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Why PM Didn’t Order Mass Production of Covid Vaccine sooner!!

Why PM Modi didn’t order mass production of Covid vaccines sooner!

There is a perception that PM Modi should’ve placed orders for mass production of Covid vaccines sooner. I had a detailed discussion with a person who is working on this with GoI. He provided me a lot of clarity. Let me summarize it here:

1.) Any vaccine requires extensive testing for adverse reactions. So, any government would only proceed cautiously. Covid vaccine is no different. Even the US ramped up vaccine administration only gradually. Let’s take the most adverse outcome scenario. A few crore vaccines are produced and administered in a rush only to have adverse reactions as outcome. GoI would be compelled to throw away the vaccines. Worse, it would’ve depleted the raw materials and GoI wouldn’t be able to modify the formula and manufacture new vaccines either. So, GoI took the most prudent decision of ramping up orders, production, and administration gradually. This stance is vindicated by the fact that false propaganda induced vaccine hesitancy between January and March due to which millions of vaccines had to be discarded.

2.) The ability of a large country to vaccinate all of her population depends on her ability to stockpile. This is where the US embargo on the raw materials hurt India badly. This forced GoI to become even more stringent with the orders. Had the US not imposed this racist, neo-colonial embargo, India wouldn’t have faced a crisis at all.

3.) Handling live viruses in the manufacturing process takes skill. One mistake and you would have an outbreak. Training resources takes time.

4.) The world has not seen a pandemic such as this. Given India’s economic and industrial capability, she can realistically manufacture 10 crore vaccines per month which means over the next year all Indians would be vaccinated. However, the high risk population is likely to be around 20-30 crores. If those could be vaccinated on priority then India would drastically reduce ICU admits and mortality. GoI has initiated all necessary steps to fulfill this. As a combination of Covaxin, Covishield, and Sputnik are adminstered to high-risk segments over the next 3 months India would’ve emerged out of risk.

5.) Of course, no need to relax even after that. Viruses could mutate. There could be next waves. However, once the high-risk segments are vaccinated, this risk reduces drastically.

I asked him why PM Modi couldn’t have explained it on television. He replied, “If he had done that, it would have reinforced the false perception regarding vaccine safety which vested interest groups had been spreading. It would’ve bolstered vaccine hesitancy and compounded the problem. So, the only option was to bite the bullet and keep on working.”

He closed with a remark: “However, people like you should disseminate these truths.” Here, I’ve done my small part.

Please share this widely. Translate and publish too.!!

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Pinarayi Secularism of Kerala !!

Every Hindu should know: This is Secularism in Kerala particularly..!!

👉🏼Lump sum grant: Religious minority -1000 Rs
Hindu – Rs.00

👉🏼Special Education Assistance Fund:
Religious Minority – Rs.500
Hindu – OO Rs.

👉🏼Education Loan:
Religious minority – 3% interest.
Hindu – 12.5% interest.

👉🏼IAS. IPS. IFS Scholarship:
Religious Minority – Rs.24,000
Hindu – Rs.00

👉🏼IIT .IIM Scholarship:
Religious Minority – Rs.20,000
Hindu – Rs.00

👉🏼For schools
Special Financial Assistance:
For Muslim schools – 50 lakhs.
Hindu – Rs.00

👉🏼20 lakh for renovation of each Madrasa.

Hey you sleeping Hindu community, politics here is not about ideology, it is about benefiting through appeasement!!

Everything is given on the fundamental basis of religion, understand this..!

Whatever be your political beliefs and ethics here, know that you, the Hindu community, is segregated and omitted from schemes and benefits that should be equal to Hindus too as is with other religions !!

Isn’t it or not … ??

You yourself need to answer this, the so called Secularly enlightened Hindu Fools of the State. !!

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Criminal Media the World over…!

A message I received from other group
I’m following as I’m in agreement.

There are TWO Significant Photos of Barkha Dutt Sitting in front of a Hospital reporting endlessly the miseries encountered by people, including her Father who died a day earlier of her reporting sitting on a cardboard box, adding melodramatic flavour to her near faulty reporting..! Nowhere did she mention that she took her father to the State of the Art Medanta Hospital on April 21. however, succumbed to the Pandemic on April 24th. Strangely you will not find anywhere how old was Shri Dutt — which I think is very strange if not odd. None of the Media reports, let alone her’s, indicates his Age !!!!!!

👉Indian media showed Kargil army position live, helping Pak army in pinpoint attack
👉Indian media showed live operation/landing of NSG commando during 26/11 for the benefit of terrorist, resulting in causalities👉Media portrayed LeT suicide bombers as innocent citizens n helped then UPA govt to fix daring police officers
👉Media was hand in glove with UPA govt on saffron terror, fixing Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, Col Purohit👉When humongous loot was going on during UPA rule, media was laughing n asking were is the loot
👉Media was partner in crime n loot. Country saw journalist purchasing farm houses, 50 cr flat n audacity to rape young journalist in lift👉Country also saw media ganging up to save the rapist senior journalist
👉Media always sided with those politicians who showered them with huge tax payer in the form of different gifts. Parties, club membership, foreign tours, plots, flats, educational favour for kids👉Modi stopped this loot of tax payer money, so the anger of media is seen in distorting news, creating fear n panic, supporting secessionist movement in the name of dissent
👉Thousands of crores have been spent by Kejriwal on media. Its a amount thrown to purchase media👉Media returns the favour by covering his mis governance, sabotage acts, zero development n shifting the blame on central govt
👉If media had asked few tough questions so many live wouldn’t have lost in Delhi👉Media shielded Kejriwal for not sending officer (like other states/UT) to collect tankers, creating a distribution mechanism of received oxygen
👉Media can go to any extent to protect criminals if they r bribed👉Second wave is jackpot for media. They got money to spread widespread panic, creating rush of mild symptoms patient in ICU. This denied beds to serious patients
👉Keep in mind, media is never concerned 4 common man, its available 4 the biggest bidder.
They r 24 carat criminals

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Covid 19 Second Wave➖ Plenty to Suspect!

🤞🤞This is real food for thought. I too have my doubts on this sudden burst of a second wave. The Gandhi’s should be prime suspects because firstly, Rahul Gandhi abstained from public political rallies, secondly, priyanka Gandhi was nowhere to be seen during the latter part of assembly elections , thirdly, no senior congressmen were keenly campaigning in all election riddled States, fourthly, the secret non governmental Agreement Congress had with China when UPA was in power at the Centre and fifthly, that all the contagious spread began from non BJP States……gives enough circumstances to suspiciously ponder over the role of the anti Modi brigade in their political ambition, if at aPlenty suspicious events to ponder 🤔

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Blaming Modi vs Facts !

An excellent analysis by Ashish Mehra, special write up for Gulf News, UAE on Thursday, 13 May 2021.


Blaming Modi vs Facts. Excellent Gulf News article

Narendra Modi gets blamed for everything that happens in India. If he locks down for Covid, he will be attacked for doing it, if he does not impose a lock down, he will accused of being a murder. The leftist ecosystem will cry at the top of the voices from across the world with supporting articles in American publications which are supposed authenticate it.

The current covid surge in India is the direct result of the incompetence of a few state governments that this very ecosystem supports. But of course, Modi is responsible. Here is an article giving out the facts – /opinion/op-eds/covid-19-second-wave-and-india–the-questions-and-answers-1.79153360
COVID-19 second wave and India — the questions and answers

Akhilesh Mishra, Special to Gulf News11-14 minutes 5/12/2021

A medical worker in personal protective equipment (PPE) plays with a child of a woman recovering inside a quarantine centre for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients amidst the spread of the disease at an indoor sports complex in New Delhi, India. Image Credit: Reuters

As the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic rages through India, several questions have been asked of the Indian government and the way it has handled the upsurge. In an admittedly difficult situation, has the government been found wanting or has it mobilised all the resources available at its disposal to deal with situation? Let’s explore some of the issues.

Did India fail to anticipate second wave?

The basis of this question lies in the fact that between January 1, 2021 and March 10, 2021, India was averaging less than 20,000 new cases a day and for a significant period, this number had dropped to around just 10,000. Almost every other country had faced a second wave between October and December 2020 while India, after the first wave peak, seemed to have escaped the second wave. So much so, that many domestic ‘experts’ now castigating the government had written multiple articles during the first part of this year on why India will not have a second wave and thus India should let go off the remaining restrictions it had — like mask mandate and reopen schools and colleges. In the international media, the BBC ran an article on 15 February 2021, titled “Is the epidemic finally coming to an end in India?” The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and many others were similarly part befuddled and part reporting on India’s seeming escape from a second wave.

But the Indian government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not complacent. Between January and February, when the numbers were at the lowest, the central government issued 17 advisories to various state governments to not let their guard down, to continue to test aggressively, to ramp up health infrastructure and to be prepared for all eventualities. On 17 March, when the daily cases were still in the 20,000 range, Prime Minister Modi himself held a detailed meeting with all Chief Ministers were he explicitly advised them to be on constant vigil, to strictly enforce social distancing and mask mandate, to retrain health officials and reinvigorate administration protocols in case they had become jaded.

So, what happened? It would seem that many of the state administrations did go lax, especially the states where the second wave seems to have originated — Maharashtra, Kerala, Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Punjab and Karnataka. By the time they started putting their acts together, the second wave was in full steam!

But why hold elections in the middle of pandemic?

Holding elections on due time is a constitutional requirement as assemblies are mandated to meet once every six months. Amending the constitution to have kept the assemblies of these five states — Kerala, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Puducherry — in suspended animation and under central rule, would have been a recipe of disaster and completely undemocratic. World over, elections have been held during the pandemic. India too held the Bihar elections in November 2020 without much ado.

The real question is, could big electoral rallies have been avoided? The BJP had made this exact proposal to the Election Commission of India before Bihar elections — that put off physical rallies and let there be only virtual campaigning. Every other political party strongly opposed this move. Their plea was the BJP is better organised hence they will have advantage in virtual world and therefore level playing field will not be there. In absence of consensus, the Election Commission could obviously not force a decision and the existing systems continued.

Every political party thus carried on with physical rallies in the five states that went to polls. Massive road shows were organised in Kerala by Rahul Gandhi. Mamata Banerjee held her mega rallies in West Bengal. The BJP did the rallies where it was contesting.

But there were no elections in Maharashtra or Chhattisgarh or Delhi or Punjab where the numbers started rising dramatically by end March. Therefore, the argument that election rallies are the culprit is not backed by data.

What about Kumbh in Haridwar?

Kumbh is very revered religious gathering in India. Its date and time are decided by saints and not governments. As the COVID cases had dropped in January and February, a conditional go-ahead, on the dates proposed, was given. Very strict protocols for entry, testing, quarantine, and other medical protocols were enforced during the gathering. When the Kumbh began on 1 April, India was reporting 72,000 cases. Out of this, six states alone — Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Karnataka, Delhi and Punjab — contributed over 76% of the cases. None of these had anything to with the Kumbh. Uttarakhand on 1 April had 293 cases, on 8 April had 1,100 cases. However, as the pandemic surged all over the country, Prime Minister Modi himself intervened and requested the seers to end the gathering before due date and which they did.

India’s vaccination strategy — is it right?

India has given emergency use approval to two domestically manufactured vaccines — Covidshield and Covaxin. Out of this, Covaxin is totally indigenous, under a special programme sanctioned by Prime Minister Modi, where the government medical body ICMR partnered with Bharat Biotech to develop and deploy the vaccine in record time. Despite a malicious campaign launched against Covaxin, unfortunately by very responsible politicians, India formally launched the vaccination drive on 16 January 2021.

It was designed in conformity with medical opinion and WHO recommendations — to reduce mortality among the most vulnerable and then progressively move forward. Accordingly, vaccination of health care workers started on 16 January; on 2 February front-line workers became eligible; from 1st Mach all above 60 years and those above 45 years with comorbidities became eligible; from 1 April everyone above 45 became eligible and from 1 May all above 18 are eligible. So far India, has vaccinated 173 million people, the fastest pace in the world. It is available free of cost to all above 45 and to even those between the age group of 18-44 through the central government channel.

Other vaccines, which have been approved by drug regulators in USA, UK and Europe and the Russian Sputnik vaccine have also been given authorisation and many of them are in the process of arriving in India.

A question is asked as to why did India export vaccines before it vaccinated the domestic population? As on 11 May 2021, India has exported a total of 66.3698 million vaccine doses to foreign countries. At the same time, about three times as many vaccine doses have been administered within India.

There were contractual obligations for the manufacturers to supply vaccines to many countries, especially from where raw materials were sourced. In addition, it has been the time-tested tradition of India to stand up for the entire humanity in times of need. As US President and the French President both recently affirmed, when the world was in need last year, India helped the world with medicines and other supplies. When India is now in need of help, the world is returning the gesture of goodwill.

But why Build Central Vista during a pandemic?

After the great depression, US President Roosevelt was asked why was he investing so much in building new infrastructure, including a complete revamp of Washington DC, when the money could be used elsewhere? His answer is classical governance speak. Infrastructure investment sparks a virtuous cycle of economic recovery — jobs for semi-skilled and unskilled labour, demand generation for the entire manufacturing and core sector and a surge in allied services and hospitality sector. After a year of lockdown and depressed economic activity, the government of India is rightly spending money on productive economic activity, generating jobs, renewing urban landscape, spurring allied sectors and ensuring that those at the bottom of the pyramid are not further stressed by shutting down the only sector that can gainfully employ them. The central vista project is an already sanctioned project and it would make no sense to stop it and depress economic activity.

Has medical infrastructure shortage been fixed?

On 25 March 2020, India had 10,180 isolation beds. Today this number is more than 1.6 million. In the same period, ICU beds have increased from 2,168 to over 92,000.

India’s average daily medical oxygen requirement before the current peak was around 700MT. The requirement surged to almost 9,000 MT in a few days — a jump of almost 1,200%. The manufacturing challenge was immense. But even greater challenge was to meet the logistics of such surge in cylinders, and supply chain. Although there have been very painful days, but the worst phase is perhaps over as both the supply and logistics of delivery have started falling in place.

Production of drugs like Remdesivir have been ramped up from about 4 million a month to almost 10 million a month.

To augment manpower, the government has allowed, on expert advice, medical interns to be deployed with full safety protocol and payment of internship.

Prime Minister Modi has personally monitored the mobilisation of the armed forces for securing supplies and in setting up dedicated emergency medical facilities in multiple cities.

PM CARES fund has been deployed to install in situ oxygen generating plants in the biggest hospitals. Simultaneously, 551 new generating units, in addition to 162 already approved, have been sanctioned. DRDO is also using PM CARES fund to set up additional 500 medical oxygen plants. Thus, a total of more than 1,200 plants will come up. This will ensure each district in the country will shortly have medical oxygen generating facility. PM CARES fund has also been used to procure state of the art ventilators and over 150,000 DRDO developed SpO2 sensing based oxygen control system.

The free food and ration scheme, covering 800 million Indians, has been extended for another three months.

A new anti-COVID oral drug developed by DRDO — 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2-DG) has just been approved. It has proved very efficacious in fighting the infection.

What next?

India is battling the second wave with full dedication and resolve. The seven-day moving average of new cases has shown a dip after for the first time in weeks. As medical infrastructure is able to meet the demand, and new aggressive protocols of containment being put in place like Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, the expectation is that India shall get over this difficult period in the very near future. The unquestionable heroes of the battle that India has been waging against the second wave have been the medical professionals and the front-line workers. Their dedication and service shall hopefully soon bear fruits.

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Pharma Lobby, Covid 19 and India ➖ Target Modi..!

The Pharma Lobby, Covid and India, The Dangerous game of Second Wave target MODI…. Remember, They did the same with Trump; created panic with a false and magnified number of Covid infection reports. Once Biden came everyone is silent as if the USA got rid of Covid already. It is a well-established fact that Trump was against the Pharma lobby. So while Trump said the vaccine is on the way, no pharma company came forward but as soon as Trump was gone many announced vaccines and not only this, they funded Biden inauguration to a tune of $100 million in combine

After the death of George Floyd on May 25, protest and “CIVIL UNREST” have rocked many US cities

Today the Family just want George Floyd moment so that CIVIL UNREST can be created in India

The same Pharma lobby with Biden administration or better says China managed Biden administration is not giving raw material to Indian companies for vaccine manufacturing and arm twisting Indian Government to open Indian market for them as Corona pandemic is once in 100 years opportunity at a tune of $1T. The 1.3 billion people in India is a massive market

On another hand by giving the free vaccines to poor and friendly nations, India is a visible threat to china’s expansionist policy for their natural resource greed, trade. Just look at how pharma companies have treated poor nations in the last 30-40 years. The best example is the AIDS vaccine for Africa

Next year is the UP election so while the entire Media is silent on Maharastra and Delhi, they are focusing on UP which has managed Corona very well as per cases per lakhs.

One objective of the Family cabal was to retain Bengal with Mamata so that Rahul Gandhi is default head of UPA, the second medium-term objective is UP election and 3rd long term objective is to either pull down Modi or ensure BJP don’t win in 2024

Now since 2014 and 2019, it is clear to congress that Hindus are now having unity and by Ram temple, it will cement more, they need to create divide them. The divided Hindus will pay a dividend to UPA in UP 2022 and once UP won, LS2024 would be a cakewalkSo, folks, we are at war, a war of civilization. Rising India is a threat to businesses, politicians, lobbies, and cabal and we are not just fighting a pandemic that is forced on us but also those who don’t want to see India rise as that would be a threat to their existence. In these times we have to stand together for our nation and with the government. We need to take our responsibility as Modi alone can’t do everything. Trump is an example of how powerful anti-India forces are and their next target in Narendra Modi

Had it been an armed war, our military is more them enough to win it but this is from within and proxy war and it can’t be won without everyone contribution

The choice is all yours, do you want to be just consumers for world powers or want our nation to grow and prosper.

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USA is Brutus but new India is not Julius Caesar

What made USA change its heart in a day and agree to release embargo on raw material for Serum Institure of India & Bharat biotech?

As soon as Biden took to office, American Pharma companies lost no time and made full efforts to capture Indian vaccine market at the right time. While India is facing most challenging situation, the US Pharma lobby used diplomatic arm-twisting to achieve their end.

While the USA pharma lobby was successful in using Oval office of US President to block raw material required for manufacturing covid-19 vaccine in india, they forgot one crucial aspect “Yeh naya bharat hai, ghar me ghusega bhi aur thokega bhi.”

While in the past 73 years of independent India, very rarely the country had a political leadership that understood business. The whole world runs on business, global trade and the present Indian leadership did not lose its focus either.

While America wielded its wand threatening blockage of raw material, India and its National Security Advisor, very silently, without going to the media, sent a clear message to American NSA that if you know a trick of the game we know how to play it better.

India made America realise that the critical raw material required for manufacturing covid-19 vaccine by Pfizer is being manufactured and supplied by an indian company based in Mumbai and if America doesn’t oblige global trade commitments then India may as well pay it back in same coin.

In this game, there are two important aspects that we as Indians should appreciate, Indian prime Minister did not speak to the American president but it was Indian NSA who spoke to American NSA, i.e If America can invoke wartime provision, so can we is the message. Second while America taunted and went to media, India did not speak a word but straightaway got to business. message is clear, we mean business and no nonsense.

While many Indians may not have observed this, the whole world has..!! on how India has just shown the finger to big brother and wasted no time moving in to take its new position in the global world order.

Under these challenging situations, where Indian media is selling fear and Doomsday scenario, this development has made my day, as the saying goes, ‘Spine grows at the back when pushed to the wall,’ today we should be proud as Indians that Atma Nirbhar is not just a catchy phrase but is becoming part of every Indians belief & India is not a land of snake charmers naysayers.

🇮🇳 Jai hind. 🇮🇳

The lever India is NOT using against US arm-twisting of local vaccine makers.

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Lies & Fake News at expense of Life – Covid 19

This is a narrative assessing facts from various sources at the abuses and insults hurled at Prime Minister Modi in order to conceal their own inefficiencies.

Know the facts before abusing the Prime Minister. This screaming and insulting cabal would keep tight lipped and applaud at nothing being done had it been the white women — living off taxpayers money — at the helm of affairs with her dumb son holidaying in Thailand and spiritual daughter sitting in trance in Manali.!! Shameful!!

Now those interested can read to know ground reality. Not that it matters if they don’t — 60% of patriotic Indians back the Prime Minister.. The rest automatically become irrelevant in that context.

Now read on.. :

If Congress was in power this disaster would be unsurmountable!! We have seen how people were left to die during the dreadful Uttrakhand Floods.. the trucks stood waiting with relief material for the white lady to arrive to flag off the convoy. The drivers carrying relief materials were not even paid for Diesel. Such was the callous approach to disaster management.

It’s no more the colonial slavish India today.

Today, India is not running low on PPE kits, masks, ventilators all of which has increased production since last year..

Remember, this is a pandemic — a manufactured virus developed to choke the world for vested sociopolitical interests after a span of 100 years — no country, I repeat, no country including economically developed countries like US, UK, France , Italy, Germany, Japan etc. can cope up with this dangerous wave!! It applies to the originators, China too . They are also reeling under pandemic pressure.

One can abuse Modi as much as they want, but no other leader could have handled this Surge better at this level , politics aside. That the world over is rushing in with help despite their own domestic constraints shows the magnanimity of the leader he is and how well his diplomacy has worked in favor of India.

There are some Bitter Truths that will not get highlighted in a politically turbulent country like India. There are plenty of ifs and buts , I certainly concede. But do we stick to rhetoric or do we set aside political differences and unite to fight a common enemy? The Media, with their vested interests propound antagonism .

162 Oxygen plants were sanctioned by centre to every state as per demand last year 2020 in the month of April.. Finances was sent too. Only 33 plants were installed by the respective States at this point in time when the demand for oxygen became critical!!

⚫️Delhi : 1 out of 8
⚫️Wb : 0.. Out of 8
⚫️Rajasthan : 0 out of 6
⚫️Kerala : 1 out of 5
⚫️Telangana: 0 out of 3
⚫️Andhra: 0 out of 3
⚫️MP: 5 out of 8
⚫️Mah: 0 of 8
And the list continues for the other 33 Plants installed…. Which is way below the allocation and finances sanctioned by the Central Govt.

Who is to be blamed??


Anyhow, when the pandemic graph began rising, within one week the following adhoc measures were undertaken with priority:-

▪️Centre has Airlifted 23 Oxygen tankers from Germany..

▪️Centre has Air lifted oxygen tankers from UAE

▪️Centre has Air lifted oxygen tankers from Singapore

▪️Centre is running Oxygen express Trains through the green corridor to every State..

▪️Centre is installing 262 oxygen plants in every state ( 30➕ is already setup)

▪️Centre have taken all Industrial tycoons in the loop and have asked Ambani /Adani/Tatas /Jindals etc to provide Oxygen from their Industrial plants..

▪️Created 1000+ beds in Delhi with ICU and Oxygen

▪️Life saving Injection Remdesivir production increased to 90 lakh/month from 40 lakh/month.

▪️DRDO/ITBP/ARMY /IAF is providing Beds, doctors and every help Available under Defense Ministry.

▪️Industries to immediately build health infrastructure with Central help – FM approved it.

▪️Vaccination open for 18+ from May 1.

🔹All BJP states will be providing vaccine for free. Other States are welcome to do so rather than lame rhetoric.

▪️5 kg free grains will be provided to 80 crore people for next 2 months at a cost of Rs 26,000 crores to the exchequer..

This is what Modi has done within 1 week of 2nd wave ..

Like I said in the beginning, Criticism should be constructive, not belligerent and personal. The pandemic is not created or manufactured by Modi. No country in the world, Rich or poor, has withstood it. That India is in the limelight is thanks to the plenty Brutus within.

Be it lighting a lamp or applauding front line workers, the overwhelming 60% supporters trust the man they chose to lead them and will continue to do so amidst political bickering, liberal cabal jeering, leftist accusing, intolerant brigade insulting and the intellectual comedians admonishing…!!

I cannot let go off the disparaging Media who for the sake of TRPs, uses its on-screen graphics to push selective information. The chyrons you see on most of the, if not all, TV Channels are simply a carousal of negativity and hate mongering not to mention peddling fake News at a time of crisis.

Yours truly,
Jai Hind 🙏🙏

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Indians lack National Pride


Why do we Indians project our dark side to the world in times of crisis. Agreed there are deaths, emotions run high and you need want to vent your anger. Is it necessary to broadcast to the whole world by shooting videos and writing commentaries depicting the status of our health crisis.

What ails us,that we let down our country in front of the whole world. How is it that some leaders motivate the masses to indulge in such acts which bring shame to a country in which they reap the benefits.

The bane of it all is the Regional politics which stops them to look beyond their local selfish interests. The national identity in them is absent and they misguide their followers to disgrace the country.

A corollary to the above is that the Indian masses need to get out of their political leaders clutches and shed their slave mentality of the colonial era.

It is not that everything is gloomy in the country but we seem to be taking two steps forward and one step backward in the area of progress. The pace is very slow which needs to be accelerated by educating and modernizing.
In every crisis there is an opportunity,so let us make a resolve in these bad times of the Pandemic to stand United and fight as ONE INDIA.Wake up India. Jagon sone walon.



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Arise Arjuna



(Khalid Umar is A Pakistani writes from London… An essential read)

Social media in India is hyped with visuals of the capital’s hospitals overwhelmed by the patients and people dying in the corridors and ambulances. There seems to be a shortage of everything: beds, doctors, oxygen cylinders, ventilators, etc. as well as empathy and planning.

The visuals taken inside and outside the hospitals are really heart-wrenching. The opposition is on a point-scoring spree on the death tally. Even a CM telecast live an in-house meeting to play dirty politics. Channels are crying hoarse.

That is where India is failing


Just look at the figures. It is not about the total deaths. As by today’s reported data,

India has 134 deaths/1 million of population.

Almost, all the western countries including USA has reported more than 1,500 deaths per million.

Hungary 2,719
Bulgaria 2,276
Belgium 2,056
Italy 1,960
UK 1,868
Brazil 1,795
USA 1,757
Poland 1,711
Portugal 1,667
Spain 1,657
France 1,562
Romania 1,417
Sweden 1,368
Switzerland 1,212

INDIA 134..

It is 120th in the world in terms of deaths per 1 million. The USA, with double of the number of reported cases as compared with India, has 3 times more deaths. Interestingly CHINA is the only major country which has 3 deaths per 1 million of its population.

Yes, India has failed miserably compared with China. But then the CCP manufacturing sector is very robust. They can manufacture everything, even the Covid figures !


Do you think that the despair and gloom would have been less in the other countries? Obviously no. But no one has seen such gory images from those countries: of dying patients, wailing attendants, aerial drone shots of crematoriums, shouting news anchors, corpses lined up for burial, honking ambulances, point scoring politicians, sensational news headlines, as if hell has broken lose.

Nowhere in the world, would press reporters be reporting directly live from the Covid wards ! Nowhere else would the attendants be attending to their loved ones and being interviewed too. NOBODY in the world has seen the kind of COVID reporting being done in India. *That is something which is the worst kind of yellow journalism and must be legally stopped.


The casualty figures may get much worse than 134 for India. If the casualty rate becomes the same as that of SWITZERLAND, the total death count would be 17 lakhs, and if it is that of Italy or Belgium, it would be 34 lakhs!

All I want to reiterate is that it is a pandemic and the odds are so heavy against the poorer nations. Germany has 13 beds for its 1,000 people. It is 13 for Japan, 6 for France, 4.6 for Switzerland, and China has 4.3 bed per 1000 people. UK has 2.5, Canada 2.5, whereas in India it is 0.5 ! So for every 2,000 people the Indians have one hospital bed.


It is also not about medical facilities only. It is about the general attitude towards protection and safety. It is also about the necessity to go out for work. Not everyone has the Work From Home facility.

But in India, the worst is the political lot. Here in the UK, there are no partisan politicians who would do point scoring during a national emergency. Had the opposition and the press been so damn bad in the UK a year ago, Boris Johnson would have long been history. But no, everyone rallied behind their PM for the national cause.

With all these heavy odds, whatever India has done to combat the pandemic is commendable. There has been a wave of philanthropic nationalism. People have come forward to help one another. India has the capacity to combat this pandemic.

All that India needs is patriotism, humanism and rallying around your national leadership.

~ Khalid Umar

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