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Every Bharitiya realizes, rather, should realize the VOTE BANK POLITICS” hidden behind this irrelevant concept called UID.

The concept of UID, **Unique Identification ** came up first in February 2009 under the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), an agency formulated under the Govt. of India for implementing the AADHAR Scheme or creation of a Unique Identification Data Base!!

First of all, though noble in the international context, it is but an arduous venture to fulfill in the Indian context. Nevertheless, amidst its many weak clauses, I fundamentally disagree with one basic clause in UID. It stipulates that:

“The UID will link a person’s Passport Number, Driving License, PAN card, Bank Accounts, Address, Voter ID, etc. and all this information will be checked through a database. So, for example, if someone has different addresses on PAN and driving license, is liable to get caught. Those who will opt out of this program will have much inconvenience in doing business, operating bank accounts and other offices which will require a UID”.

So, does this not imply a logistical polarization? Assume, I live in Mumbai now. 10 years later I opt to live in Chennai. Under UID, I am liable to be imprisoned because of the obvious change in address. How can this be? A Social Security Card in the US or an Emirates ID Card in the United Arab Emirates does not stipulate adherence to one particular address *life long*. It does carry a number that validates you, your assets, your family and your current residence regardless of wherever you are “within” the Country. UID does not give you that freedom in its current form.

What is outrightly curious is the fact that the surge in the number of Identification Cards that an Indian National stuffs his wallet now far exceeds the worth and purpose it defines. For Example:-

1)Pan Card No.
2)Ration Card No.
3)Voters ID No.
4)Driving License No.
5)Bank Account No.
6)Proof of Address ID No.
7)Passport No. / PIO No.

… so on and so forth to name a few thus leaving the common man in curious dilemma as to how many more ID Cards would become imperative to prove his citizenship according to the UPA 2 regime in their tireless effort to facilitate Corruption wherever possible.

To me, personally, the UID misadventure has already backfired. One must recall that  way back in March or April of 2010 itself, i.e. within a year of UID commencement, there was fierce criticism from responsible quarters questioning the authenticity of this exercise. There were questions as to the legitimacy of the biometrics entry into the Unique Data Bank. There were questions on the competence and loyalty of those officials monitoring the iris and finger printing techniques.

UID is also being linked to the National Population Register being concluded by the Census authorities. The ramifications here are plenty because our parochial Census is Caste based which ultimately fragments the Hindus and unifies the Muslims & Christians. Under such circumstance, the UID exercise needlessly throws open an avenue for illegal migrants to get these IDs under minority religious backgrounds and thus allow them access the government services and programs uninhibitedly under the Minority Reservation Quota!. Funnily, the responsibility of proving the identiy of residentship falls squarely on the resident and not on the UIDAI!! Without UID, we have over a million Bangladeshi Muslims as illegal voting citizens of India. It is anybody’s guess what would happen under the UID edict??

This, of course, is my personal viewpoint.


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