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Burning of Sabarimala Temple in 1950 ➖ The Christian Missionaries Agenda Then & Now❗️

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The day Sabarimala Temple was burnt 60 years back, who were behind this? Who wanted to destroy Sabarimala temple, The untold story!

The Sabarimala temple has become the National talking point ever since the Supreme Court verdict gave permission for women to enter into the temple. But just as the verdict was out, the first people who attempted to enter the temple were ironically not Hindu women but christian and Muslim women who had no faith in Hindu religion. These women who called themselves activists wanted to enter the temple not because of their faith in God, but to insult Hindus and their beliefs.

The lady Rehana Fatima who is well known for her controversial background was the lady who made a failed attempt to enter Sabarimala. But the issue here is not about her entry, but it is said she carried a stained Sanitary napkin and intended to throw it in the sanctum sanctorum on Lord Ayyappa himself.This fact caused a great distress among the devotees and head priest decided to close the temple until all controversies are over.

But, the big question which would strike anyone is why did Christian women activists tried to enter the Sabarimala temple? Why are those who have insulted Hinduism all their life want to go to temple?

Not many know, the controversy surrounding Ayyappa Swamy temple is not new. Since 60 years, there has been a constant attack on this temple by those groups who are involved in conversion of the tribals in and around the Ayyappa Swamy temple.

It is a well known fact that Christian Missionaries since centuries follow one agenda of conversion for which they get huge funds from Vatican and other Christian oranisation abroad. They target tribals, rural folks and below poverty line people promising them of providing jobs, money and education. They exploit their helpless situation and forcibly convert them into Christians. This same model was tried in the Sabarimala area but were not completely successful due to the enormous faith in Lord Ayyappa.

The Temple is situated in between 18 hills in the Western Ghat ranges at an altitude of 914 meters above sea level and four km from Pamba. So, most of these places are dominated by Tribal people who have remained loyal devotees of Lord Ayyappa and thus prevented any missionary activities in the surrounding. The temple discriminates no one and is open to every individual irrespective of their caste and creed. So, it became a place of unity and brotherhood where people from all over the country gather up in one mind and celebrate their beliefs. The place is regarded as the world’s biggest annual pilgrimage where over 5 crore devotees visit temple every year.

Therefore the Missionaries have utterly failed to use tribals for their conversion activities. So, how to break the unity and disregard the temple was something the Missionaries planned to do.

It was on 15th June 1950, there was news about a massive fire in Sabarimala temple and the inner parts of the temples were said to be damaged in the fire. An enquiry was set after which it was understood that it was a handy work of some miscreants. Although police initially thought it was an attempt of robbery, it was later found that it was a deliberate act of destroying the temple. After a complete investigation, it was declared that the people who damaged Sabarimala temple belonged to a Christian Organisation who wanted to burn down the whole temple. Converted Syrian Christians living around Sabarimala were mainly held responsible for this act.

When the Christianity group was questioned on this matter, they defended saying they were looking for a lost Thomas Church which is in the same place. But when the search operations were conducted, they could find no trace or historical evidence about the existence of any church in the area. All they found was numerous ruined temples and their remnants.

This was nothing but a ploy by missionaries where they attempted to occupy the Sabarimala temple in 1950s. But another attempt was made in the year 1983, where the Christian Missionaries suddenly said they have found some cross near the Shiva Temple in Nilackal close to Sabarimala. Yes, the Sabarimala is surrounded by many small temples dedicated to many Hindu Gods. So, the missionaries spread the news that the cross found was 2000 years old and was brought by St Thomas. They also propagated a story saying Brahmins from Tamil Nadu had killed St Thomas unable to tolerate him. Following this, the missionaries also named the street St Thomas Road and Sabarimala as St Thomas Mount.

But when an enquiry was conducted, many locals and tribals in the area had noticed that the cross was no where all these years, but was put there just a week before it became news.As a proof to this the Vatican itself confirmed that Pope, St Thomas never visited India nor was he killed by any Brahmin from Chennai and clarified that his death took place in Ortana, Italy. So, the entire myth was busted and the missionaries had to bend their head in shame.

Further investigation on the issue found that Syrian Christians were neither original Christians nor migrants who came from abroad. They were Brahmins who were converted to Christianity and their hatred towards Hindu had made them commit this crime. This was confirmed by the book written by Padre ML Mathir which was in 1883.

Since then, the Sabarimala has been under constant attack by missionaries who desperately want to destroy the temple and stop devotees coming to temple which will ultimately help their conversions in the area.

On 23rd July 2006, the main priest of Sabarimala Temple was abducted by 10 members and was taken to a guest house and locked up with a lady called Shobha John who was involved in sex racket. The priest was stripped, made to drink liquor and obscene pictures were taken and published all over news to malign the temple and the priest.

But the case was found to be fake and the real intention behind the plot was exposed in which three people Bechu Rahman, Shobha John, and Biju Peters were found to be involved. Later it was found that Bechu Rahman was none other than a close associate of Dawood Ibrahum.

In 2016, a forest security recovered around 360Kilo explosives which were hidden in the area of Sabarimala. The investigation found that it was the work of Maoists and terrorists who on instructions of powerful people had planned to blast Sabarimala temple on December 6th as a Babri Masjid revenge.

Now, you can imagine the extent of threat the temple faces from missionaries and Jihadists who desperately want to destroy Sabarimala. From 1950’s to 2018 and may be in future the temple will have to face huge battle to overcome these criminal attempts for which Hindu unity is a must. If not the temple which is centre of faith, belief and devotion will be destroyed in no time.

This is exactly why the failed attempt of people like Rehman Fatima, Marry Sweety and Kavitha Koshy etc. is no surprise and this is a part of sinister plan of none other than Christian NGOs!

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Sabarimala➖An Open Letter to the SC Judges & Half Informed Media Specialists🙏

Fowarding as received…

An open letter to the honourable Judges and the Newsroom specialist called Arnab Goswamy

Respected gentlemen, God itself is a debatable concept. No scientist can offer scientific proof for God and it cannot be tested in the laboratory. If God itself is not proved where is the need for temples would be the next logical questions. Logic and reason not, with standing majority of the humans on this planet accept and worship God in one way or the other. Temples, Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Gurudwaras cannot be removed with your verdicts, based on perfect logic and indisputable reason. I am sure you gentlemen will agree with me so far.

You learned gentlemen, I am sure, are aware of India and its philosophical grounding and the development of theistic and atheistic schools. When a philosophical idea or concept is put forward, it must satisfy certain Pramanas. There are seven accepted Pramanas in India namely 1. Pratyaksham, 2. Anumanam 3. Upamanam, 4. Sabdam (Sruti) 5. Anupalabthi, 6. Arthapathihi and 7. Aagama or Tradition. Theistic schools such as Sankya, Vaiseshika, Nyaya, Yoga, Purva Mimamsa, Uttara Mimamsa and atheistic schools such as Buddhism, Jainism, Charuvakam all accept a varying numbers of these Pramanas as a way of authenticating and validating new knowledge and concepts. The seventh of the Pramanas is Aagama or Tradition which is accepted as a valid Pramana by many schools and this tradition need not be based on sound scientific principles repeatable in a laboratory, but on a continuing practice for centuries.

I will give you an example for you to understand. The Christians all over the world believe that Jesus resurrected on the third day after he died on the cross. If you ask for a scientific proof or scriptural validation they cannot give you because there were no eyewitnesses to that event in the Gospels themselves. Now if you gentlemen decide to scrap that belief on the grounds that it is not scientific will the Christian community accept it? I dare you gentlemen to try it.

The Muslims all over the world believe that Mohammed was the last prophet sent by a disillusioned God. If you ask for proof you will draw a blank. Why don’t you try telling them not to believe it? It is a tradition they have been following, without so much of a scientific proof. Traditions continue in different ways in different parts of the world!

In religious beliefs one cannot offer scientific proof. Millions of temples are surviving because, the temple goers find some sort of solace, peace, benefit after visiting a temple. If you ask a devotee for scientific proof or laboratory validation he cannot, because science cannot explain, love, compassion, empathy, bliss, self realization, enlightenment, God experience, sacredness etc. Can you gentlemen deny the existence of these things?

When Matha Amirthanandamaye said that ‘Chaithanyam (Grace of God) or pure consciousness is like an ocean. Ocean has all the fish and fauna in it! But one cannot go to the ocean to bask in the grace of the Chaithanyam every time. So we build temples on Aagama principles to trap as much Chaitahnyam as possible! Temples are like fish tanks where we keep a few varieties of fish and it is impossible to trap the entire ocean in a fish tank! The food we offer each fish tank depends on the fish it contains. Similarly the design, consecration, Prahna prathishta, the rituals etc depends on the deity in that particular temple! All temples cannot have uniform design, consecration, prana prathishta etc. Similarly one cannot prescribe the same practices and rituals for every temple. The deity in each temple varies. The flowers used, the neivedhyam used, pooja rituals all differ. There are temples which do not allow men at all; there are festivals in Kerala only for women. These are not gender discriminations. Women are worshiped in this country. Every village has an Amman or Devi temple. There have been women saints like Meerabai, Andaal, Awayaar, Mangayarkarasi, Karaikkal Ammaiyaar, Isai Gnaniyaar etc. Which religion boasts of women saints?

Having said that, the restriction of woman entering Sabarimala should not be viewed as gender discrimination. Ayyappa was not a mythical character. He walked this earth some 800 years ago and before attaining Samadhi it was his last wish that he would remain a Naishtika Bramachari (eternal celibate) in this yuga.To fulfill his adopted father’s wish he shots an arrow and it lands in the forest in the Sabari hill, where a temple was constructed.

Lord Parasuram who reclaimed the land of Kerala from the sea, sculpted a statue of Ayyappa, in an unusual pose, and installed it in the temple. This special pose is with ankle, knee, and hip joints folded, Right arm in Abaya mudra, left arm placed stretched on the left knee, a squatting position on a stone peeda. He has a band of clothing tied around his squatted legs and body, depicting his commitment for Brahmacharia.

Lord Ayyappa, is believed to have laid down a strict religious code to enable people to receive his blessings. First, the devotees would have to observe a 41-day penance before embarking on the temple pilgrimage. They would also have to maintain abstinence from physical pleasures and family ties, and live like a celibate or ‘brahmachari.’ Moreover, the devotees have to trudge miles on foot, bathe in the holy river Pampa, and finally, brave the steep climb of Neelimala to reach the Sabarimala temple. Traditionally women during their reproductive age were barred from visiting the shrine due to the harsh vrata anushtanams.

Here we must understand a little about Sabarimala shrine and the preparation one takes to visit it. Traditionally Sabarimala shrine has been a sporadic temple and not a perennial temple, which means it is open only during certain days in a year. So devotees mostly men prepare for the visit well in advance observing a life of celibacy, piousness, cleanliness and vegetarianism, abstinence from alcohol and cigarettes for a period of 41 days which is called a mandalam. During this time the other members of the home also observe a life of piousness and austerity.

The men folk try to emulate Lord Ayyappa by being a Brahmachari in those 41 days. Please understand that the Brahmacharya is not only for men, but also to the women and children in the house hold! The whole household assumes a sacred and pious life to support the ‘Brahmacahris’ who are trying to emulate Lord Ayyappa. There are people who believe that one mandala of abstinence from sex improves the virility and recharge the reproductive system in men.

There is a Guru Swamy who would lead small groups of men. On the appointed day they set out from home carrying a twin bag containing coconut filled with ghee and other offerings to Ayyappa. Chanting Lord Ayyappa’s name they set out. Since it is a sporadic temples lakhs and lakhs devotees converge in the Sannidhanam for a short period of time.

For men who observe 41 days of celibacy and abstinence, presence of women among them can be certainly a distraction and is undesirable. Needless to say Lord Ayyappan can maintain his Brahmachariya, but the same cannot be said of the lakhs of men who assemble in a small area to finish the last part of their pilgrimage. After offering prayers, the devotees return home and remove the special rudraksha or tulsi mala, the devotees are expected to resume their family life.

Gentlemen please tell me is it desirable to send women also to this sporadic temple where the men folk are required to observe a vrata for one mandala? Should they be thrown with women, in the final leg of the pilgrimage? Our forefathers were not fools; there must be valid reason for imposing such a restriction, which probably we do not understand today. Every year the crowds keep increasing and men and women thrown together is definitely not good for the celibacy vrata the devotees have observed for 41 days! For no other Ayyappa temple this type of vratha is prescribed. If they have prescribed this type of vratha for this temple, why don’t we respect it and leave that alone?

This is not gender discrimination. The women folk take part in the vratha, co-operate with men to make their celibate pilgrimage a success. The men of the house are trying to emulate Lord Ayyappa and the women folk are expected to stay home and make the men’s endeavor a success. Is it wrong to ask the women to stay away from this shrine?

Honourable Judges of the supreme court, Socrates would have lived longer, if only the court which sentenced him saw his view point! Jesus would not have been crucified if the court which tried him had better understanding of his teachings! The court which tried Joan of Arc just could not fathom the fact that God talked to her! Justice Kunha found the late Jayalalitha guilty where as Justice Kumaraswamy found her not guilty! May be vagaries of justice system! May I request the honorable judges not to demolish the sacredness and the chaithanyam exuded by the Sabarimala shrine by removing an age old tradition. Do you gentlemen think that you can reproduce a temple with the caliber of Sabarimala? If you cannot, gentleman please leave it alone! I pray and beg.


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Sabarimala, Supreme Court & the BJP/RSS Enigma‼️

#SabarimalaTemple arguably is the biggest conglomeration of not just Hindus but other devotees as well each year during Mandala period. A balmy, gullible & notoriously baneful verdict was hastily pronounced by the SC on an issue that was beyond the bounds of Judiciary. The outgoing CJIs vice and the four out of the five bench judge’s vanity was demonstrated here. That the SC chose to selectively arbiter a petition that was clearly out of their parameters stinks of the anti Hindu agenda rapidly fueling or country. It is/was quite obvious at whose behest the unprecedented verdict was drived and concluded. Needless to say, a mere 70 year old Constitution➖ overtly and covertly scripted and largely borrowed from the colonialists➖ dared supersede the ethos, traditions and cultural practices that were prevalent from thousands of years. That the SC chose to permit/allow a handful of Lefty, wine drinking, sleeveless blouse clad Luteyen atheists into the sacred premises of a temple in the name of modernity, equality & other nomenclatures is preposterous, incredulous and interrogatory of the wisdom of the SC‼️ 

The incredible silence of the BJP Govt, particularly the top brass in the Party ➖without taking names➖is astonishingly conspicuous.  The RSS stand on the Sabarimala issue was also incredibly baffling.  Though a corrected narrative did appear in their mouthpiece soon after sensing the mood of the people of Kerala, especially women themselves, it was barely soothing. Usually after a verdict is pronounced, it is neither contempt nor catechizing the SC for the BJP Govt to remain mute and abstracted from the sentiments of millions of devotees. While they could have sympathised and cajoled with the devotees and found the way into their hearts, they have lost a political opportunity of ownership and instead earned the wrath of the people of the State of Kerala, particularly the women.  While writing this, I see placards and posters denouncing BJP, the PM, the Party President and the State BJP unit for quietly and helplessly seeing through the nefarious agenda of “Break India” by the neo liberal, pseudo intellectual, urban Naxal, Minority appeasers and Lefty coalesce❗️ 

Swami Shsranam 🙏

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