29 Sep


Red on PFI

1. The PFI organization was formed in the year 2006, all the members of which came from those Muslim organizations which were banned by the Government of India like SIMI. Now look how is their funding, which is known to the government but the government cannot do anything because everything is going on according to the rules.

2. I do not know the total number of PFI members in India (maybe close to 50 lakhs) but their 2 lakh members have 2 lakh savings accounts in India’s banks.

3. According to the rules of the Government of India, if any of your relatives, relatives, friends are abroad, then they can send a maximum of ten thousand dollars (about 8 lakh rupees) every month to India.

4. Believe me that every month in these two lakh accounts, only 500 dollars (40 thousand rupees) will be sent by their relatives, which means that about 800 crore rupees come in these two lakh savings accounts every month.

5. Of this 85% goes to PFI which means Rs 680 crore every month. The remaining 15% is the reward of the savings account holder.

6. If 680 crores in a month, then 8160 crores in a year, and this PFI has been in India since 2006, that means for about 16 years, that means in 16 years, they have at least Rs 1,30,560 crores from abroad. And in this I am telling about the lowest figure per month.

Now you think that if every month instead of 500 dollars they send 2000 dollars, then how much money will come and how will the government be able to put someone in jail.

7. Now understand CAA, NRC, hijab case, farmers’ movement, stone pelting in Kashmir, Hindu Muslim riots all over India always, crores of reward for separated from head body, how money comes for all these works. That is why it is said that by 2047 we will make India an Islamic country.

8. In Bihar alone, there are more than 15000 trained fighters of PFI who have been prepared for civil war.

9. PFI’s big boy SDPI (Social Democratic Party of India) This is the political wing of PFI which fights elections so that PFI gets full political support and PFI can be protected by creating ruckus directly in Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha. This SDPI has directly threatened Amit Shah and Ajit Doval that if the leaders of PFI are not released in 24 hours, then the government will be responsible for what will happen.

SDPI workers are facing many allegations of murder of Hindus in Kerala and forced conversion of Hindu girls.

10. PFI’s little boy CFI (Campus Front of India) They work to prepare Muslim boys and girls of college all over the country for jihad because college children get mentally ready for jihad early. They have been given the task of bringing back the land of Babri Masjid, they have also openly put up a poster of the same thing on their website.

11. PFI girl NWF (National Women’s Front), which is the wing of women jihadis, says that this is the most dangerous, she does not hesitate to do any task. How well the government and the system have worked to take action and how hard work – just know. Killing was a difficult task like the surgical strike on Pakistan, but the hard work of the nationalist government and agencies made it happen. Amit Shah and Ajit Doval ji also did complete monitoring of this operation by visiting Delhi Control Room overnight.

We are busy in earning food, but the agencies engaged in the security of the country are engaged 24 hours a day in understanding the threats emerging in the country and eliminating their network. For the last 4-5 months, the PFI leaders were under the watch of the NIA and other secret agencies. Kerala is the biggest stronghold of PFI, so special attention was given there. NIA officials already knew that terrorist activities by PFI were flourishing in Kerala and that is why 200 officers of NIA and other agencies were sent here, emphasizing on Kerala.

All these reached many parts of Kerala last Sunday. They rented rooms of PFI leaders within 1 km radius of their home and office area. No one knew why they had come and what their intentions were. From there they track the routes to the homes and offices of PFI leaders, prepare maps and send them to Delhi.

After getting permission from there, around 200 highly skilled officers of NIA, ED and other secret agencies reach many parts of Kerala and even top police officers of Kerala do not know it. Guards of 10 battalions (750 jawans) of CRPF from Ranchi reached Kochi with all kinds of state-of-the-art weapons to provide security to 200 officers. From there they split into many groups and reached different parts of Kerala but till then they do not know why they have come.

200 officers were divided into teams, engaged in continuous monitoring for 3 days. They use taxis to travel and the cab driver is asked to switch off his cell phone. At the end of the 3 day surveillance, it was informed from Delhi that this is Operation Octopus. After that the higher officials of Kerala Police are informed.

On the other hand, a special aircraft of Border Security Force was kept ready at Kochi airport to take the arrested PFI leaders to Delhi. The order to start the operation comes from Delhi at 2 pm.

At 3:30 pm, all these 200 officers go from their bases to the homes and offices of nearby PFI leaders and start searches by showing search warrants. For security reasons, CRPF and local police are deployed together.

Within 4 hours of the raid, arrested PFI leaders from different areas were brought to Kochi airport and brought to Delhi in a ready flight. PFI leaders were in Delhi till dawn before the Kerala government could intervene.

The agency does not pick up anyone like this, first does all the homework. Even though milk has come in the chest of opposition parties for terrorist Islamic organizations and they are making false allegations against Modi government but you should understand the truth.

*The Raids can be directly linked to a chapter in Mahabharata under the Shri Krishna & Jarasandha episode*

After killing Kansa in the Mahabharata, when Jarasandha was repeatedly attacking Shri Krishna, Shri Krishna used to annihilate his entire army again and again but left Jarasandha alive.

On asking the reason, Shri Krishna said that … I leave Jarasandha alive every time.
Because, after killing Jarasandha all the sleeper cells with ill-intelligence like him will go underground and then it will be very difficult to find them…

And, after that, we will not be able to know that… after all, where such people exist.

That’s why, I repeatedly leave Jarasandha alive and assign my work to him so that he activates his sleeper cell again and again and I end his sleeper cell selectively…

In this way I am able to eliminate such people in one go.

Now if you look at that incident of Mahabharata and the present scenario, then you will understand everything.

When Jarasandh sponsored a dharna in Shaheen Bagh and caused riots in Delhi, from that time he came on the radar of Shri Krishna.

Facts and evidence started gathering about him that what is this after all???

How many are its members, where does the money come from, where is its network… etc etc.

On the other hand, Jarasandha was engrossed in his strength that….we are invincible because we have been blessed with the demonic Zara (minority tag).

We have so many Kateshar with us… so many countries, so many political parties etc. etc.

At the same time, this illusion also came in his mind that… Moi Sarkar considers them to be the whistle of pressure cooker which is working to reduce “their” pressure.

Shri Krishna also kept smiling and pretending that… he is very naive and he is really thinking like what is going on in Jarasandha’s mind.

On the contrary, he kept running the horse of growth and fulfillment.

Here from Bhagwat to Doval and Moi Ji Kateshar kept meeting with the gurus and talking about feeding everyone’s kheer puri by telling everyone’s DNA one.

This makes Jarasandh also happy and carefree.

That, we are invincible… and, we can do whatever we want.

But, early one morning, 100 more handlers of Jarasandh’s network spread across the country were caught with complete evidence and documents.

Then again… a week’s peace… (perhaps to give him time to regroup).
It happened that in 2-3 days when Jarasandh understood that the attack was over now, he collected his resources and people again.

And, began to assess his strength that what and how much we have left now.

Then … again the second attack took place and the people and documents collected again were confiscated.

The funny thing about this whole incident was that… Despite Jarasandh’s network being spread all over the country and abroad, neither word nor any uproar came out against it from anywhere.

Because, even before doing all this, it was explained by Bhagwat and Doval to their religious leaders that… being bean DNA, we are trying to feed you pure ghee puri and dum aloo ki sabzi…

But, this Jarasandhwa… is defaming you, due to which the public is opposing our entire vegetable.

That’s why… before feeding you the whole vegetable, it is necessary to bamboozle this Jarsandhwa.

Therefore, you should take care that when we bamboozle him, his cry should not resonate much.

In this way, even those bears did not allow the outcry to resonate while discharging their responsibility.
And, Jarasandhwa was neatly bamboozled.

Well… the latest update is that Jarasandhwa has been banned for 5 years..

So that, on the basis of those seized documents, now their sleeper cell can be caught by selecting them comfortably.

Also…. in 5 years there are many yagyas to be done…

That is why the Dharmarakshaks… want to ensure the success of their Yagya by removing all possible obstacles that come in the way of the Yagya.

The essence of the whole story is that… now Jarasandhwa has been torn apart and now Jarasandha is just a history.

And, in the war of Mahabharata, now the fear of Jarasandha fighting on the side of Kauravas is over.

Jai Mahakaal…!!!

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