Ahmed Patel ➖ The erstwhile Power behind Sonia Congress

27 Jan

The BLACK BOX of Sonia Gandhi, #AhmedPatel

Why AHMAD PATEL was important for @incindia

  1. Ahmad Patel was right hand of Sonia Gandhi. Everyone work under him except Sonia Gandhi.
  2. He was owner of most of the madarsas in India. His family members are VC of Deoband institutions. His cousins run chain of madarsas.
  3. He and Farooq Abdullah share family relations. He had links in Kerala. He was gateway of Arab money to India.
  4. He controlled entire media chain. He is the one on whose command Vineet Jain thrown Arnab out from Times Now. His people are placed in all the channels.
  5. There are fleet of corporate cadres under his influence like Nilekani, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Narayan and many NGO runners.
  6. He was the one who backtracked three orders when RAW had got Dawood. From Samjhauta, Ajmer to Mumbai blast, he managed everything from media narrative to Home ministry.
  7. He recruited everyone between 2004-2014 from judiciary, secretary to media editors.
  8. You can imagine his power that he jailed sitting Home Minister Amit Shah for more than 4 months and his entire state
    intelligence team for 8 years led by DIG Vanzara. He was so powerful that he grilled sitting CM Narendra Modi for 13 hours. He compelled Amit Shah to leave Gujrat.
  9. He was the man behind Augusta Westland to Spectrum. He was prime broker. Sonia Gandhi favored Ahmad Patel more than Rahul Gandhi.
  10. He openly captured 44 MLA and had wasted crores in resort. Neither media nor law asked him how he could do that.
    He is not in power though he had shown his power when he required 45 votes knowing that he would get 44 votes only. He went to EC and EC disqualified 2 votes within hours. Video shows no malpractice and one can check the video. Despite the presence of NDA cabinet ministers Ahmad Patel made sure EC make him winner.

This is equal to winning of a state election. He reduced Congress from 57 to 42 but Congress made sure he wins. He was the lifeline of Sonia Gandhi and rumors suggest of a bedroom relationship too but left without investigation as is with all Sonia Gandhi cases by any Govt.

But, what a deserving end..!
Ahmed Patel, who stopped the funeral of former PM PV Narasimha Rao at Delhi and forced the then PM MMS to shift the body toHyderabad and did not even allow the body to bebrought to AICC HQ as Congress PM for last rites & respects is having a silent Burial amidst the COVID protocol of body disposal. No one was allowed to attend his funeral!
Karma does come back!

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