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Spit Halal

In a court case in Tamil Nadu, Muslims held that the meaning of Halal is not complete until the cook does not spit in it. Therefore food prepared by Muslims is not complete without spitting. In a court case they admitted that spitting is what made Halal complete, thru out the Nation including TN.

This has had a huge impact on hotels and biryani sellers in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Hindus have stopped going to Halal hotels and also those that sell Biryani. In Tamil Nadu & Kerala several restaurants, hotels and bakeries are removing Halal stickers & boards.

This is happening after severe dip in Hindu customers to these establishments.

Reason is numerous videos of Spit has gone viral.

Before you touch that next plate of Biryani made from Halal process…. Note, It’s halal only if they spit on the food! It’s as per Submissions to the court

Therefore, you are requested to think before eating at any Halal hotel, or Biryani cart, whose leftover you are going to eat.

#Boycott Halal

Do your part to make more people aware..Do Not Order food from any Muslim Hotel.

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Unite Hindus, Unite 🙏

Dear Hindus,

We, the Hindus of a majority Hindu country stands isolated, neglected and threatened by a Constitutional stigma that protects the minorities and endangers Majority’s existence. This is systematically executed through the principle avenues of
economics, demographics
prohibition of Hindu religious rights.

Unless a United Hindu responds boldly to a centuries old “divide and rule” policy practiced relentlessly by an orthodox governing system, Hindus will find the rug being slowly but surely pulled away from underneath its feet. The consequences that await them around the corner, God forbid, could put the Holocaust to shame.

Deprived and denied of their genuine rights, Hindus will become the magnified version of the exodus Kashmiri Hindus suffered. While Kashmiri Hindus had India to migrate, the indian Hindus would have no place to go.

Though late and with the inevitable threat starting at them in their own Majority country, for now, Hindus must unite and respond to any adversity boldly, without hesitancy and without qualms of being labeled Communal, Sanghi, Bhakth or any other jargon bestowed . It’s time for our survival, for the survival of Hindustan, for the survival of Hindus, for the survival of our property, our family our culture and our heritage.

Take the first step. One step will lead to several. Boycott the media, books, pamphlets, films and social media which vehemently spread fake, manufactured and false propaganda insulting Hindus and Hindustan. Boycott them.

Render your support to the voices of those Hindus who have initiated the first step towards uniting Hindus without caste or creed. Collective support will be an inspiration to those who raise their voices for us. This imperative instigation is not to harm anyone. Our Hindu culture provides enough space for inclusiveness. But, inclusiveness should not be misconstrued as timorousness or trepidation— NO..!

Unlike other man made Abrahamic religions, the Hindu faith of Sanatana Dharma does not preclude the liberties and rights of other belief systems. It is the fundamental values of Hindu dharma to live and let live, to coexist in harmony and exchange pleasantries without pride or prejudice. Hindu unity is not to achieve predominance but to avoid losing what you have, not to ambush or impede the beliefs of others, but merely for the sole purpose of self-survival and rejuvenation of a dying way of life.

As a first measure, Hindus must begin with their own household. Buy only Hindu products and boycott the products of jihadi & evangelical organizations like Himalayas, for example. Boycott halal products especially meats. Boycott those restaurants that insist on serving only Halal meat. Boycott restaurants selling beef, even if they belong to Hindus. The time for us Hindus to wake up from our eternal slumber and work towards Unity , Liberty and Fraternity has come. It’s now or never!

Do not fall for temptations, fake egos, pseudo secular influences, Left liberal cabal, intellectual diaspora , celebrity utterances and political overtures. Hindus were at the mercy of these brigades for centuries in one form or the other. Don’t be lured by similar familiarity, by perceived honesty, by lucidity of explanation being offered to you in glamorous flavor for mere short term personal gains. The danger inherent in selfish desires is and will be too short for comfort.

Always remember, hey Hindu, you and your progeny has no other place but here, Bharat, to live and die.

Unitedly and Boldly together,

Jai Hindu🙏
Jai Hind🙏


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Muslim Appeasement in Kerala ➖a Burden on Tax Payers

Madrasa luxuries worth Rs 7500 crore

  • 1. Total population of Kerala: – 35699443. *
  • 2. Muslim population in Kerala: – 8873472. (26%) *
  • 3. Number of Madrasas in Kerala: – 21683. *
  • 4. Number of Madrasa Teachers in Kerala: – 204683. *
  • 5. Number of Panchayats in Kerala: – 941. *
  • 6. The average number of madrasas in a panchayat is: 21683 ÷ 941 = 23 madrasas. * NB: More than one madrasa per ward.
  • 7. Salary of a Madrasa Teacher = 25,000 / – per month (excluding those earning Rs. 300 / – per hour). *
  • 8. Salary to be paid from the exchequer for one month to the Madrasa Teachers: – 204683 25000 = 5,11,70,75,000. ₹ *
  • 9. One month pension for Madrasa teachers (implemented by Pinarayi Government): – 6000 x 2,00,000 = 120,00,00,000. ₹ *
    1. Total one month’s Madrasa salary and pension payable from the exchequer: – 511,70,75,000 + 120,00,00,000 = 631,70,75,000. ₹ *
    1. Expenditure on Madrasa Salary and Pension in Kerala for one year: – 631,70,75,000 x 12 = 7580,49,00,000. ₹ (Seven thousand five hundred and eighty crore forty nine lakh rupees) * NB: Those who check this number do not mind using a calculator. With the size of the number, an error will be displayed.
  • Credit for the information: – Bahu: Minister of Higher Education – Information presented by KT Jalil in the Assembly. *
  • Now a question to secular minds, what is so special about this community that you do not have? The tax money of Hindus, Christians and Muslims is being misused in this manner. Should this injustice still be allowed? The only word to say to those who say Kerala is secular soil! Kerala is not secular, it is a land of religious madness. *
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