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This is a subject that needs to be addressed with a non partisan perspective. Some excellent research information mingled with some potent scientific clarification is available on the Net for the Netizens to read and understand to the best of their ability and chosen affinity – because both,  Tamil and  Kerala perspectives are available.

Fact of the matter remains that the political rhetoric being pumped up in both these states is distantly insignificant to what is ground realities. A neutral approach to those problems inherently visible to a layman’s naked eye should have largely addressed the issue. However, when political considerations overrule and overcome practicalities, the current confrontation is only inevitable.

The rejuvenating narratives on the Mullaperiyar Dam issue in fact can be adopted as guidelines by both the warring states to neutralize their current stand off. Instead of implicit finger pointing against each other neither states have constituted any technical authenticity to their respective claims, rather those provided have not been beyond suspect. Nevertheless, Kerala holds better technical arguments in their favor in comparison to Tamil Nadu.

But the propaganda of an imminent bursting of the damn entailing in a catastrophic 30 lakh life loss etc. is more silly than serious to one with common sense. It does well with the Politicians who of course are barren in those areas of *common sense*. To whip up a rhetoric of doom without understanding the technicalities is preposterous especially coming from a literate state like Kerala. It works well with Tamil Nadu who are by far more illiterate and backward than Kerala.

Be that as it may, both the states should remind themselves that they are inherently interdependent to the core in terms of culture, language, resources, borders so on and so forth.

Tamil Nadu has and continues to have remarkable agricultural progress despite its onerous climatic conditions. They showed tremendous resilience in combating their limitations with remarkable methods of water harvesting and other sustained agricultural methods that eventually saw bear considerable fruits of revenue by way of exporting their produce to neighboring states after domestic consumption. Cattle and poultry was raised with endearing passion that again saw reap rich dividends to the people of Tamil Nadu.

Kerala on the other hand, though overwhelmingly blessed with abundant water and other resources has depleted from being the rice bowl of the South to a mushrooming concrete jungle, eating away every single agricultural land that stood in its way. The predominant influx of *Gulf* money saw to the efficient destruction of its agricultural roots. The people on the contrary reveled in sanguine confidence that ‘money’ could buy them everything. Consequently, meat, poultry, milk, vegetables and other essential commodities are considerably imported from Tamil Nadu.

How ironic it is that these two interdependent states, one rich in water resources and the other arid and dry, deem it fit to fight over that one issue that is its oxygen! In an hypothetical confrontation, end result would be that parts of one state would die of thirst whilst parts of the other would die of hunger!!!

While there is no doubt that there is prodigious danger looming behind the dam structure thereby endangering the existence of human lives living in large numbers in and around the Mullaperiyar Dam and its water course, there is an equal amount of potential danger of long term drought to those areas totally dependent on Mullaperiyar waters too. Therefore, an amicable solution at the earliest is a must with narcissism and politics shoved out and reciprocal well being embraced in.

Trust better sense prevails.

May the decision makers too have the extraordinary maturity and resolve and not end up like the proverbial unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable!


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