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This appropriate quote from Edmund Burke summarizes Mr. Narendra Modi in entirety.

**A disposition to preserve, and an ability to improve, taken together, would be my standard of a Statesman!**

And indeed he is !

The Gujarat election results has just proven how unthinkable it is of the State without Modi. The chest beating speculations that varied in tenacity from different anti Modi quarters abetted by a sweating and enhanced negative propaganda from the Media all but did not deter the people of the State to distinguish between black and white.

Beginning with a curtain raiser by Sonia Gandhi, followed by Prime Minister and a stream of other useless Central leaders and in climax, a curtain closure by Rahul Gandhi was sort of amusing. Hilarious it was to watch one and all *read* painfully meaningless speeches stuffed with canards. While Modi drove the first lady out of Gujarat questioning her reticent and apocryphal expenditure, the PM’s mumblings was not worthy of retort. As for the Prince, he was nothing more than a minion to be disregarded and Modi rightfully did not waste energy there.

As for the media, it was amazing how dramatically they could swap sides putting even a chameleon perhaps to shame. But it was baffling that NDTV stood to boot lick the Congress despite their peril and chose to glorify the 2 seat reduction to BJP more than the extinction of other mortals less. I suppose they were starved with abundance of variety to choose between a CON MP as their share holder, his wife its chief editor and Media ethics and honesty.

Unless BJP buries itself in intangible absurdities, I sense a good chance for BJP to come thru in the next general elections in 2014 or perhaps earlier with the way NCP is behaving. The audience that attended the coronation of Modi for a record 4th time is an indication of how the political formations will be in 2014.

That AIADMK, MNS,SS,SAD and Ramdas Athavale of the Republican Party of India and Om Prakash Chautala of the Indian National Lok Dal also marked their presence is significant though none of these parties may account to a constructive number at the Center. NCP is having fissures with the CON. Mamata’s TMC is anybody’s take except CON. Hence, at the outset, it is good omens to BJP, thanks largely to that single man, Shri. Narendra Modi. And only he has the mass acceptance even amongst his enemies except NDTV and Congress, though I am certain there are discreet admirers there too.

“Gujarat, with its all inclusive, sustainable and rapid growth, is emerging as a globally preferred place to live in and to do business.”  –  Narendra Modi  -Chief Minister, Gujarat.

This was Shri. Modi’s statement preceding the *Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2013* when inviting industrialists from over 120 countries around the globe and diplomats from over 30 countries as well.

The praise he got from one and all of the top corporates of India and from the visiting delegations around the globe can not be undermined by the offensively foul and vicious vocabulary Congress Party, its Spokespersons in Manish Tiwari or a Abhishek Singhvi or a Renuka Chowdary or a bigot like Mani Shankar Aiyar opt to use for their comfort. Never in the history of India under Congress, including those times when ruled by Congress’s erstwhile tall leaders was ever an event as vibrant as this happened. No doubt, there was nothing vibrant happening during their regime for India to host anything similar. Correction!  Here is a State within the Indian subcontinent that has withstood the deluge of slander and ostracization from its Congress led Central Government and gone on to host one of the biggest industrial investment events the nation has ever seen!

Here is a leader, perhaps the only leader  who CAN take India to its Zenith.  Wish him all the best.


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Salutes to the Two soldiers, Lance Naik Hemraj and Lance Naik Sudhakar Singh, who laid down their lives for the Nation.

The Tragedy of 8th January 2013, where these two priceless brave hearts from the Indian Army lost their lives, rather gruesomely, is a reminder to the dickheads sitting in the Congress led UPA2 Government of India as to what their *Aman Ki Asha* diplomacy has cost our Nation, Bharat!

When India’s border monitoring mechanism across the LOC distractedly lowered its guard up to its ankles largely due to the recent pretense of political and cricket diplomacy {an unpardonable excuse},  Pakistani soldiers crossed the ceasefire line in Kashmir and attacked our Army Patrol, killing, mutilating, beheading and disrespecting the two Indian Army Jawans in Uniform before retreating back into Pakistani controlled territory. This gruesome attack took place near the town of Mendhar, roughly 175 Kms away from Srinagar and about 600 meters inside the Indian territory at Krishna Ghati area of Poonch district.

The usual blame game, the finger pointing, the tu tu mei mei blusters will begin, rather have begun, from both the sides.  That is besides the point from an Indian perspective. We don’t have to consider the Pakistani point of view knowing their past reputation – ever since 1947, hence, that can be totally ignored.

Firstly, whatever be the reason, this indolence should not have happened from those responsible sitting higher up in the Indian Army. Secondly, this outbreak was the second in the last three days and the 73rd in the last twelve months. Thirdly, the Indian Government and the Indian Army both owes the Nation an explanation as to why they opted to become a follower of the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh, a phenomena renowned for utter silence and apathy during any criticality.

We, the current India, is reaping the demerits of our political ancestors right from MK Gandhi to Jawaharlal Nehru to Indira Gandhi to Rajiv Gandhi and inveterately continuing through to the Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi epoch.  There is no visible respite for an India that totally rejects Pakistan and its people under this regime.

On the contrary, policies are deliberately churned to please Pakistanis, gloat Pakistanis, benefit Pakistanis and ultimately succumb to Pakistani phobia. Social and cultural exchanges are in vogue. Bollywood is a patron of the Pakistani entertainment (if they have any other than killing) world with a vigor that shades India of any inherent talent. Music Industry and reality shows on TV are robust with Pakistani artists. Cross border commerce and trade is rapid on the Indian front while cross border terrorists are exchanged by the Pakis in equal measure.  Our erstwhile External Affairs Minister was more adept in singing hu lala la to his attractive counterpart from across the border than invoke any intelligent interaction, despite his age. Cricketing fraternity in India makes it feel that our cricket culture owes it to Pakistan more than to the cricketers themselves for their wins or mostly, defeats.  The Khans and the Akhtars extol the virtues of their Paki counterparts under the guise of brotherhood.  Such is the detrimental debauchery of Pakiphobia deliberately  ingrained in our culture by a impotent system calling themselves Government of India.

A sell out of J&K, Siachen and other strategic Indian territories are planned with diligence and connivance by the incumbent Congress led UPA2 Government at the behest of a much larger conspiracy hatched elsewhere (can not be named due to lack of substantive evidence as of now).

While the world at large accepts that Pakistan is a filthy rogue state why can’t the emissaries in India digest that.  It is a rogue state – period. It encompasses all evil segments of a nation that, by design, was engineered out of Bharat for nefarious religious considerations. Every bit a mala fide nation breathing out just one agenda predominant in their constitution – destroy Bharat at any cost!

Bharat has been consistently advocating to the so called international community, post Kargil war, that Pakistan remains the hub, the source and the sustenance of all Terrorist activities emanating around the world.  A link has always been found leading to Pakistan.  Yet to a large extent, partly due to prejudiced reasons and partly due to the inability of successive governments of Bharat to convince the major international players, Pakistan eluded International reprimand.  USA became Pakistan’s biggest monetary and arms donor. They failed to see the double standards and lip service Pakistan was churning repeatedly, contradicting intelligence sharing with Bharat on one side and with USA on the other side.  Sufficient and elaborate proof of Pakistan’s weariness was repeatedly provided to the USA who in turn made it their stubborn policy not only not to doubt the authenticity of Pakistan in their war on Terror but also glorify Pakistan of their dedication and commitment to the cause.

Osama Bin Laden’s luxurious life with his 4 wives and abundant children in Abbottabad under the hospitality of the Pakistanis until 02 May 2011 when he was assassinated re-emphasizes Pakistan’s double standards not just against the USA but the entire world.  Measures of redemption was immediately adopted by the USA with frequent knock on the knuckles of the Pakis and starving them financially and systematically discarding them as a  Nation totally.  That the Pakistanis found a new ally in China is another matter all together.

Whereas, with India, with the advent of UPA Government at the Center since 2004, they have succored and succumbed to Pakiphobia never ever pursued in the past. With a predetermined vigor, UPA has relentlessly taken the image of Bharat to dogs by accepting the plethora of insults hurled by them.  Time and time again Pakis have shoved it up ours and yet we have extended our olive butt to them for shameful castigation.  Spineless UPA will continue this euphoric pursuit, a phenomenon which I suppose UPA’s perplexed Foreign Minister, bewildered Home Minister, an insipid Prime Minister and a haughty Party President is zealous to sustain, shameless as they may be.

This repeated mockery of our nation will continue relentlessly at the hands of UPA for vote bank considerations.  Minority votes has become the oxygen of Congress + UPA sustenance.  They would go to any length to woo these votes and pursue any measure not to loose them.  To this end, friendly relationship with Pakistan becomes mandatory for Congress in order to coax and cajole the virile Pakistani favored pockets existing generously within India.

I personally don’t see a reprieve unless there is an alternative occupying the center with a new set of policies & procedures in hand or pray for one of the external forces to reduce Pakistan to a cripple {no harm to fantasize isn’t it}.  Bharat  for one, for whatever constraints, can not withhold Pakistan’s subterfuge despite the fact that this frequent anti-bharat propaganda and hate mongering will only cost the Pakis dearly………..or will it……..or do they care at all?


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