21 Aug

The current state of affairs in HINDUSTAN! Ooops! can we call it Hindustan anymore, with the ever increasing Muslim population and drastically decreasing Hindu population, the ratio has become only a difference mildly stretched. And, going by the biased caste based census, who knows, the Muslims might just rub shoulder to shoulder with the Hindus in the near future.

There are nearly 11 major sects of Islam followed by their innumerable sub-sects of which known are 72.

Similarly there are roughly 13 major sects of Christianity followed by their innumerable sub-sects amounting to approximately mind boggling 34,000+++.

These religions too have their Upper Caste/Lower Caste classifications. They too fiercely follow a typical pride and prejudice akin to Hindus. Untouchability was and is continued to be practiced in various segments of both Islamic and Christian sects even though they fall shy of admitting the fact.

But, in India, for vote bank politics, to overlook these innumerable sections of Minorities and put them collectively under the Minority Basket without bifurcation and merely slash and slice Hindus alone on Caste basis appears more radical a concept that would lead to terrible consequences of elimination than consolidation of Hindus.

And this is where the Muslim agenda plays a significant role. Their motive to Islamize India as they successfully did with Indonesia and other parts of the world where they remain in predominance now is their only objective. So far, they have been highly successfully in their attempt and we, the Hindus, have turned a blind eye to this lethal factor.

Is there a recourse from this. Perhaps yes, if and only if there is a concerted effort on the part of Hindus to UNITE, INTEGRATE and be proud of their ancestry. Further, they should be daring to confront anybody who dare intrude and break the harmony of this existence. If not, another 25 years is all it takes for the so called Minorities to take over the Nation.

The Assam riots and the many more that will emerge in future too are significant contributors towards achieving that goal.

And the insinuations of the likes of Barkhas, Saagarikas, Teestas, Shomas, et al defying the danger of the violent and radical Islamic influence spreading in the country are augmentative of this looming disaster.

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