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While BJP is committing political **Hara Kiri** both in their ruling states as well as at the Centre, the saving grace is but Narendra Modi.

That the SIT report, perhaps one amongst the several that stands to indict Modi, gave a clean chit to him was a forgone conclusion. Had Modi been personally involved in the 2002 riots, the CON led UPA would have left everything else and nailed him in no time. CON knows very well that they are merely grappling in the dark – but the motive behind this sagacious propaganda is essentially to keep the Nation’s interest diverted there while they are literally drenched in the Scam muck. To this effect, they have deployed an army of courtiers like the Teestas and Bhatts to churn the issue to their benefit. Yet, despite all concerted rotten efforts, Modi has come out unscathed.

It has been proven beyond doubt that Modi is a man of able administrative qualities and a visionary. He has transformed the State of Gujarat to the forefront of States within India with his administrative acumen and incessant commitment for development. He has remained impartial and unbiased to his citizens, be they Hindus, Muslims & Christians, not to mention the very many others too, regardless of what CON jabbers. As you rightly analysed, this instills FEAR amongst not just in CON, but their allies too. This fear is not merely from the fact of getting unseated, but from the fact that they would be hunted down with their Loot!

But BJP has become a non entity opposition, a toothless tiger equally mired in corruption, mis-governance, scams, disunity, power-hungry and above all – Leaderless! While the nation looks to an alternative to CON, the next best option remains equally tainted and helpless. Their internal strife, their obvious differences, their apparent groupings, their conspicuous involvement in scams, their lucid efforts in maintaining adequate governance in BJP ruled states and their determined exertion to libation & self destruction is leaving the country in an alarming situation where the voters earnest enough to kick CON out have no choice of an alternative.

Nitin Gadkari and the rest of the crew are but small time players in the large arena that RSS fields. Neither his acumen nor his talent, as boasted, has ever been in display. Many of his decisions had backfired creating ripples in the rank and file of BJP. A second term to NG would ensure and hasten the slow death BJP is currently undergoing. I would even suspect a split in the Party in the coming days. The anti-Modi lobby within BJP is working overtime to see that a Modi-centric Delhi does not ever happen. They have immolated themselves to destruction and a salvage seems beyond possibility. Amidst this, yes, Modi stands out shining. But like Abhimanyu in the Mahabharata, Modi can only pierce the bastion surrounding him. It is impossible for him to fight a lone battle against both adversaries and enemies from within and without.

While sad at BJP being in the process of self-immolation, it would be prudent not to speculate. Wait and watch as events unfold….would be best I suppose!

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SEX: For CONGRESS it is an obsession. For the rest of the world it is a mere fact! The obsession of CON descends from Nehru downwards and therefore, Abhishek Manu Singhvi could justify his despicable quirk to the virtues of the Political Party he belongs to.

Be that as it may, what is astonishing to the point of chagrin is the outright disdain Paid Media Houses have accorded this subject which otherwise undoubtedly would have soared their TRPs to infinite. That they chose to refrain from even mentioning this subject beyond a single line foot note speaks volumes of *media ethics*, a code of conduct all media houses are bound by under normal circumstance. Here, in India, since most of the Media houses are **owned** by the very self who commits faux pas, or are lenient to the ruling power at the Centre, common man is left to know and believe what they so choose to provide with emphasize. A blatant lie becomes truth when recited a thousand times – and Media houses do just that to safeguard their favorite creditors.

There is no more a honest and fearless Social Media in place. There are only Paid Media houses who are well nurtured and nourished by the political heavy weights and the wine drinking wealthy coterie. Hence, while these biased Media houses choose to go hand in glove with the predators themselves, for benefits untold, the common man remains helpless and devoid of facts. Is there an alternative to it; well, not when CON is at the Centre!!

As regards to Abhishek Manu Singhvi, what can I say but smile, laugh and ridicule yet another **SOFT PORN** Film circulating on the Net and contributing itself vastly to the millions of such films already available there!! And I must say, Abhishek Manu Singhvi does well ::)) with his pants down – at 52~~~~ Hahaha!!

He has no moral or ethical justification to continue with his various portfolios! Instead of hiding behind a cloak, the CON Party should come out, condemn the acrobatic act and redeem him of his responsibilities both within and with out the Government. The Bar Association should immediately disqualify his licence to practice law since he himself has breached it in the very chambers where highest morality was to be maintained. This goes to the lady performer {deliberately not mentioning the name here} too! She too should be stripped (not clothes) of her bar licence.

On a serious note, there has to be some measure of accountability for the Media. They cannot be left to subsist with the ruse and chicanery they thrive with now. They should be accountable, responsible and impartial in their ethics. A violation of this code of conduct must be severely reprimanded without absolution regardless of whom or what they are. Unless stringent measures are not applied at the earliest, then likes of NDTV, CNNIBN, TIMESNOW, etc…and of course the various print media too, will thrive per se on a script which they deem fit the public should know. That is unpardonable and need to be checked, earlier the better.

I conclude with this apt adage by Malcolm Muggeridge:-

“”Sex is the mysticism of materialism and the only possible religion in a materialistic society.””

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Voting is a method by which an electorate chooses options to elect what they deem as efficient candidates to govern them for the stipulated period set as per constitution. It also involves the sentiments of the people by and large. A simple choice, or the umpteen options thrown to the voters in the Indian rostrum, does not allow voters to express the ordering or the intensity of their feeling truthfully. Often, a compromise is made owing to lack of efficient candidates across the spectrum. Nevertheless, voting rightfully defines the nature of governance that has been legitimately elected by the citizens of a country, however good or bad that legitimacy culminates.

Those citizens who so choose not to vote has also no bona fide right to lament on anything!

Voting is not stipulated as a compulsory *right* of a citizen in the constitution or by any legal stretch. It is but definitely an unsaid imperative that those of age MUST vote. If not, don’t crib – period! Indians, especially the 300 + million Middle Class has this habit of imparting utter disdain at the discomfort accompanying the exercise of voting and thereby refrain from it. This is callousness from their part – a sort of disowning their legal rights for temporary comforts.

Let’s take it from a political point of view. Only remnants of political ethics remain with the umpteen political parties crowding the Indian electoral spectrum. None have the moral authority or capability of proclaiming themselves to be the stalwarts of impeccable governance. They all vie for annexing *the seat* that ultimately grants them the infinite power to loot and destroy. Never has the old saying **Promises are meant to be broken** more pertinent in the Indian electoral context than anywhere else – not even in Love! Every politician shamelessly and unhesitatingly beg, borrow and die for our votes, only to *forget* them overnight after their victory. You will not find a devout politician across the spectrum that would be willing to shed fame and prosperity for national development and progress. All come with a vision as far as their nose tip only. There is nothing like the bloated and filthily used word – secularism – anywhere in the vicinity of its intended meaning which broadly is – “not specifically relating to religion or to a religious body or not religious or spiritual in nature”. Right throughout the last 64 years this word has just about meant anything else but its true meaning at the hands of the Congress Party. They have abused and reduced this word to a meaning that presently signifies THE DYNASTY and their DEEDS!

I would say, in the Indian context, after prostitution, elections are the most immoral acts of deed a politician commits with the benefit of the voter. Hence, to me both are equally culpable. Having said that, that does not relieve the politician of his duty. It is his job to execute what he has been deemed to do.

Voters being young or old are beside the point. Age is not a prolific factor in voting. The mindset of the voter is predominant. If the present day youngsters so choose not to vote, perhaps out of their frustration at the system, perhaps due to their own lacuna, perhaps due to the atrocities candidates employ or even perhaps due to their preordained stigma at politics, it still remains their right constitutionally. But to squeal, groan and bellow at the various failures of the system thereafter is certainly NOT in their rights or terrain. They simply got to shut up and endure the plight which otherwise perhaps their votes could have amended.

To refrain or abstain from voting is not in the best interest of a vibrant democracy. Vote they must and bring about changes as required. If not, the process of change becomes distant and even totally absent. In this era when electronic media is alive with events unfolding every second, it is not a dilemma for a common young voter to caste his/her vote to the best option available to him/her. Unless the voter themselves undertake to instigate and initiate necessary changes imminent to the system of governance they have endured thus far, there cannot come about much changes as desired. It should not be passion but diligence and sheer practicality that determine the voter’s sensibility. Vote bank politics, caste politics, minority appeasement politics, regional politics and linguistic politics should be shunned and demolished by the youngsters through their astute voting rights.

Though the sense and sensibility of the voter in deploying his constitutional right to vote and determine his own future remains paramount, it is not a constitutional compulsion or priority. Nevertheless, I would beg of them to employ their rightful power to vote in determining their amenity and comfort and the nation’s progress they live in.

So, let us hope that the voters will foment their votes diligently to kick out the despotic dynastic rule that has ruined our great country!


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