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This is just to penn a few thoughts than came across my mind when I happened to glance through a tabloid 🙂

Generation Gap… Hmmmm… well, this is a subject that is argued tooth and nail by the so called *young* against the so called *old* ! The young decry and censure the socio-economic-cultural habits and practices of their elders with an air of disdain and whif by coining the word *Generation Gap*.

Fact of the matter is that it is so very true the next generation is continents apart with human senses, sensitivities and sensibilities. Though it can conveniently be called the ever favorite ‘generation gap’, there has never been a wide divergence or difference, disparity or a gap between ideals and actions between the generations. Their era perhaps is different from our times, thanks to development. The thought process perhaps, rather is different from our times. The ambitions perhaps are slightly different from our times. But nothing is so widely gaping as it is made out to be except for the fact that it is our indulgence, rather, lack of indulgence that has brought about the vex between emotions then and now.

The look west, ape west syndrome has so fiercely engulfed our young society (partly old too, I concede) that they have conveniently forgotten their ancesteral past and embarked on to a cultural renaissance which, however much attempted, can not be achieved. Yet both, the parents on one side and children on the other, try incessantly to achieve this illusionary emancipation resulting in an inherent identity crisis. I suppose the British, during their reign, bred and deliberately called the so called apeing Indian as the “Brown Sahib”!

It is a fact that in today’s elite & upper middle class, where it is profusely common, children adhere more towards their maids than their mothers. Father becomes a mere provider of funds and a confused infrequent visitor at parent/teacher school meetings. Seeds of snobbery in the children are developed right from Home to the elite public schools they are sent to. The conspicuous absence of parents especially when a child yearns for a tight hug from the mother or has an earnest or strong desire or craving to play with the father, becomes detrimental to their mental development resulting in rebellious character development. This especially is an area where the maids score profoundly more than the parents, which is the emotional front.

The dilemma is fast creeping into our society such that children renounce the bonding of family, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins etc. as more of a liability that the relationship itself. They neither do understand the values nor the necessity of this bond. Of course, to a large extent they, the children are abetted by the very Parents who are in fact supposed to inculcate them.

Education has become the predominant factor linking the Parent and Child. Study, study, and study without a breather is the norm. There is no time for parenting except burdening the child with umpteen tuitions and compulsive innuendos to outperform other competitors. School/College has become a sort of business entity where every quarter competes against each other with hardly human emotions valued anywhere. Education has become so superficial and farcical that more than intent of imparting knowledge it is a huge hollow business conglomerate vying for excellence in an equally worthless sphere.

Which leads us to think; did we, in our generation, do any bad? Aren’t we successful in our very ways without sacrificing or loosing out on any of the hugs and kisses that was rightly ours from our parents? I remind my daughter to look up to us Parents and then evaluate whether we are a discredit to the vision of her generation. I direct her to realize the respect we command in our family circles and frequently point it out to her to capture its significance. Sadly, that is all we can do.

During our times we could get belted and caned by both parents, uncles, aunts & teachers to drive in a worthy point when breached. Sadly, it becomes human rights violation now. A child is safeguarded by loads of rules and regulations from these agencies which inhibits the parents from according a proper grooming of their own child. The child is aware of this protection too and hence, dares the elders to withdraw from an intended correction.

God save the younger generation!


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