22 Dec

Yes, they do tread this date with guilt! Why? I wonder…..

For me, December 6th is a date I always look forward to for two reasons. While I will explain the second reason in conclusion, let me explain in not so many words my thoughts on the first reason.

The consternation and trepidation that befalls December 6th in India, inflamed by Media’s passionate and overmastering zest for subsistence, can only be laughed at, ridiculed at and at best ignored at. The pretentious *oohs* and *aahs* that accompanies almost all of the panelists and the anchors debating this date as worthy of the time they spend over it is risible. Alas! These fellas have managed to somehow drill this date as a metonym for *destruction*.

Nevertheless, the public have risen beyond expectation to evaluate the parochial and divisive motives of those political parties, media houses, fanatic religious institutions and practitioners. Barring a few, there is yawning interest to the significance of a December 6th anymore. The advent of a powerful social media has contributed to this change and the forceful retreat of these megalomaniacs. Whereas, the likes of Manu Josephs, Barkha Dutts etc. have an agenda to conduct and that is anything less than fragment the nation. Manu Joseph, coming from a typically hardcore Xian family from central Kerala, can not think, rather, is not permitted to think beyond the parameter which his diocese dictates. He could be sitting anywhere in this universe, yet, his diocese ultimately holds the leash. Therefore, to gloat upon a secular India can only be in those terms he penned, one which he is ordained to think within and not beyond. And that is to quote from the Horses’s mouth of what Joseph thought was his concept of secularism as elaborated in two of his columns in New York Times of December 5th. Both the links are provided below for interested readers.

Manu Joseph’s December 5 column in the International Herald Tribune

Manu Joseph’s concept of secularism in his column of the same day in New York Times

A few lines quoted below from Manu Joseph’s article can only be laughed off as a ridiculous penchant for deliberate mischief.

“…what it really meant, without spelling it out, was that Hindus, who make up the majority of the nation, would have to accommodate themselves to the ways of the other religions, even if this meant taking some cultural blows.”

“So, Hindus would have to accept the slaughter of cows, which they consider sacred (some Indian states have banned cow slaughter); …”

“… the Muslim community’s perceived infatuation with Pakistan;”

“…the conversion of poor, low-caste Hindus to Christianity by evangelists; and the near impossibility of getting admitted to some prestigious schools and colleges run by Christian organizations because so many places are reserved for Christian students.”

The poor bastard! His narrative can be laid to rest with an RIP if need be at best.

Yes, it is a growing concern that people like Jospeh, Zakir, Roy, Teesta, Afzal, Binayak et alia get away with any rubbish they rant or perform whereas any Hindu, from a layman to a priest becomes *communal* for a genuine exhibition of our cultural values. Now, if Hindus can’t practice their faith in a HINDU INDIA, where else will they do so. Dominant political interference into Hindu religion has forbade it to refrain from its festivities and practices in a systematic manner. Unfortunately majority of the Hindus, sadly belonging to the same political institution, little realized the inherent connivance. Thankfully, the RSS and its political wing, the BJP has somehow managed to tutor and amend the debilitation of a great religion. Plenty has to be done, yet, December 6th was an unequivocal execution according to a convention or tradition that was alien to the hitherto ignorant Hindu! It was perhaps the first congregation of Hindu masses with a singular purpose in over a century. Had they exhibited this unity a thousand years ago – I wish – no Baber or a Clyde would have dared step into the soil.

But, why should India be *Secular*? Are Islamic and Xian Nations secular? And what is the concept of being secular? Does any panelist or media anchors actually realize the exact meaning of secularism? Just for the records :-

The spirit or tendency, especially a system of political or social philosophy that rejects all forms of religious faith and worship is called Secularism.


the view that public education and other matters of civil policy should be conducted without the introduction of a religious element is called Secularism.

It’s like *naughty didn’t always mean “mean” and nice always wasn’t so “nice” ** Eh!

Well, and the second reason I look forward to this date with great anticipation and eagerness is because it is my Wife’s birthday! I simply love the date for both the reasons!!!


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  1. Vicky Nanjappa

    December 22, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    Great post sir really very good

  2. kpp1991

    December 23, 2012 at 6:12 am

    Thanks Vicky 🙂


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