About #Islam, Logic, statistics & #CharlieHebdo.

16 Jan


There have been many who while condemning the killing of the #CharlieHebdo cartoonists and journalists, said that Charlie Hebdo was Islamophobic and even some, as the #AlJaezeraDoha-correspondent Mohamed Vall Salem that ‘if you insult 1,5 billion Muslims, one or two of them will kill you’… This reminds me how in India Leftist intellectuals keep putting on the same foot, #Islamic terrorism and #Hindu fundamentalism. In those cases, a good journalist – and I would say any sane human being – looks at statistics: OK, the #CharlieHebdo cartoonists may have done something that offends #Muslims, that is depict the Prophet, but did they kill anybody? Did they snuff out violently and coldly a human life as the Kouachi brothers did? From a Dharmic point of view, or even a Christian one, which act do you think carries the blackest karma: the drawing of a cartoon or the taking of human lives?…

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