous energy and is doing all the right things, but nevertheless, it is also felt, that except maybe for Mr Arun Jaitley, there are no ministers around him who stand out as exceptional and he is a one-man show.
One of the problems is that these ministers have to work in an environment which is the by-product of decades of Congress rule, whereas the ministers are heavily dependant on PA’s and secretaries of PA’s and even peons.

As a result, it is very difficult today to reach a Minister, even if one has genuine work. I know of three or four recent instances of friends, some of whom came from an influential background and had bona fide reasons for a meeting with a particular minister, but could not even get to the PA. Even recent entrants…

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Gandhiji Assassin Nathuram Godse’s Final Address to the Court, on the 5th of May 1949: WHY I KILLED GANDHI ?

These are historical facts that was submerged under the Nehruvian socialist ideology of Indian History!


….Born in a devotional Brahmin family, I instinctively came to revere Hindu religion, Hindu history and Hindu culture. I had, therefore, been intensely proud of Hinduism as a whole. As I grew up I developed a tendency to free thinking unfettered by any superstitious allegiance to any isms, political or religious. That is why I worked actively for the eradication of untouchability and the caste system based on birth
alone. I openly joined anti-caste movements and maintained that all Hindus were of equal status as to rights, social and religious and should be considered high or low on merit alone and not through the accident of birth in a particular caste or profession. I used publicly to take part in organized anti-caste dinners in which thousands of Hindus, Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, Chamars and Bhangis participated. We broke the caste rules and dined in the company of each other. I have…

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Is **Right Wing Hindu Nationalists** a Balanced and Fair Reporting???

When we allow this flavour of reporting to go unchallenged we unwittingly weaken India’s ability to negotiate with the world on our own terms. Mr. Sankrant Sanu asks why avowedly Christian leaders in the UK and US are not similarly tagged.

As a new government is taking charge in India, it is time to reflect on the terminology used about India in the Western press and also by English-language Indian journalists writing in India and abroad.

Western news outlets routinely describe Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP as “right-wing Hindu-nationalist” in practically every news report. This is problematic for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is not clear that the label “right” and “left” so easily apply to Indian politics and do not map clearly to Western political categories. Certainly no economically right-wing politician in the West would declare in their first major address after being elected that the “the new government is completely dedicated to the poor” as Modi did in his first meeting of the BJP parliamentary committee.

Nor is the label “Hindu-nationalist” entirely accurate, particularly since it is used pejoratively. British Prime Minister David Cameron, recently wrote in The Church Times, the leading Anglican newspaper, “I believe we should be more confident about our status as a Christian country, more ambitious about expanding the role of faith-based organisations, and, frankly, more evangelical about a faith that compels us to get out there and make a difference to people’s lives.”

Now, it is worth remembering that Britian is not officially secular. It has a state religion and an official Church, the Church of England. Their head of state, the Queen, is also head of the Church. Despite Prime Minister Cameron’s clear espousal of Christianity, and its centrality, both legally and restated by him, in the conception of their nation, the Conservative party is not routinely called a Christian-nationalist party.

To make this contrast even clearer, let us imagine that Prime Minister Modi made the statement:
“I believe we should be more confident about our status as a Hindu rashtra, more ambitious about expanding the role of Hindu organisations, and, frankly, more evangelical about spreading Hinduism to make a difference to people’s lives.”

All hell would break loose in India if Modi were to say this. However, this is just a restatement of Prime Minister Cameron’s statement about Christianity and Britain. But for some reason, Prime Minister Modi apparently has to be tagged as a “Hindu nationalist” in every press report while Cameron is not tagged as a “Christian nationalist”.

An even clearer example is George Bush Jr., who made no bones about his faith as a born-again Christian. Bush explicitly loosened the purse strings so that federal money could flow to “faith-based” organizations. But he was not routinely described as an evangelical Christian in every news report. There is a misconception, however, that Bush was somewhat unique in modern American presidents. Every US president, Republican or Democrat, publically avows his Christian faith. Bill Clinton was Southern Baptist, a conservative Christian denomination and attended church every week till he went to college. He could “quote scripture with the best of them.” Jimmy Carter was a self-described evangelical born-again Christian. Obama also avowed “I am a Christian. I have a deep faith.”

Despite affirmation of (Christian) faith being practically a pre-requisite to be President of the United States, presidents are not tagged by their religion in every press report. We must start to question when Prime Minister Modi continues to be tagged as such.

This is not only the question of a level playing field. It also leads to a mis-understanding of India and its pluralistic nature. The BJP is not a Hindu party that will impose Manusmriti on everyone. People in Pakistan are very surprised to learn that the BJP has a Muslim general secretary and Christian MLA’s and MP’s. An improper equivalence is created, fanned by Indian writers in Pakistani newspapers, that the BJP is somehow the equivalent of its Jamaat-e-Islami, which is fighting to have Sharia law in Pakistan.

Now the odds of the Jamaat having a Hindu or Christian general secretary are, to put it mildly, quite low. But this incorrect equivalence causes Pakistanis to make statements like “unlike India, we have never had the religious right win an election.” This misunderstanding can become an obstacle to peace and also provide further impetus for atrocities on Pakistan’s vanishing Hindu minority. If you actually examined the parties’ official positions and religious affirmations you will find the BJP left of the leftmost mainstream political party in Pakistan. The BJP affirms its commitment to secularism, even if it derides its opponents’ flavour of it. A Pakistani party can only affirm its commitment to the Islamic state.

While we are on the subject of Pakistan, practically every Western news agency finds it necessary to use the phrase “nuclear-armed neighbours” in any article about the two. Perhaps it is time we start repaying that reminder when talking about “nuclear-armed neighbours UK and France” or in the case of the United States, the “only country to have deployed a nuclear weapon in war”, in every foreign policy report about these countries. Nor does every report dealing with US-China relations state they have nuclear warheads pointed at each other. We need to start recognising the messaging when “nuclear-armed neighbours” is repeated in every report, just as “right-wing Hindu nationalist” is. It is the Western gaze on the natives that they do not apply to themselves.

When we allow this flavor of reporting to go unchallenged we unwittingly weaken India’s ability to negotiate with the world on our own terms.

{Mr. Sankrant Sanu is an author and entrepreneur based in Seattle and Gurgaon. He is a graduate of IIT Kanpur and the University of Texas and holds six technology patents}.



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