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Now, this Troll subject, has been narrated by several eminent bloggers in their own style and perspective, giving it a sudden thrust of importance which otherwise wouldn’t.

I reckon, with the advent of Social Media, the prolific involvement of an otherwise nonchalant group of people, knitting and stitching their set of ideas and ideologies in an emphatic manner, sometimes crude, sometimes refined and at other times unabashed, took by surprise and storm that space hitherto dominated by a set few intellectuals. These intellectuals has set forth certain norms, certain standards that perhaps suited their inflexible anticipation and anxiety that could not be disturbed. The Social Media brought about an incisive change to this set parameters and to me, shook the established foundation so severely that it invited only antagonism, hatred, competitiveness and a fear for challenge.

Thus Trolls was established.

Anything or anybody that questioned this rigid space were not only bracketed as intellectually and culturally deviated, but alas, also right wing fundamentalists. Thus, apart from its intended Wiki or Dictionary prescribed meaning, Troll got elevated to a right wing fanatic ideology and its denizens automatically became called Trolls!

What is indeed curious to note is that Trolls got vastly associated to yet another caption *Internet Hindus* – whatever that implied. But it stood to stay for whatever may be the reasons. A large amount of netizens are Hindus and any wicked attack at their sentiment obviously would have brought back requital according to its merits. To castigate a rebut to that being a *Right Wing Hindu* retaliation is mere fantasy.

Nevertheless, the left liberals and some centrist liberals too have concluded themselves that Internet Hindus means a right wing group of fanatic Hindus who are untouchable and conceptualized as the result of class conflict. These sycophant liberals suggests that the Internet Hindus belong to a lower class or segment that has its own set of goals and values and that these differ from the norms established (by themselves) of other social groups like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Blogs, Op Eds so on and so forth.

That the established norms, hitherto set as parameters of nobility for social groups, went for a toss with the intellectual occupation of a class of people who wrote, thought, qualified, quantified and communicated beyond their comprehension. While they have had to unbearably succumb to this new breed of intellectuals called Internet Hindus, they found themselves groping in the dark in search of some light that might help them compromise and compound with the Internet Hindus.

All I can say is – you guys / gals are most welcome!  Hail Internet Hindus!

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Social Media and Internet Hindus is a subject that is currently not just becoming a cause célèbre but a imposing dilemma haunting the Main Stream Media and Left Centric Political groups.

Honestly, to me, this scare of the Social Media is a self inflicted infatuation emerging out of a complex that is 1] inferior to that of the Social Media 2] becoming answerable to the Social Media 3] being questioned by the Social Media 4] being audited, exposed and corrected by the Social Media. Now, these are traits that the Main Stream Media never had to confront with. They were their own bosses and being proxy to their political masters, elevated themselves to a position of indubitable authority. With the advent of Social Media and its spectacular and sensational prevalence over a large section of the intellectual netizen population, Main Stream Media and their Political cousins found themselves confronted, questioned, corrected and in rare cases, apologetic! It’s an incomprehensible disposition to come to truce with indeed. Therefore, the grudge, the animosity and irrepressible rage as retaliation was obviously to be expected and thus they, the Main Stream Media diligently coined the terminology **Internet Hindus** – as if to emphasize that only Hindus are their adversaries!

In a way, yes, it is by and large the frustrated and ambuscaded Hindu Community that has emerged vociferously confrontational in the several Social Medias. And rightfully so! They have been abused, ambushed and deprived of legitimate respect by these cockeyed and parochial stiff upper lipped syndicate. The three or four examples you took above are the bolder ones who have dared while there remains the double speaking likes of Akar Patel, Sanjay Jha, Soutik Biswas, Shekar Gupta, Kumar Ketkar, Vinod Sharma et aliae and their political consorts like Manish Tiwari, Digvijay Singh, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Renuka Chowdary, Jayanthi Natarajan and the vast many obnoxious others too. That they together invent, manufacture and pulverize fact and fiction alike with remarkable ease and adamancy is worthy a pat. The sanctity of Press has been so abused by these repulsive opportunists that the credibility, morality and ethicality remain a dubious virtue – mostly!

However, I have to acknowledge that, apart from all this delinquent, crass and insensible syndicate, there also exists an honorable, transparent, impartial and honest Media with eminent personalities like Madhu Trehan, Kanchan Gupta to name some, who manage to uphold the code of conduct predominantly essential for Media i.e. honest impartiality.

And, to conclude, the Social Media and Internet Hindus are here to stay, however much disliked by the uncomfortable group of hypocrites in Main Stream Media and the Left Centric Politicos.

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Yes, though a ardent BJP follower, I was getting pretty beleaguered with the manner in which the BJP outfit was conducting itself playing second fiddle to the Congress in every which way possible.  In  that sense, their support of Sangama was a welcome departure from their ritualistic mannerisms and a significant move in terms of emphasizing their supremacy in NDA, rather, whatever little remained of it.  Moreover, though a foregone conclusion that the result lies heavily favoring the Congress candidate, Pranab Mukerjee, a contest nevertheless,  knowing fully well the negative result was a welcome move. In that sense, must appreciate the determination of Sangama also who chose to forego his political party and position for the sake of his singular decision to contest for Presidency. Therefore, a backing by BJP has far reaching consequences favoring the BJP in the long run leading to 2014 elections.

Undoubtedly, BJP should shed its NDA cloak and come out as a political party that upholds Hindutva, an  ideology it stood for and for which the people of India voted and won them twice. Their fall was their self inflicted departure from the Hindutva ideology.  Right now, the Hindus of India, after 8 continuous years of persecution under the Congress led UPA1&2, after the predominance granted to the Minorities at their expense, after the appeasement of minorities for vote bank politics etc. has come to realize that their identities are not just at stake but could well be extricated if not austerity measures are adopted. The Hindus undoubtedly are looking for that avenue that will fetch them what is rightfully theirs without being compromised. To this end, they look up to BJP as their savior. If BJP fails to recognize this pulse, then of course, not just BJP as a political outfit, but the Hindus as a culture will get eradicated from their country. BJP should think of political correctness now and not of political appeasement of others.

They should begin to apprise the general public of the Congress atrocities at not just suppressing the Hindu plight, but by granting everything to the Minorities at their expense. In the process if the fringe coalition partners feel ridiculed and so chose to cut relationship, BJP should gladly accept it and move on with their single point Agenda, i.e. consolidation of Hindus and their votes. They should rest their infighting, factionalism and petty egotistic differences and gather as one formidable rival to the Congress and its pseudo secular affiliates who are none other than mere opportunists. The recent Mulayam Singh turn around during Kalam’s nomination is testimony to their political chicanery.

Regional parties, though formidable from their boundaries, can not span nationally and will always look towards a large political party  that would accommodate them. Therefore, if BJP goes it alone and, God willing, comes winning with 175+ seats, all the fringe regional parties will automatically suckle to BJP unhesitatingly. After all, it is the same theory of “Survival of the fittest”, isn’t it? I hope and pray BJP realises that it is time for them  to go it alone.

In BJP’s solar system, Narendra Modi is the Sun.  Neither BJP internally nor its allies externally can  deny that fact. The hue and cry JDU makes is more out of a political gamble they  intend to adopt out of their immature political experience. Nitesh Kumar is a snake and his PM aspirations stands nowhere if Modi prevails. Hence, they are in preparation of a political hara kiri. So be it.  BJP should not be emotionally tied up to JDU’s demise. Modi has to be projected as its National leader and BJP should stand firm on it with or without its alliance leaving that choice to the alliance. Shiva Sena is a spent force and BJP, if need be, should now look towards forging an alliance with MNS.  Whatever, BJP needs to step aside from its NDA mantle and begin their ground work all alone. They have a huge possibility of beat the Congress black and blue if they utilize this opportunity diligently.

Yes – BJP should not compromise or stoop to any level in terms of its identity and begin to consolidate its huge supporters, both active and passive with some brilliant politicking.  All we can do is render a social media support which they must unfailingly recognize.

Jai BJP, Jai Narendra Modi!


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There exists a reservoir of factual information pertinent to the blatant shortcomings our media in general and NDTV in particular practices.  Media should be in the best interest of consumer’s practices and be democratic enough to argue their institutional proclamation of Freedom of Speech.

As it were, it would appear that NDTV’s parameters of tolerance on Freedom of Speech stops where the buck stops in their favor and when spilt beyond, gets castigated. Media ethics, moral code of conduct and the interpersonal relationship NDTV is supposed to uphold and maintain as a leading Media House has, over the years, deteriorated to falling short of being anti-national. With many of their anchors freebies of Pakistan, with many of their anchors proven Hindu bashers, with many of their anchors proven prodigals of corruption and with many of their anchors politically biased, the impartiality of their NEWS is utterly lost!

Newsworthiness is defined as a subject having sufficient relevance to the public to warrant press attention or coverage in an impartial manner.  More often than not, NDTV has far from been impartial. They have picked
and chosen subjects favoring them rather than national interest. They have favored Congress in their political agenda in a unilateral manner totally discrediting other political parties not in their favor. They have hunted
individuals whom they want to discredit with relentless enthusiasm, Mr.Narendra Modi tops that list. They have had anchors involved in corrupt and scandalous political contentions with no particular penalty imposed upon them.

I guess with the ‘new-age glamour’ imperatively becoming a prerequisite for media journalism, a sense of snobbery entails it. This lot subjugates themselves to, pretend to, endeavour to exhibit constructional homonimity with rancour and ambiguity. If you attempt to somehow point it out, they treat you with unabashed disgust. More often than not, they are partisan, obnoxious, gossipy and honestly cantankerous. Moreover, they come with an attitude that they are the intellijerks of the whole world and the rest of us are mere fools or much lesser in IQ in comparison with them.

Social Media has had frequent confrontations with the likes of Nidhi, Barkha, Vikram Chandr et al of the NDTV, some amusing, mostly obnoxious. It is the responsibility of social media to highlight the visual and print media of shortcoming, partiality, unprofessionalism etc. that they observe in a particular Media. If that is construed as confrontational, abusive, trolling etc. then these Media Houses needs to revisit their code of conduct procedures and amend them to accommodate corrections, wherever from they may come.

The Electronic & Print Media have become brand ambassadors of political and religious establishments. An affinity is understandable, though not according to media ethics, but the extent to which some of them stretch themselves is ludicrous. NDTV particularly patronizes the communications media by discharging news that they are ‘paid’ to communicate, manufactured to communicate at the behest of their pay masters. And that is as good as being immoral – to me.

There should be accountability and an awareness campaign carried out to make these Media Houses realize they are not God but man-made tools created to broadcast and bring correct and impartial News!

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Gujarat Riots is a subject that has unnecessarily  held the nation to relentless debate, however frivolous and trivial it could get. That a large chunk of the politicos and their agents, the paid media could not digest the outcome of the SIT report was largely evident in the resulting talk shows, news headlines, op ed articles, blogs, tweets et al. Rather, the SIT report did not condescend to their nefarious expectation was the root cause for indigestion in them.

Predominant discomfort arose from the fact that Narendra Modi was given a clean chit. Had he been proven remotely involved in the riots, these very groups would have neither bothered with the numbers dead nor with riot itself. To reign in and implicate Narendra Modi was their ultimate desire and this was justifiably thwarted by a committee appointed by the highest law body of the country, the Supreme Court! The Supreme Court in its wisdom was judicious in appointing SIT taking a cue, a precedence from the Nanavati Committee bias when it investigated the 1984 Sikh riots.

What is appalling is the fact that in spite of the vindication of Narendra Modi by the highest authority appointed by yet again, the highest office of law, discontent prevailed amongst the left and communal thinkers, not to mention the religious minorities. On May 21, 2012  B. G. Verghese, one of the more secular journalists, wrote an article in The New Indian Express critiquing the Supreme Court monitored SIT’s report which exonerated Narendra Modi of any culpability for the riots: Lies, damn lies and statisticsThe article by Verghese  is one amongst the several that dared the SIT report, an act tantamount to perjury. I wouldn’t know if there is a law in our country that could rap the knuckles of those who did so, but I do know that in Europe and the US, such an act could be contempt of court and punishable. But then this is India, isn’t it. Yes, Verghese’s article contained material mostly worthy of thrash but significantly prominent in his distraught at Narendra Modi being vindicated.

Perhaps that was more or less the sentiment amongst a large section of the anti Modi syndicate that romped the country with a hope that he would be implicated. Like I said earlier, the number of deaths were all irrelevant and only potential to trivial arguments. 

Most disturbingly, those Hindus who also were killed in the riots were more or less a spent force. The 51 Karsevaks who were brutally murdered was a forgotten group of wasteful people whose only destiny, as our communally secular intellects desired, were meant to be killed. That our gloated, ego-centered, self-absorbed, wine drinking gate keepers of Hindu traditions chose to forget those Hindus killed in parallel with the Muslims and opted to look the other way so to speak is but the beginning of an end of Hindu culture and its values. Perhaps they would not live to see that day, but rest assured, their children would live to suffer under those very people they chose to vociferously agitate for. Verghese being one amongst them.

An impulsive, imperious and spontaneous outburst of helpless anger is what is narrated above.



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Religion is a very fascinating subject, way beyond the gamut of space our mortal thoughts can think of. Just like music, religion is an endless subject, especially Hinduism. Why i emphasize Hinduism is because it is not a man made religion unlike the newer contemporary religions like Buddhism, Jainism, zoroastrianism, Judaism, Islam and finally Christianity.

The peculiar characteristic of Hinduism is that it does not easily lend itself to be fitted into any rigid pattern or framework. Unlike other religions of the world, it does not have one founder, one scripture, or even one way of life. It is precisely due to this reason that it is sometimes dubbed, not as a religion, but only as a way of life or just a culture!

The Truth, however, is otherwise. To know it, to understand it, and to appreciate it, one has to turn to the appellation by which it designates itself viz. **Sanatana Dharma**. Dharma in the primary sense means the Godhead that supports the entire creation. In the secondary sense it signifies any path that leads to it. Santana means what is eternal, infinite and ancient – hence, Sanatana Dharma simply means the path of spiritual discipline that is very ancient and which when sincerely followed will invariably lead to that Godhead!

An unbiased, if not reverent study of the Hindu gods can convince anyone of the rich symbology they represent. Contemplating on them with a proper understanding of their symbolical significance will help us to be raised to more profound levels of spiritual experience.

It is fascinating as it is difficult. It is fascinating because of its exciting variety. It is difficult since it is symbolic. A superficial student of Hinduism sees in our religion and religious literature much chaos and irrational practices which border on superstition.

And there lies our dilemma! Since the Hindu religion, unlike other religions, does not advocate stringent measures of learning and provides freedom for debate, the spiritual essence is often lost in between, its values and guidance is often considered as a hindrance than  a guidance, its morals are often considered as impractical than pragmatic and it’s leniency often misconstrued as neglect.

Unless a change in practices and routines occur, Hinduism will not inculcate the required initiation in the younger generation and if left as it is, will perish in this century! A humongous loss!



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The  “speculative”  paradox our PaidMedia, all of them in the print and visual segment is indulging against the BJP in general and Narendra Modi in particular is not just in bad taste but makes one wonder where media ethics, media loyalty to truth, media code of conduct and media impartiality has evaporated.

On 27th May, I did tweet the following:-

“”Amazing #PaidMedia headlines today:- BJP – a divided house;  BJP – troubles galore;  BJP – faction ridden party;  BJP – riddled in internal strife; so on and so forth.

Haha..contradicting reports in one shot?? | With internal feud out open, BJP in a course of self destruction via@DNA

If Modi is Goebbels, Rajiv Gandhi is none less than Hitler himslef. His hands are directly involved in Sikh Genocide.   – Cong comparing Narendra Modi to Goebbels shows Emergency mindset: BJP

Across any Media platform, the crux of their consternation was the alarmingly humongous popularity and nation wide support Narendra Modi was inheriting.  Incidentally, many media channels conducted a mock or preliminary survey of voters preference for an alternative party and leader at the center by 2014 to which and to their dismay, BJP stood clearly ahead of Congress and Narendra Modi remained unchallenged, the second nearest being the incumbent PM himself.  This, augmented by the splendid BJP Executive Meeting in Mumbai clearly exposed the trepidation of both the Press and the Congress party alike. BJP, for once in recent times, was able to elucidate the predilection of the common man.

It is needless to say that the incessant onslaught of *speculative prophecies of doom* for the BJP and Narendra Modi by PaidMedia promulgated at the behest of a dying Congress Party has to be confronted, withstood and legally accosted. Media can not be let off as an entity above the constitution and jurisdiction of India. That BJP does not have a power packed Media House of its own is one major setback.  A counter propaganda against the Congress Party and the Dynasty family could and am sure would redress the attack to a large extent.  Since anything against the Dynasty is considered taboo, perhaps the rest of the media could have been held to reason had a formidable Media house be owned by BJP.

Wishful thinking at this point in time. Words could be infinitely wasted on CNN IBN, NDTV and the remaining collaborators, something which they don’t merit.   Hence, I conclude with this quote by John Berger:- “”The Media Network has its idols, but its principal idol is its own style which generates an aura of winning and leaves the rest in darkness. It recognizes neither pity nor pitilessness””!


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