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I for one have more of a radicalized and negative view about the Indian diaspora at large. It is a natural outpour of despair, disgust and despondency.

Indo-American relations have no doubt soared ever since Obama Administration took over. To assume that an overnight pally relationship would emerge between the two countries would premature and preposterous to presume taking into consideration our mutual history.

However, improved bilateral relationship would only surge both the countries way ahead of the intended graph. What irks most of the Indians though is the blatant hugging USA gives Pakistan time and time again apart from the huge monetary benefits USA reap on Pakistan. It irks all the more so when it is evident that more than 60% of these funds are utilized for nefarious anti-India activities and for bulging its own nuclear arsenal. India was never comfortable with a USA Friendly relationship considering their tactical connivance against India. If it blossoms into a worthy relationship well and good for both the countries.

Quite rightly. our Country has gone back rather than ahead if one was to evaluate the scheme of matters in its minutest detail. That UPA2 has taken us to the brink of anarchy would be the least to lament if not worse.

UPA2 has repeatedly taken the dignity of India to abatement by accepting the plethora of insults hurled by the Pakis. Time and time again Pakis have shoved it up ours and yet we extend our olive butt to them for shameful castigation. Spineless UPA2 will be in euphoric pursuit of further Paki insult – a phenomenon which, I suppose UPA’s perplexed Foreign Minister, insipid Prime Minister, bewildered Home Minister and the haughty Party President is zealous to pursue.

UPA2 has vote bank politics to consider. Minority vote has become the oxygen of Congress sustenance. Congress would go to any length to woo these votes and pursue any measure not to loose them, one amongst them being friendly relationship with Pakis.

An absolutely ineffective Union Government is more worried about salvaging its existence than being of any purpose to the Country. I would go further ahead to say that all the counter-productive policies, rampant in-fighting, insensitive foresight, dynastic over-dependence, carte blanche rule and other infinite etceteras will, sadly, bring down to nothing, a economically emerging country that had withstood the international economic meltdown bravely.

Corruption, the biggest threat facing the nation, has cascaded into Defense, Judiciary, Bureaucracy, Legislature, and Executive and to the smallest of offices in function. We have reduced our dignity by opting to pay a price to get anything done here thereby establishing an unsaid illegal but acceptable practice. Over the several years, the roots of corruption have churned in our minds to become more established than the establishment of law itself. The system has taken it for granted that things ought to get done only by accepting bribes. I agree there are a minuscule few who are the silver lining but their number fades into negligence or notice.

Can there be a reversal. The current anti corruption drive is certainly an impetus in this direction. But with the firm hand with which Government suppresses these movements is not at all encouraging.

However, I would sit still with a ray of hope, a hope that would see to an end of corruption, an end to despotism, an end to dynastic dominance, an end to abject poverty, an end to strategic compromises of boundaries, an end of vote bank politics and an end to CONGRESS dominance.

The solution to this ray of hope lies in but one Man – Narendra Modi. While the entire world is beginning to express recognition of his special virtue and unusual quality of exceptional leadership, we in India are persistently impenitent in our vision for a comprehensive Nation or to acknowledge him. His own political party does not. On the contrary, the entire political spectrum, barring a few, have decided to reduce themselves to decay and rot for purely egoistic and power hunger priorities. It will be an achievement of goliath proportions for Narendra Modi to emerge a clear winner with substantial votes to back him and his political front to independently form a Union Government free from the flurry of others.

Yes, I would like to see it happen. Yes, I would like to see India emerge as a powerful nation economically and militarily. Yes, I would like the nation to emerge as a leader in planning and determining the combination of geographic and political factors influencing or delineating the region. Yes, I would like the nation to emerge as a formidable industrial power ranked tall amongst other developed world countries. Yes, I would like the nation to get rid of its ‘third world’ tag which still predominates when addressing India. Yes, I would like to…….. it can go on.

I reckon I have been very judgmental of my views which in no way negates my perception nor my conviction that India will rise above all the ‘ifs and buts’ currently plaguing the country and emerge with the golden Armour it rightfully is and indubitably deserves……if Shri Narendra Modi were to take the mantle of leadership sooner than later.


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