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Terror Links of Kerala has become a very pertinent, very exasperating and a very explosive subject for comfort of the concerned. The Pseudo-secularists and the radicals themselves are of course, least concerned with the vagaries and are too hasty to swipe away any reason of discomfort. An hidden electoral vote bank is all they care for, be it the Congress or the Marxists.

Yes, Kerala is a hub for jihadists activities at all levels; from Hurriyat sympathizers to Taliban, LET, Al Qaeda, Indian Mujahiddin etc. and the state-level radicals like NDF, Popular Front, PDP, SIMI etc. The NIA, IB and State Police has either all pertinent details of their whereabouts, their modus-operandi, their funds in-flow etc. or out of political compulsions being conveniently overlooked. That a mega tragedy has to occur for Indians to always react is history; but in this time and age when open, daring anti-India vehemence is publicly spewed, why does not the center/state machinery swing into action?

The barbaric incidence of cutting off the wrist of a professor for supposed blasphemy is nothing but islamofascism. But who has reacted? Neither the general public nor the political representatives have voiced abhorrence and strict punitive measures against such stone-age crimes! That aggravated political support is extended to such nefarious groups is needless to say. Even some Muslim political parties, who has historical terror links, are being permitted to spew their venom through mosques and public gatherings unhindered. Since politics wears the cloak of immunity, all these terror groups afford a political name and operate from behind it. Substantive proof of this is available within the State but it requires an apolitical, nationalist and patriotic approach to curb and eradicate such groups impartially.

NDF, for example, has a army style cadre system in place and conducts open march pasts and drills every morning in towns of their stronghold with a helpless public and a hapless police seemingly looking the other way. The PDP, a undeniable terror group under Abdul Nasser Madani, became a political party after it was banned, and continued with the same agenda unabated. The PFI and its student wing, SPFI, are both notorious terror organizations having established links with LeT. They are also connected with the KDF of Karnataka and the radical Bhatkal brothers and their organization in Bhatkal. NDF’s connection with ISI is also too well know for comfort.

Nothing has ever been done to curb the Gulf connection of these terror outfits from where they are funded in multi-crores. It is estimated that almost 30,000 Crores Rupees is pumped into various organizations under the guise of *charity* throughout the State from Gulf alone, not to mention Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries that do harbor similar connections too. Almost all the gulf countries have become safe haven for these Kerala Terrorists who easily commit their assignment successfully and as easily get out of the State to these designated places.

Yes, at the pace it is expanding now with literally no reprimand being imposed legally, we will have yet another terror state like Pakistan in the not too distant future!

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The Success of Narendra Modi’s **Sadbhavana Mission** – A Basic Analysis !

Boradly,  the noble *Sadbhavana Mission*  was undertaken by Shri. Narendra Modi with the predominant intention to explain to the Nation not just his innocence on the baseless accusations hurled at him alleging his direct involvement in the 2002 Gujarat communal violence, but his resilience and determination to take the State he was entrusted with the governance of, to a elevated status that merits nothing short of jealousy!

Yes, the Sadbhavana Mission was a huge success in every which way one can conceive it to be. That it followed a Supreme Court judgment that amply justified the blind lady with balance in hand, the allegorical representation symbolizing impartial justice, was not only significant but a slap to the various others, both political or otherwise, who cried blood of Mr. Modi.

Appealing to personal considerations and political adversities rather than to logic or reason, Debators, Main Stream Media, Political Enemies, Religious Groups, hitherto unheard of NGOs, so on and so forth came out in a vehement ad hominem attach against him. Baseless as they were, it was propagated relentlessly and repeatedly, implicitly emphasizing his guilt for a communal violence that was a natural outcome, a spontaneous response to a crime committed by burning innocent Hindu Karsevaks travelling by train in Godhra.

When the entire world cried foul, blamed him guilty and unceremoniously crucified him based on mere assumptions, raked TRPs and hostile lies, he remained calm and composed, without animus or malevolence, without rancor or acrimony and focused only on ‘Progress, Development & Welfare’ of the State. He promulgated his State to become a mascot of Agricultural revolution, Industrial Revolution, Corporate Revolution and Tourism Revolution. He projected his State, as he fondly called it, as an example of how the Nation should have progressed rather than the other way around. He translated his vision and thoughts literally by personally reaching out to the people of his State in a remarkable and informal manner. He abstained himself from the hues & cries of national politics with grit and patience. He remained a sepoy of the people, regardless of caste or creed, and ensured their safety, security and well being.

Mr.Modi also maintained that his State remained protected from religious strife and ensured that the integrity of the State is strictly based on its spiritual culture rather than on the sickly clichéd ‘secular’ culture the pseudos yell about. All the nasty insults and humiliations he has been subjected to till date stands vindicated by the Supreme Court judgement. His Sadbhavana Mission has driven the final nail into the Congress and other abrasive opponent’s coffin.

Congress, continuing piling their insurmountable follies, commits yet another one in the name of a nondescript Shanker Singh Vaghela attempting to APE the very theme Mr. Modi chose with the mocking result of not only their very own Main Stream Media ignoring him but also someone failing to offer him a sip of water at the end of the 3 day humiliation! Alas, if only Congress had some semblance of dignity in them. Let me conclude by not wasting time on Congress follies, a common factor for them, in this precious space.

Yes, it is impossible to unseat Mr. Modi in Gujarat in the coming years. His soaring popularity augmented by good impartial governance will see no serious adversaries emerging there in the near future. In fact, he has established himself as the next in line to the throne in Delhi, if a BJP victory crops up in the next general election. The ground work for that seems to be taking place with the withdrawal of Shri. Advani from Prime Ministership. Though some of the allies, in the name of petty vote bank politics, might take reservation to Mr. Modi’s candidacy, some diligent maneuvering from BJP think tanks can sort it out. If BJP can ensure their individual seats in Lok Sabha increase at least to 180 from the present 115, no ally will pose a serious threat to Mr. Modi’s Prime Ministership. Some anxious days are ahead for BJP beginning with 2012 UP and Gujarat elections. A redefinition of the Indian Political History is definitely in the making if the presence of Mr.Modi emerges in the National scenario. It is worthy of watch indeed.

I conclude by attributing this appropriate quote from Edmund Burke to Mr. Narendra Modi. **A disposition to preserve, and an ability to improve, taken together, would be my standard of a Statesman!**


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