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Yes, they do tread this date with guilt! Why? I wonder…..

For me, December 6th is a date I always look forward to for two reasons. While I will explain the second reason in conclusion, let me explain in not so many words my thoughts on the first reason.

The consternation and trepidation that befalls December 6th in India, inflamed by Media’s passionate and overmastering zest for subsistence, can only be laughed at, ridiculed at and at best ignored at. The pretentious *oohs* and *aahs* that accompanies almost all of the panelists and the anchors debating this date as worthy of the time they spend over it is risible. Alas! These fellas have managed to somehow drill this date as a metonym for *destruction*.

Nevertheless, the public have risen beyond expectation to evaluate the parochial and divisive motives of those political parties, media houses, fanatic religious institutions and practitioners. Barring a few, there is yawning interest to the significance of a December 6th anymore. The advent of a powerful social media has contributed to this change and the forceful retreat of these megalomaniacs. Whereas, the likes of Manu Josephs, Barkha Dutts etc. have an agenda to conduct and that is anything less than fragment the nation. Manu Joseph, coming from a typically hardcore Xian family from central Kerala, can not think, rather, is not permitted to think beyond the parameter which his diocese dictates. He could be sitting anywhere in this universe, yet, his diocese ultimately holds the leash. Therefore, to gloat upon a secular India can only be in those terms he penned, one which he is ordained to think within and not beyond. And that is to quote from the Horses’s mouth of what Joseph thought was his concept of secularism as elaborated in two of his columns in New York Times of December 5th. Both the links are provided below for interested readers.

Manu Joseph’s December 5 column in the International Herald Tribune

Manu Joseph’s concept of secularism in his column of the same day in New York Times

A few lines quoted below from Manu Joseph’s article can only be laughed off as a ridiculous penchant for deliberate mischief.

“…what it really meant, without spelling it out, was that Hindus, who make up the majority of the nation, would have to accommodate themselves to the ways of the other religions, even if this meant taking some cultural blows.”

“So, Hindus would have to accept the slaughter of cows, which they consider sacred (some Indian states have banned cow slaughter); …”

“… the Muslim community’s perceived infatuation with Pakistan;”

“…the conversion of poor, low-caste Hindus to Christianity by evangelists; and the near impossibility of getting admitted to some prestigious schools and colleges run by Christian organizations because so many places are reserved for Christian students.”

The poor bastard! His narrative can be laid to rest with an RIP if need be at best.

Yes, it is a growing concern that people like Jospeh, Zakir, Roy, Teesta, Afzal, Binayak et alia get away with any rubbish they rant or perform whereas any Hindu, from a layman to a priest becomes *communal* for a genuine exhibition of our cultural values. Now, if Hindus can’t practice their faith in a HINDU INDIA, where else will they do so. Dominant political interference into Hindu religion has forbade it to refrain from its festivities and practices in a systematic manner. Unfortunately majority of the Hindus, sadly belonging to the same political institution, little realized the inherent connivance. Thankfully, the RSS and its political wing, the BJP has somehow managed to tutor and amend the debilitation of a great religion. Plenty has to be done, yet, December 6th was an unequivocal execution according to a convention or tradition that was alien to the hitherto ignorant Hindu! It was perhaps the first congregation of Hindu masses with a singular purpose in over a century. Had they exhibited this unity a thousand years ago – I wish – no Baber or a Clyde would have dared step into the soil.

But, why should India be *Secular*? Are Islamic and Xian Nations secular? And what is the concept of being secular? Does any panelist or media anchors actually realize the exact meaning of secularism? Just for the records :-

The spirit or tendency, especially a system of political or social philosophy that rejects all forms of religious faith and worship is called Secularism.


the view that public education and other matters of civil policy should be conducted without the introduction of a religious element is called Secularism.

It’s like *naughty didn’t always mean “mean” and nice always wasn’t so “nice” ** Eh!

Well, and the second reason I look forward to this date with great anticipation and eagerness is because it is my Wife’s birthday! I simply love the date for both the reasons!!!


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The Gujarat Assembly Elections, 2012, while predominantly concentrating on development and progress has had its bite of rhetoric on the 2002 Riots, an obsolete and insignificant chapter in the history of India but for the Media houses who wish otherwise depending on the fat fees it receives from the Congress Party per se.

The fundamental point to muse is not the pseudo secular and bigoted opinion coming out of Media houses. It is the marketing of this idea that needs to be introspected.

Gujarat riots was just one amongst the countless riots that took place in India pre and post Independence. There were far more gruesome communal as well as gruesomely perverted riots that has taken place in the reason past. To weigh which one is bigger or successful than the other is an argument incognito. It is more to divert attention from the least preferred of them. Here, in this pseudo secular era of technological predominance, Gujarat riots finds itself in the forefront, and being a salable commodity, a business, a survival technique and a job in a jobless market for many, there are plenty takers, Media houses too joining this band wagon of losers.

Fact of the matter is that it is not the riot as such that instigates the partial approach of the pseudo-secularists to the riot, it is what gains can be nurtured out of it. With a political opponent governing the Centre, with Media houses literally selling their ethics, with NGOs fervently minting financial gains, with the subdued middle class circumspect of impartial analysis and with a wine drinking elite who prefer their languid evenings to gossip, for Gujarat truth will definitely remain distorted.

Comparison of riots should not be made – period. Hence, I too choose to not compare Gujarat riots to any other more draconian events that has marred our history and is continuing to do so until recently. Instead of socio-political instigations being propagated an impartial approach to an immediate relief to the affected areas should be the predominant priority. Alas, that does not happen so because of the communal political legacy and parochial vote bank agenda the Congress party cultivates, manures and reaps to its favor.

All I can say is, hey Nation, before your territory gets invaded by a faith that is barbaric and alien to you, before your conscience gets defeated by a dogma that enslaves you, before your existence perishes by the systematic overpowering of a doctrine that overwhelms you; AWAKE from your slumber. The Media houses, paid as they are,  are only a conduit to that inevitable DESTRUCTION that awaits you in the near future if you don’t chose to address it – and address it with equal vigor and vitality.

God help us, if otherwise.


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This elucidation is purely personal and based on several political activities that has caught my attention this month of December 2012  🙂

Man always made, and still makes, grotesque blunders in selecting and measuring forces, taken at random from the heaps of subjects surrounding a particular instance.  The veneration of the Gandhi family, especially Sonia Gandhi, is once such instance where not only the nation has blundered but also has bitten its very hand that committed this blunder. Unusual though is the fervor, the ardour with which that commitment is painfully labored for sustenance despite knowing fully well that it has been a humongous blunder.

That a bigoted segment of the Indian population, entirely in the garb of Congress and otherwise in the garb of Muslims and a few other fence sitters, who are unwilling or unable to perceive or understand integrity and self dignity, so chose to elevate a rank foreigner as their God Mother and her siblings as their oxygen is, needless to say in the least, trifling and fatuous! This blind imprudent and irrational stupor has earned the Nation international humiliation mingled with vexation and ridicule!  The Nation has crossed that threshold where now, internationally, it is recognized and considered as imperative that Indians can only be led by a Foreigner! A lady at that only adds to the ridicule!

An Opposition in disarray and sustaining a fragile existence is no solace to a larger segment of the population who are desperate and crying for Change! This hopelessness has amplified the confidence of the First Family and her legions who are prejudiced and unreasoning to change and who are fundamentally bootlickers by virtue of their exhibited Karma! Honestly, this entire lot reminds me of the legend of Narcissus – a lot who entirely dwells on servile flattery.

The Hindu raillery, a vanity inherited over thousand years now, has rooted itself in the values of our society such that as a consequence, it is considered appropriate  ridiculing a Hindu while it is acrimonious to a Muslim or Christian. Laws, in the more modern era, has been convoluted into the Indian Constitution thereby authenticating the constitutional right for a Hindu to be lampooned – in a Hindu Majority Country! M.F. Hussain, a street painter at his best, gets his audacity to dare the Hindu Faith from there. So does all the others too who are adamantly defiant at any moral policing that they consider infringes their right to *Freedom of Speech*. They are vociferous in protests when the likes of MFHs or John Dayals or Arundathi Roys or Shabna Azmis et al voice concerns at their freedom, yet, gloat about freedom of speech when it comes to a genuine Hindu protest. Bloody hypocrites one and all of them are including the Paid Media who stain their hands with frightful innuendos if victim is a Minority and cry freedom of speech if it is a Hindu. Section 66A is a rejuvenated magical wand in the hands of the Congress Government, predominantly but unsuccessfully revived to curb the potential influence of **Social Medias** like Twitter and Facebook.  I don’t think that the ZeroSibals or the Tiwaris have the intelligence or the substance in them to police cyberspace to that extent where they, the First Estate can permanently curb or abolish.

As I write this, there is incessant slander, false propaganda and unethical canards flung against the only thorn in Congress + Minority  bastion, the only *Krishna* fighting a lone battle against the unethicals, Shri Narendra Modi. Their motive is simple:  Cannot conquer him therefore, subdue or defeat him.  If this is achieved by hook or crook, battle is won and fragmentation of a great Nation is ensured.

Because, there is very little honor left in Indian Democracy, rather, it has become the fig leaf of a elite class solely devoted to a *White*.  It has become incomparably idiotic, incomparably amusing and in the current Congress context, a paragon of Gerontocracy boasting characteristics of “Youth”(Hahahaaaa…)!


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