Sabarimala, Supreme Court & the BJP/RSS Enigma‼️

06 Oct

#SabarimalaTemple arguably is the biggest conglomeration of not just Hindus but other devotees as well each year during Mandala period. A balmy, gullible & notoriously baneful verdict was hastily pronounced by the SC on an issue that was beyond the bounds of Judiciary. The outgoing CJIs vice and the four out of the five bench judge’s vanity was demonstrated here. That the SC chose to selectively arbiter a petition that was clearly out of their parameters stinks of the anti Hindu agenda rapidly fueling or country. It is/was quite obvious at whose behest the unprecedented verdict was drived and concluded. Needless to say, a mere 70 year old Constitution➖ overtly and covertly scripted and largely borrowed from the colonialists➖ dared supersede the ethos, traditions and cultural practices that were prevalent from thousands of years. That the SC chose to permit/allow a handful of Lefty, wine drinking, sleeveless blouse clad Luteyen atheists into the sacred premises of a temple in the name of modernity, equality & other nomenclatures is preposterous, incredulous and interrogatory of the wisdom of the SC‼️ 

The incredible silence of the BJP Govt, particularly the top brass in the Party ➖without taking names➖is astonishingly conspicuous.  The RSS stand on the Sabarimala issue was also incredibly baffling.  Though a corrected narrative did appear in their mouthpiece soon after sensing the mood of the people of Kerala, especially women themselves, it was barely soothing. Usually after a verdict is pronounced, it is neither contempt nor catechizing the SC for the BJP Govt to remain mute and abstracted from the sentiments of millions of devotees. While they could have sympathised and cajoled with the devotees and found the way into their hearts, they have lost a political opportunity of ownership and instead earned the wrath of the people of the State of Kerala, particularly the women.  While writing this, I see placards and posters denouncing BJP, the PM, the Party President and the State BJP unit for quietly and helplessly seeing through the nefarious agenda of “Break India” by the neo liberal, pseudo intellectual, urban Naxal, Minority appeasers and Lefty coalesce❗️ 

Swami Shsranam 🙏

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