14 Dec

This elucidation is purely personal and based on several political activities that has caught my attention this month of December 2012  🙂

Man always made, and still makes, grotesque blunders in selecting and measuring forces, taken at random from the heaps of subjects surrounding a particular instance.  The veneration of the Gandhi family, especially Sonia Gandhi, is once such instance where not only the nation has blundered but also has bitten its very hand that committed this blunder. Unusual though is the fervor, the ardour with which that commitment is painfully labored for sustenance despite knowing fully well that it has been a humongous blunder.

That a bigoted segment of the Indian population, entirely in the garb of Congress and otherwise in the garb of Muslims and a few other fence sitters, who are unwilling or unable to perceive or understand integrity and self dignity, so chose to elevate a rank foreigner as their God Mother and her siblings as their oxygen is, needless to say in the least, trifling and fatuous! This blind imprudent and irrational stupor has earned the Nation international humiliation mingled with vexation and ridicule!  The Nation has crossed that threshold where now, internationally, it is recognized and considered as imperative that Indians can only be led by a Foreigner! A lady at that only adds to the ridicule!

An Opposition in disarray and sustaining a fragile existence is no solace to a larger segment of the population who are desperate and crying for Change! This hopelessness has amplified the confidence of the First Family and her legions who are prejudiced and unreasoning to change and who are fundamentally bootlickers by virtue of their exhibited Karma! Honestly, this entire lot reminds me of the legend of Narcissus – a lot who entirely dwells on servile flattery.

The Hindu raillery, a vanity inherited over thousand years now, has rooted itself in the values of our society such that as a consequence, it is considered appropriate  ridiculing a Hindu while it is acrimonious to a Muslim or Christian. Laws, in the more modern era, has been convoluted into the Indian Constitution thereby authenticating the constitutional right for a Hindu to be lampooned – in a Hindu Majority Country! M.F. Hussain, a street painter at his best, gets his audacity to dare the Hindu Faith from there. So does all the others too who are adamantly defiant at any moral policing that they consider infringes their right to *Freedom of Speech*. They are vociferous in protests when the likes of MFHs or John Dayals or Arundathi Roys or Shabna Azmis et al voice concerns at their freedom, yet, gloat about freedom of speech when it comes to a genuine Hindu protest. Bloody hypocrites one and all of them are including the Paid Media who stain their hands with frightful innuendos if victim is a Minority and cry freedom of speech if it is a Hindu. Section 66A is a rejuvenated magical wand in the hands of the Congress Government, predominantly but unsuccessfully revived to curb the potential influence of **Social Medias** like Twitter and Facebook.  I don’t think that the ZeroSibals or the Tiwaris have the intelligence or the substance in them to police cyberspace to that extent where they, the First Estate can permanently curb or abolish.

As I write this, there is incessant slander, false propaganda and unethical canards flung against the only thorn in Congress + Minority  bastion, the only *Krishna* fighting a lone battle against the unethicals, Shri Narendra Modi. Their motive is simple:  Cannot conquer him therefore, subdue or defeat him.  If this is achieved by hook or crook, battle is won and fragmentation of a great Nation is ensured.

Because, there is very little honor left in Indian Democracy, rather, it has become the fig leaf of a elite class solely devoted to a *White*.  It has become incomparably idiotic, incomparably amusing and in the current Congress context, a paragon of Gerontocracy boasting characteristics of “Youth”(Hahahaaaa…)!


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  1. Vicky Nanjappa

    December 15, 2012 at 3:47 am

    a truly thought provoking and very very very well written article sir. please write more sir

  2. Prashanth K.P. (@prashanthkpp)

    December 15, 2012 at 4:18 am

    Thanks Vicky. 🙂


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