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Some of the salient significance of  NUMBER 18 in Hinduism.

The significance of the Number 18 cascades to several predominantly important features of Hinduism.

Sabarimala is engulfed in the predominance of the number 18.

It is believed that there are 18 steps to attain Moksha.

There are many theories about the significance of 18 steps in the pilgrimage to Sabarimala. It is believed that the steps represent 18 mountains surrounding the temple. On each step, the deity of the corresponding mountain has been installed. So when the devotee climbs the 18 steps to reach the sanctum sanctorum, he attains the punya of visiting all 18 hill gods. During the padipuja, deities of these 18 mountains are propitiated.

The 18 mountains are: Ponnambalamedu, Gowdenmala, Nagamala, Sundaramala, Chittambalamala, Khalgimala, Mathangamala, Myladummala, Sreepadamala, Devarmala, Nilakkalmala, Thalapparamala, Neelimala, Karimala, Puthuserrymala, Kalakettimala, Inchipparamala and Sabarimala.

The 18 steps are also considered as:-

5 indriyaas _ eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin;

8 rajas, kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matasraya, aham and asooya;

3 gunas: satva guna, raja guna and tamo guna;

and vidya and avidya, thus making it 18.

Similarly, 18 is considered as the code number to break into the soul of the Nature. The significance of 18 can be traced back to the Vedic age.The first Veda, believed to be protected by Lord Brahma himself, had 18 chapters. Later, Veda Vyasa divided it to create the four vedas: Rigveda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharava Veda.

Each of these vedas had 18 chapters.

Veda Vyasa also wrote 18 puranas and 18 upa-puranas.

The number 18 predominates the Mahabharatha Epic.  It is written in 18 parvas or books.

Adi Parva, Sabha Parva, Vana Parva, Virata Parva, Udyoga Parva, Bhisma Parva, Drona Parva, Karna Parva, Shalya Parva, Sauptika Parva, Stri Parva, Shanti Parva, Anushasana Parva, Ashwamedhika Parva, Ashramavasika Parva, Mausala Parva, Mahaprasthanika Parva, Svargarohana Parva.

One more Chapter, Harivamsa Parva is added to the Epic as an addendum to the 18 books, and covers those parts of the life of Lord Krishna which is not covered in the 18 parvas of the Mahabharata

The Bhagavad Gita has 18 chapters and the Kurukshetra war lasted 18 days. 18 groups of soldiers were involved – 11 in the Kouravas side and 7 in the Pandavas.  The War lasted 18 days.


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The authenticity of an independent body called NAC is beyond my comprehension. Do they have extra-judicial rights to draft such sensitive laws and place them in Parliament? What is the competence of the NAC Committee Members, many of whom listed are outright criminals.  The drafting committee list comprises of:

•Gopal Subramanium

•Maja Daruwala

•Najmi W



•Prasad Sirivella

•Teesta Setalvad

•Usha Ramanathan (upto 20 Feb 2011)

•Vrinda Grover (upto 20 Feb 2011


1.Abusaleh Shariff

2.Asgar Ali Engineer

3.Gagan Sethi

4.H.S Phoolka

5.John Dayal

6.Justice Hosbet Suresh

7.Kamal Faruqui

8.Manzoor Alam

9.Maulana Niaz Farooqui

10.Ram Puniyani

11.Rooprekha Verma

12.Samar Singh

13.Saumya Uma

14.Shabnam Hashmi

15.Sister Mary Scaria

16.Sukhdeo Thorat

17.Syed Shahabuddin

18.Uma Chakravarty

19.Upendra Baxi


1.Aruna Roy, NAC Working Group Member

2.Professor Jadhav, NAC Working Group Member

3.Anu Aga, NAC Working Group Member&Joint Conveners of Advisory Group

4.Farah Naqvi, Convener, NAC Working Group

5.Harsh Mander, Member, NAC Working Group- Advisory group for Anti communal bill.


A careful scrutiny of the list would immediately dawn upon you the tarnished and suspect background of some of the members if not all. To hand to such a committee the task of developing a draft CVB is not only preposterous but portentous.  It is evident that a dark motivation lies behind this seemingly benign initiation.  I see myself instead, an involvement of a larger political design being fabricated to completely change the context of inherent laws that would expel Majority Community from the protection of the very same laws that has kept them safe from external incursions.  Yes, it is pro-minority, anti-majority and totally rigorous towards groups, affiliations, rape, hate propaganda, organized violence so on and so forth. Additionally, it does not bring within its precincts J&K which is totally left out with the blanket protection of Article 370 and this is implicitly mentioned in the CVB. There itself the major divide and its political duplicity become apparent.

It further, goes one step ahead by departing from established norms of the Indian Penal Codes and Criminal Procedure Codes. It chances to supersede even the Communal Violence Bill invoked in 2005.

Where are we heading for? Certainly, the dark cloudy days of 1975 when Indira Gandhi too went about with legislative amendments to consolidate her appetite for power is dangling here like a Democles sword over our heads as well.  This CVB has to be objected, prevented, obstructed and terminated in its entirety.

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Wiki has provided this definition for a minority – “A minority is a sociological group that does not make up a politically dominant voting majority of the total population of a given society. A sociological minority is not necessarily a numerical minority — it may include any group that is subnormal with respect to a dominant group in terms of social status, education, employment, wealth and political power”.

By this definition, there is no numeric predominance emphasized in a general context. Hence, it was prudently omitted from our constitution until of course, vote bank politics came into significance. This increasing dependency on vote bank politics necessitated a clinically precise paraphrasing of the word….and the then political, rather CON think tanks thought it prudent to adorn this on the Muslim community wholesomely. Thus, spell of polarized doom for Indian Politics and Religious co-habitation began and over the years has decomposed and putrefacted into the society poisonously to a point of no return.

It is at such a juncture that CON is attempting to bring in the Communal Violence Bill favoring everything that is Minority. There is no representation or protection for the Majority Community in its current format. On the contrary, it has everything in it to destroy the fabric and culture of Majority community by way of draconian laws inculcated into it.

Yes, it is pro-minority, anti-majority and totally rigorous towards groups, affiliations, rape, hate propaganda, organized violence so on and so forth.  Additionally, it conspicuously omits from its precincts J&K which is implicitly provided with a blanket protection under Article 370 of the Constitution of India. Herein lies the major divide in the CVB’s intent and its political duplicity become apparent because of this duality. I would also wonder as to what happens to the Indian Penal Codes and Criminal Procedure Codes and the Communal Violence Bill invoked in 2005.

This CVB has to be objected, prevented, obstructed and terminated in its entirety.


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It is becoming increasingly evident that an era of oppression and suppression is emerging with the Government of India relentless in its anti-democratic practices.

There has been an increasing apathy towards anything Hindu and Saffron. In the last two years, the congress government has effectively managed, with the able assistance of its paid MSM friends who are heavily gifted by this loyalty, to tarnish and vitiate Hindus as being anything but fanatic. A loud bhajan, a temple visit, a saffron dhoti, a saffron/black wrist band, an Ohm locket round your neck – all these are looked down upon as being an irritant, an intrusion and a communally cleaving insignia. Why? It is time to ponder and ponder seriously at that.

As a sequel to this sentiment, the recent socio-political events has augmented this genuine feeling, that of being singularly targeted, that of being increasingly ignored, that of being comprehensively shooed away from nationalistic sentiments. Fact of the matter remains that it has become a sort of monopolized notion that anything saffron in color is direct threat to internal and external security not to mention the safety of other beloved minority communities. In short a Hindu has become an untouchable in his own very majority country with neither political nor constitutional protection.

Amidst this increasing turmoil, the political front of Hindus, the BJP in fact, is on a stringent diet course to slim down themselves though they didn’t have to do so considering the frequent bickering, infighting and unreasonable discontent they harbored amongst themselves. This aberration augmented by a serious of electoral mishaps has not only left the party lean but also delirious.

This has provided the platform for Congress to not only Loot the Country to its basics but also propagate anarchy and despotism outrightly. The series of scams that have fallen out of the cupboards of congress closet is infinite. With Government failing to take any sort of corrective action, it was left for the civil society to take it upon themselves to bring about some sense of civility to the lost governance. But when that too is confronted with force, what other measure does the common man have. The series of events that unfolded post #AnnaHazare crusade is a direct fall out of a despair emanating from the militant governance unleashed by the Congress led government. If not Baba Ramdev, some else would have definitely lead the movement. Such was the desperation among the common man on the street. You have directly participated and felt it yourself, hence no need for me to elaborate here.

Yes, BJP has everything on a Platter now. All they have to do is mix the ingredients correctly and let it boil. And at this point in time, I see BJP only as an alternative, a better choice among two evils. How they are going to utilize this opportunity remains to be seen. But this is one opportunity they would never find offered again.

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“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive”
Sir Walter Scott.

It is more or less in such a quagmire UP elections will have to awaken to.

In the context of a BJP revival, it would appear a bit preposterous to assume that they would turn out to be outright winners or in the least a slender first. A second seems a distant mile while a third seems a remote possibility with the advent of recent events accidentally falling in favor of them.

The induction, rather, re-induction of Uma Bharati into BJP and assigning her correctly so to UP will favor BJP considerably.  She belongs to the OBC, a face BJP missed in UP for a long time.  She belongs to that poor segment of the society where she can infiltrate  influence and infatuate with her spectacular oratory qualities. That class need some vacuum convincing to tailor their thoughts towards BJP rather than let them drift towards BSP and Uma Bharati is just the right wand to do so.

On the other hand, Mayawati makes no secret of her hunger for power and wealth. No doubt she has managed to stay in power with average governance. But she hides no qualms in accepting or demanding money for her birthday celebrations. She insists on hefty contributions during elections by selling tickets to the highest bidder. There has been allegations of her taking a cut from the various developmental projects and schemes introduced in the State.  There hangs a charge sheet against her in the ill-gotten assets case worth Rs. 30 Crore.  The Taj Corridor Scam is still hanging over he head.  The Ganga Express Highway Project has already raised a lost of dust.  It is said that she has amassed wealth against a following of whom 70% are below poverty line.  Her Dalit voters do not look into the credentials of party candidates. They simply follow the dictates of Mayawati and vote for the candidates selected by her.  To that extent they have been very disciplined in spite of repeated exposures made by Congress and BJP.

Whilst, at this point in time it is difficult to unseat Mayawat, it would be worthy an achievement for BJP to unseat Congress and relegate them to a distant third if not fourth. The Ramalila episode carries a lot of sentiments to that effect and so does Baba Ramdev’s word.  One compelling directive from him could see tantamount votes falling into BJP’s lap.  Now that parochial politics is openly played on polarized turf, I don’t see why RSS should, or for that matter BJP, hold back their love for each other and openly declare war on the pseudo-secular divisive Congress. No better opportunity could come BJP’s way to harness their vote bank and promote themselves to a position of bargain in UP.

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The despair of the common man against a government, elected to represent them in their time of need, but showing scant respect to burning common issues and openly sayingYOU BE DAMNED is what the present CON led UPA2 Government has heartily provided to us, the common citizens of this Nation!

Yes, the CON led government has pushed the nation to the verge of a civil war with their despotic, anarchic and authoritarian rule. Like the days of emergency, the nation is being held to ransom by the incumbent government, particularly CON. To analyze the psyche behind this irresponsible attitude is partly due to over confidence of its own performance in certain state assembly elections and partly due to the lack of a formidable opposition. CON is utilizing this situation perfectly to their benefit totally disregarding the respect of the common man.

The civil uprising from two legitimate quarters of the civil society that does not belong to the cocktail wine drinking elitists is most just. They are representing that helpless voice of the common man. That both Anna hazare and Baba Ramdev have instigated the sentiments of the common man is needless to say. Their representation has gone way beyond the Governments reach and control. Had the Government been more sensible and sensitive to the issues burning the country, had they patiently listened to these two men representing the common man, had they opted to resolve these issues amicably in conjunction with them, several of the problems could have been ironed out. Sadly, not only did the government opt to be antagonist, they went one step ahead and used violence on a pious, peaceful and mixed crowd of men, women and children, injuring several in the process, some critically. This is total injustice! There is no democratic provision to unleash the violence we all saw on TV by the Government agencies on a peaceful crowd at an unearthly hour in the name of ‘assumed threat’.

Now, whether there was a hidden agreement by the Baba and Government representatives is insignificant. If there was ever an agreement of sorts, the government should have then stood to expose that to the public rather than resort to violence. With the Main Stream Media at their behest and call, they could have slandered the Baba if at all there was something behind the screen. Justifying rude violence to not meeting an assumed pre-dictated reciprocal agreement is a point beyond the realms of understanding. The government has erred. Period.

Yes, this is an opportunity that BJP many not find being offered very often. They should capitalize on all the issues that has recently been plaguing the CON led UPA Government and ensure that the public empathy is garnered in their favor. To do this they will need some diligent, unified hard working rather than spat at each other.

The handling of Baba issue has not only been immature and unbecoming of a sane elected Government but also equally oppressive and daring. It has gone on to prove that the Government of the day cares two hoots to the common man and his problems. It re-emphasizes its ineptitude and usurp intention in no uncertain terms. The haste with which the government resorted to violence against Baba and his followers exhibits the impatience and scare CON led government is juxtaposed with. The chronic silence of the Prime Minister and the CON Party President, the mooted reaction of other party members and allies alike indicates a fallacy CON led government has befallen into knowingly or unknowingly. Is there a recourse, yes, come to terms with the fact that the people’s movement led by the likes of Baba and Anna has a veritable truth to it and approach it with precocious diligence.

If not they stake a civil war! I sincerely hope better sense prevails upon those concerned and don’t let the country burn.

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Uma Bharathi is the key to a resurrection of BJP in UP, nothing better than that.  But will it prove costly?  Will it boomerang on the Party? It is a case in study where both pros and cons weigh equally.

BJP, time and time again has failed to capitalize on issues that would have garnered them a definite victory.  Barring Ayodhya where mass hysteria predominated tactics, I don’t think BJP had any pragmatic political thought process at the think tank level geared up to ensure a political gain. While the Congress has saturated into a communal outfit with pseudo-secular facade, BJP has deteriorated into a party with egocentric leaders at the helm of business virtually hindering a revival of its ideology.  Just as several times before, BJP will fail to capitalize on the wonderful platform proffered by an absolutely failed UPA2 in general and the Congress Party in particular.


With Gadkari at the helm of affairs, I see a faint ray of hope in the sense of not an outright victory but a close second place in UP elections.  That will send ripples around the Congress circles undoubtedly.  Gadkari to BJP is, till now, what Dhoni is to the Indian Cricket Team.  His toss has often won him the match. In bringing back Uma Bharathi he has really reigned in Diggy and left CON thoughtful. Diggy would not want to relive or imagine his beaten days in MP, where he was not only removed from CMship but even from power. Considering the fact that Diggy is the CON appointed candidate to look after UP affairs, induction of Uma Bharathi and entrust her with UP affairs bears some Dhoni style of captaincy…a gamble!

As you have rightly pointed, a close second is a must for BJP in UP to send ripples.  If not it will remain beaten, battered and dreaming of nothing closer than 2019. The conspicuous absence of second tier leaders should be read with a pinch of salt. That they have not liked the idea of Uma Bharathi’s come back or say, re-induction is needless to say.

Will Uma Bharathi’s return change BJP’s fortunes – only time will tell.  But it will be worthy of note that though she carries considerable clout amongst her caste, she is still considered a maverick politician whom one cannot trust entirely. This distrust was evidenced in the rout she was handed in Tikamgarh seat, her home turf in Madhya Pradesh by Yadvendra Singh Bundela of the Congress for the assembly elections held on November 27 2008.  Her outburst against LKA in the presence of TV crew way back in 2004 is also very much in the minds of the electorate. That she is a loyal of the Hindutva movement is anybody’s guess. That she talks and walks Ram Mandir is also anybody’s guess. But will this fire brand politicking bring substantial dividends to both the BJP and herself remains to be seen.  Well, UP is the battleground for all to sweat it out.  Her fiery speeches, though on the radical side is impeccable in both delivery and intonation.

Any improvement to the BJP’s fortunes in UP will certainly speak of how they will fare in 2014.  UP has always been the stepping stone for both BJP and CON to Delhi. If BJP musters 125 seats, that is substantial gain from the 51 it won last term.  More importantly, that would reduce CON from it’s 22 seats and SP from its 97.  They may not hurt Mayawati’s 206 largely.  Well, battlegrounds are drawn, enemies have already begun their defense and the general public are keenly awaiting their turn to decide.  Let us hope BJP comes out a satisfactory second.

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