Ganesha Chaturthi Meaning & significance

02 Sep


  1. Sense Organs (5)…
  2. Output Organs (5)
    🔹Legs for walking
    🔹Hands for holding
    🔹Excretory organ for passing urine
    🔹Excretory organ for passing stool
    🔹Tongue for talking
  3. 4 fold Inner Organs
    ♦️Mind (Manas – Processing Unit)
    ♦️Intellect (Buddhi – Decision Maker)
    ♦️Memory (Chitta – Storage Unit)
    ♦️Ego (Ahamkara – Identity)
  4. Basic Elements (5)…
    ▶️Sound (Sky)
    ▶️Touch (Air)
    ▶️Shape (Fire)
    ▶️Taste (Water)
    ▶️Smell (Earth)
  5. Vital Life Forces (5)…
    🟣Prana (governs intake)
    🟣Apaana (governs elimination)
    🟣Vyana (governs circulation)
    🟣Udaana (governs speech)
    🟣Samaana (governs metabolism)

A human being is made up of these 24 properties (Ganas).. hence, he is Gana pathi (possessor of all Ganas)

In majority of cases, these Ganas are not under control. Hence, they are binding the conscience of a person by distracting him and churning his mind from different directions. Hence, they are called Pramatha Ganas (mind churning properties). They act as obstacle for a person from realizing his inner divinity.

A person shall transcend influence of these 24 properties by bringing them under reasonable control. Through their help, by converting them into a vehicle, he shall attain the realization of his Original Identity.

Then he becomes a Maha Ganesha (ruler of the properties).

That should be goal of every human being. That is the real significance of celebrating Vinayaka Chavithi Or Ganesh Chaturthi

🙏Ohm Ganeshaya Namah 🙏

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