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DARK DECADE OF UPA➖ Congress sell out of National Security ➖ a Damning Report by Manish Tiwari, A Staunch Congressman 😱😱

Manish Tewari to get un-sacred tag
…for the partial revelations made about the dark decade of the UPA
By Akhilesh , New Delhi, 26 Nov 2021

Snapshot :
10 flashpoints; 20 Years: Conditions of National Security that Affected India.
by Manish Tiwari,
Rupa Publications.

Manish Tewari, once a pillar of the Congress system but now considered unholy.

Tiwari acknowledges the cowardly response of the then Indian government led by Dr. Manmohan Singh in response to the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.
Tiwari says:

There comes a time when actions must speak louder than words. 26/11 was a time when it should have been done. Therefore, I am of the view that India should have given a kinetic response in the days after 9/11 of India.

This may sound wrong, but the truth is that the full account of how national security was threatened during the 10 years of UPA rule is yet to be written. The country is still paying the price of open forces during the Sonia Gandhi-Manmohan Singh regime. consider the following.

Nepal used to be firmly under Indian realm and our overall civilizational ethos. In 2006, inspired by the Faustian bargain that Congress had made to stay in power with the Left, Nepal was allowed to move into Marxist territory with a mainstream of forces that felt ideologically close to China and many of whom hated India and were actively opposed. Since then, China has gained more foothold in Nepal than ever before and has posed many challenges to India.

The communist hangover was not limited to Nepal alone. The entire Naxal leadership was surrounded by our security forces in 2007. However, at the last minute, apparently due to a high-level intervention, entire top leadership was let go. In the years that followed, among other deadly attacks, the Naxalites would massacre 76 security forces in Chhattisgarh, while Manmohan Singh would lecture on his own government on how we should be tough on the Naxalites !

Rahul Gandhi signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Communist Party of China (CCP) in 2008. A leader who is now the President of China was also present in that signing. We still do not know the outline of the agreement that was directly and secretly agreed upon.

But there is a data point here. The trade deficit with China in 2004 was $1.1 billion. By 2014 this had grown to $36.2 billion, a whopping 33 times !

It was during the same period that the CPI and CPM used to be the guests of the CCP, that Chinese electronics, toys, mobile phones and many other manufacturing units entered India and began to dominate our markets. Make no mistake, this was not due to any fair competition, but to reduce any chances of manufacturing in India that these Chinese brands would take. All proposals to start Indian manufacturing were rejected outright.

Defense minister AK Antony during most of the UPA’s time, and who has gained a reputation for doing Nothing, did as much in Parliament in 2013 when he admitted that India could be no match for China because of the rapidity with which China had built the infrastructure so limited own actions. India was just sleeping on its wheels. Whether this was by design or mere accident is anyone’s guess.

But here’s another data point. In 2013, the UPA government signed nine agreements with China. China was equally occupying 640 square kilometers of Indian territory in eastern Ladakh, including the Depsang Plain.

But if China was at the end of the entangled national security spectrum, Pakistan was an even more at septic end.

The first proud announcement of the UPA government, when it assumed power, was to scrap the anti-terror law, the Anti-Terrorism Act (POTA). From our security forces was snatched away the only weapon against Pakistan which nurtured and funded terror. The message went to the terrorists that they are now running freely, that for now, they have their own “government”. Soon, it became a monthly recurrence of deadly terrorist attacks.

Manish Tewari has mentioned 26/11 Mumbai attack. But let’s look at a small sample of what happened before that. The next few years were hell, starting with the bombing of the Dhemaji School in Assam on 15 August 2004.

Ram Janmabhoomi attacks in July 2005, Delhi Diwali bombings a few months later in October, March 2006 Sankatmochan temple attack in Kashi, July 2006 Mumbai local train bombings, September 2006 Malegaon attacks, February 2007 attacks on Samjhauta Express , a series of bombings in Hyderabad, Ajmer later that year, and court houses in Uttar Pradesh by the end of the year.

2008 was a particularly gruesome year with the rise of the Indian Mujahideen (IM) – Pakistani-funded and trained but run by local jihadists. They carried out the May 2008 bombings in Jaipur, the July attacks in Bangalore and Ahmedabad, and the September bombings in Delhi, without a UPA challenge.

When Delhi Police gunned down IM terrorists after getting clues from Gujarat Police, Sonia Gandhi’s entire Congress machinery swung into action to defame the police and project the terrorists as innocent boys.

Of course, 2008 ended in the gruesome and horrific dance of the Mumbai 26/11 attacks, and all the while, the then UPA government sat silently and watched. MMS, Sonia were watching silently. Digvijay Singh, the closest in the Congress circles of the Gandhi dynasty got busy writing a book on how 26/11 was an RSS conspiracy !

It is not that the only crime of the UPA government was to let terrorists loose. A far more insidious and dangerous conspiracy was the open ground given to the ISI and Pakistani masters to develop Indian opinion makers. Even before the advent of the UPA under Sonia Gandhi in 2004, Indian politics was fragmented and divided. But there was always consensus on one issue – that Pakistan was an enemy nation because of its own actions, and Pakistan’s designs should be defeated by all means and using any means.

This changed after 2004. Pakistani propaganda began to find a place in the Indian discourse. The method was Track-II diplomacy, a fancy term for the recruitment and grooming of useful Indian idiots in foreign territories such as Thailand and sometimes directly in Islamabad. The government of the time was ready to let this happen, so all kinds of actors – journalists, think tankers, retired military and intelligence personnel looking for personal advancement and other shadowy characters all got along on this gravy train.

The contacts made by Pakistani and of course with Chinese intelligence during these recruitment junkets continue to serve them to the detriment of India even today. For example, consider the breadth of people opposing the Chardham project. Perhaps for the first time in recorded history, the Indian Army has had to give in writing to the Supreme Court that it wants to deploy the missiles in forward areas and therefore be allowed to complete the project. Such forward deployment in any country of the world is always away from the public eye.

And yet, such is the pervasiveness of the China and Pakistan ecosystem in India that the military is filing its case for border infrastructure, and yet the NGO, raised in the Sonia Gandhi era and supported by loud voices with, everyone is deploying their power to sabotage this important project. The Supreme Court, at its discretion and despite the arguments of the army, is patiently listening to the case of these NGOs.

China, which has the ability to rapidly build up border infrastructure, while NGOs and their lawyers have been pampered in the UPA era, to delay our preparations for our democratic liberties. are using it !

These are the same actors who were produced during the UPA and many of them are part of Track-II with Pakistan (and apparently China) increasingly mobilizing to disrupt civilian life of India. Watch the actors who rioted in many parts of the country after the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 (CAA).

Or the forces that use democracy and the independence of functioning courts to prosecute every action, thereby delaying India’s development path. Or Padma awardees, who took great pleasure in plastering the world with images of pyres during the COVID-19 pandemic, while also lobbing pharma companies from countries that compared India in either cases or fatalities.

Or take the case of the Indian Air Force, which had long pleaded for fifth generation fighters to stay with China and even Pakistan. This deal never happened during the UPA, as it is now very clear. And when it happened during the Modi government, the Congress ecosystem nurtured during the UPA years used every tactic in business to sabotage the deal. One can only guess at their motivations.

The Sonia Gandhi era had other implications. For the first time, terrorism became a domestic secularization issue, as a direct result of the preparation of useful idiots in India by the Pakistani Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the media and public relations wing of the Pakistan Armed Forces.

Even before 2004, the Congress was in power and even then there was fierce opposition to their policies. But no one accused him of disregarding the interests of India on the malicious action directed by Pakistan. The same could not be said after 2004. In fact, it could be argued that the Congress government had become openly anti-India.

The Ishrat Jahan case, where a Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) claimed terrorist became a symbol of secularism and was used to nab honest Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials, is just the most high-profile case. . Incidentally, the case led to an unprecedented revolt by the IB in 2013 when the UPA was intent on prosecuting a good officer who neutralized Ishrat and her Pakistani allies. It was only after the revolt of the entire IB that the UPA supported. But this was not all.

In that UPA era secularism project an entirely new bogey of Hindu terror was created, and innocent men and women were framed and destroyed for political gains. The world recognized the threat of jihadi terror for the first time after 9/11, while India under the UPA, which had been a victim of the same forces for a long time, was able to reject any theory of jihadi terror and bolster the spirit of Hindu terror.

Considering this sequence, it is not difficult to imagine why Rahul Gandhi reportedly told the United States Ambassador in 2009 that “radical Hindu groups are a bigger threat than Lashkar”.

Sonia Gandhi’s spiteful era is not over yet. During the same period, for the first and only time in the history of India, a serving Chief of Staff of the Defense Forces became corrupt and was co-opted to be part of the scam train that ran through most of the UPA . Corruption had reached the highest echelons of India’s security system.

Look carefully, and all these malicious actions mocking India’s security, security and territorial integrity can be traced back to the first term of the UPA, when it was in bed with the communists.

Sometimes I wonder how did we survive those years ? But then I remember its long, multi-millennium history. Every time we are on the brink, we have found it within ourselves to save ourselves from impending oblivion. That’s how we have survived and remain the oldest surviving continuous civilization that is neither under Abrahamic forces nor under communists. Sometimes Shivaji and sometimes Ahilya Bai Holkar.

In 2014, people rallied behind Modi and reduced the Congress to just 44 seats. We must give Manish Tewari credit, at least partly, for writing about that dark decade of the UPA, and in particular those dreadful first five years. Because it should serve as a reminder to us that we will never again let our destiny fall into the hands of such evil forces.

Akhilesh is the CEO of Bluecraft Digital Foundation.

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Wonders of Majestic Hindu Temples !

We Indians, especially Hindus, give a damn about our culture while drooling  at undeserved imposition of “Indian and foreign wonders” ➖ Read to know some of the  unbelievable and majestic time tested wonders👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

*Lovely share by Mr Robert William*

The Vishnu temple of Angkor Vat itself is 4 times the size of Vatican City !! 

It takes a week to see the temple fully !!

Why is not one of the 7 wonders of the world ?? 

Kailashnath Temple of Ellora and other temples there have been painfully carved over a century out of Huge Boulders !!

Why is not one of the 7 wonders of the world ?? 

Airavateshwara temple in Kumbakonam has carvings at every inch of the temple !!

Why is not one of the 7 wonders of the world ?? 

Brihadeshwara temple in Thanjavur has a 120 tonne Gopuram lifted over a 60 km ramp !! Temple is full of intricate carvings !!

Why is it not one of the 7 wonders of the wonders of the world ??

Sun Temple of Konark 24 intricately designed wheels, 12 ft in diametre which are seen drawn by horses. These seven horses represent the week, the wheels stand for the 12 months while the day-cycle is symbolised by the eight spokes in the wheels. And this whole depiction tells how the time is controlled by the sun !!

Why is it not one of the 7 wonders of the wonders of the world ??

Rani ka Vav is The finest and one of the largest examples of its kind and designed as an inverted temple highlighting the sanctity of water, the stepwell is divided into seven levels of stairs with sculptural panels; more than 500 principal sculptures of Bhagwan Vishnu and over 1000 minor ones combine religious and Legendary imagery !!

Why is it not one of the 7 wonders of the wonders of the world ??

JUST the ruins of Hampi have over 500 monuments spread around the hills and valleys. These include alluring temples, ruins of palaces, royal pavilions, bastions, historical treasures, archaeological relics of aquatic structures & ancient markets. 

Why is it not one of the 7 wonders of the wonders of the world ??

Modhera Sun Temple is an exquisitely carved temple complex and the magnificently sculpted kund are jewels in the art of masonry of the Solanki period which was also known as the Golden Age of Gujarat. The design element of the temple follows the tenets of Vastu – Shilpa. The kund (reservoir) and the entrance passageway face east welcoming the rays of the sun, and the entire structure floats on a plinth resembling a flowering lotus as an ablution to the sun god. The main complex is divided into three parts, the entrance which is the ‘Sabha Mandap’, ‘Antaral’ the connecting passage and the ‘Garbagruha’, the sanctum sanctorum. 

Why is it not one of the 7 wonders of the wonders of the world ??

Pattadakal was not only popular for Chalukyan architectural activities but also a holy place for the royal coronation, ‘Pattadakisuvolal’. Temples here are a perfect blend of the Rekha, Nagara, Prasada and the Dravida Vimana styles of temple architecture. The oldest temple at Pattadakal is Sangamesvara built by Vijayaditya Satyasraya (AD 697-733).

Why is it not one of the 7 wonders of the wonders of the world ??

Ratneshwar Temple, nestled near Manikarnika Ghat in Varanasi, leans by around 9 degrees while Leaning Tower of pisa leans at around 4 degrees . As per some reports, the temple has a height of 74 metres, which is around 20 metres higher than the Pisa tower. The historic Ratneshwar Temple dates back to centuries and is one of the most photographed temples in Varanasi.

So Why is it not one of the 7 wonders of the wonders of the world ??

*Ans : Because we Indians dont care !! Others take special pride in foisting their junk as an architectural marvel while we with our subcocious have been tutored by education system to act humbly yours , ape west and not care- and say – hame kya **

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