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Hate Modi ➕ Pandemic➖➖A Dangerous Cocktail

Know the facts before abusing the Prime Minister. This screaming and insulting cabal would keep tight lipped and applaud at nothing being done had it been the white women — living off tax payers money — at the helm of affairs with her dumb son holidaying in Thailand and spiritual daughter sitting in trance in Manali.!! Shameful!!

Now those interested can read to know ground reality. Not that it matters if they don’t — 60% of patriotic Indians back the Prime Minister.. The rest automatically become irrelevant in that context.

Now read on.. :

If Congress was in power this disaster would be unsurmountable!! We have seen how people were left to die during the dreadful Uttrakhand Floods.. the trucks stood waiting with relief material for the white lady to arrive to flag off the convoy. The drivers carrying relief materials were not even paid for Diesel. Such was the callous approach to disaster management.

It’s no more the colonial slavish India today.

Today, India is not running low on PPE kits, masks, ventilators all of which has increased production since last year..

Remember, this is a pandemic — a manufactured virus developed to choke the world for vested sociopolitical interests after a span of 100 years — no country, I repeat, no country including economically developed countries like US, UK, France , Italy, Germany, Japan etc. can cope up with this dangerous wave!! It applies to the originators, China too . They are also reeling under pandemic pressure.

One can abuse Modi as much as they want, but no other leader could have handled this Surge better at this level , politics aside. That the world over is rushing in with help despite their own domestic constraints shows the magnanimity of the leader he is and how well his diplomacy has worked in favor of India.

There are some
Bitter Truths that will not get highlighted in a politically turbulent country like India. There are plenty of ifs and buts , I certainly concede. But do we stick to rhetoric or do we set aside political differences and unite to fight a common enemy? The Media, with their vested interests propound antagonism .

162 Oxygen plants were sanctioned by centre to every state as per demand last year.. Money was sent too. Only 33 plants were installled by the States at this point in time!!

⚫️Delhi : 1 out of 8
⚫️Wb : 0.. Out of 8
⚫️Rajasthan : 0 out of 6
⚫️Kerala : 1 out of 5
⚫️Telangana: 0 out of 3
⚫️Andhra: 0 out of 3
⚫️MP: 5 out of 8
⚫️Mah: 0 of 8
And the list continues for the other 33 Plants installed…. Which is way below the allocation and finances sanctioned by the Central Govt.

Who is to be blamed??


Anyhow, when the pandemic graph began rising, within one week the following adhoc measures were undertaken with priority:-

▪️Centre has Airlifted 23 Oxygen tankers from Germany..

▪️Centre has Air lifted oxygen tankers from UAE

▪️Centre has Air lifted oxygen tankers from Singapore

▪️Centre is running Oxygen express Trains through the green corridor to every State..

▪️Centre is installing 262 oxygen plants in every state ( 30➕ is already setup)

▪️Centre have taken all Industrial tycoons in the loop and have asked Ambani /Adani/Tatas /Jindals etc to provide Oxygen from their Industrial plants..

▪️Created 1000+ beds in Delhi with ICU and Oxygen

▪️Life saving Injection Remdisivir production increased to 90 lakh/month from 40 lakh/month.

▪️DRDO/ITBP/ARMY /IAF is providing Beds, doctors and every help Available under Defense Ministry.

▪️Industries to immediately build health infrastructure with Central help – FM approved it.

▪️Vaccination open for 18+ from May 1.

🔹All BJP states will be providing vaccine for free. Other States are welcome to do so rather than lame rhetoric.

▪️5 kg free grains will be provided to 80 crore people for next 2 months at a cost of Rs 26,000 crores to the exchequer..

This is what Modi has done within 1 week of 2nd wave ..

Like I said in the beginning, Criticism should be constructive, not belligerent and personal. The pandemic is not created or manufactured by Modi. No country in the world, Rich or poor, has withstood it. That India is in the limelight is thanks to the plenty Brutus within.

Be it lighting a lamp or applauding front line workers, the overwhelming 60% supporters trust the man they chose to lead them and will continue to do so amidst political bickering, liberal cabal jeering, leftist accusing, intolerant brigade insulting and the intellectual comedians admonishing…!!

I cannot let go off the disparaging Media who for the sake of TRPs, uses its on-screen graphics to push selective information. The chyrons you see on most of the, if not all, TV Channels are simply a carousal of negativity and hate mongering not to mention peddling fake News at a time of crisis.

Yours truly,
Jai Hind 🙏🙏

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