The Anti Modi Brigade & Misleading Adventures

21 Sep

Last two days front pages and headlines of almost all visual & print MSM were gloating about the Economic Collapse of India by referring to a SBI Report. This reports, obviously details minutely the pitfalls in the Indian economy.  The MSM bellowed that while the government argued that economy was rather safe, the SBI report confirms the economic meltdown. The MSM corroborated the SBI report and added their own nourishment to it by assuring the reader/listener that the meltdown was gonna be permanent. They assured the citizens that the research wing of the SBI in its report has confirmed thus.

The common citizen was forced to believe the MSM dramatics and ensuing malaise since the reference was that of a report from the biggest bank falling directly under the government. It was argued to the extent that even a bank under the government has chosen to counter and disagree with the government’s financial policies… wah! What more is needed to bring in anarchy❗️So what is the merit of this Blog..?

So far so good with thugs called MSM. Headlines are perfect, contents are minutely detailed and with a bit of add on from the MSM themselves, undoubtedly contributed by the equally aghast political pundits of the Opposition, the news was juicy enough to fill up the Breaking News segment. Except for one major problem … The SBI report that was the talk of a imminent collapse of INDIA was NOT A STATE BANK OF INDIA REPORT.  None from the MSM thought of verifying what is SBI.

Apparently, SBI is a private company called “Specialists in Business Information (SBI), a branch of am American company called Market Research. They are a private research organization that does market research privately for its mother company in the usa called “Market Research”‼️

This was what the MSM imbeciles made headlines of, either a deliberate oversight in haste to break the news or a genuine error!

Here are some of the headlines that followed pursuant to the false belief that SBI reports a financial collapse…:

Economic slowdown not just technical, it’s real: SBI report

Additionally, plenty other print and visual media analysis, manufactured of course, created panic and havoc at the Modi governments bad economic policies that consequently has resulted in this crisis. Debates and articles were manufactured in abundance with cartoons, posters, talk shows, mimics and what not against Modi and his government. They even concluded that 2019 was now a bleak chance for BJP.

So much hatred these people had against the Prime Minister that they did not even pause to verify facts of the details provided by the government and instead chose to believe a private research organization report by conveniently publishing it under the title –SBI Report‼️

Worse still, the very same day there was a report from the world bank Chief who said that India, with GST implementation, embarks on a tectonic shift taking India closer to 8 percent growth the coming year. This important report didn’t find space in the front pages or in the debates.

So, by and large, we citizens have to construe that if any unauthorized entity speaks against India our MSM would carry it as headlines without bathing a eyelid and would further manufacture their own ifs and buts to decorate an unverified news/reports to its Zenith. So much so for media honesty🙏🏼


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