HIJAB Controversy ➖ A Calculated Islamic Agenda of Polarization

10 Feb

Dear Hindus,
Hijab issue is a very big dangerous game plan to disrupt and put the whole Country on fire before 2024 Election, attract International attention, impose sanctions and derail the ongoing Hindu Unity Process which is moving towards Hindu Rashttra. Because they have realised that this Government will come back with thumping Majority in 2024 and then they can change any law and even declare this country as Hindu Rashttra. Please note that taking out SECULAR COUNTRY clause, inserted by Indira Gandi in the constitution is important to save Sanatan Dharma. But it needs 2/3rd Majority / Votes in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Then only we can proceed towards declaring Hindu Rashttra.
Secondly Vampanthi judges, filled in all the courts including Supreme Court, controlled by Congress is another big hurdle. They can give any judgment mis interpreting different Articles and later inserted amendments of the constitution to put the government in dock.

It is a very big gameplan planted by ISIS supported SDPI. The first incident happened in Udupi on first January and it was published in International news paper ( Turkey based) the next day. And it bacame a big news throughout Internationaly. They got the boost when SDPI won one seat in the KAPU (near Udupi) Panchayat election concluded very recently. SDPI is spread everywhere. They are brainwashing Muslims to raise voice on every small issues to have a upper hand. Just recollect Congress is responsible to bring up them here. They released all jailed culprits just before last Assembly election to get Muslim votes. Very difficult situation ahead for us.

Selfish Secular Hindus has to understand the situation and reject Secular status and convert as Hard core Hindus. Innocent / Ignorant Hindus to be awakened by all sensible people. We have a serious big job in hand to save our Sanatan Dharma and our Country. We need to try way out to overcome this dangerous situation. Please dedicate some fixed time per week to join nearby well known reliable Hindu organisations I their activities. Dharma Rashati Rakshitaha. Instead of putting money to Government owned temple hundis contribute to Hindu organisations who are working hard and fighting selflessly.

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