27 Jun

Now, this Troll subject, has been narrated by several eminent bloggers in their own style and perspective, giving it a sudden thrust of importance which otherwise wouldn’t.

I reckon, with the advent of Social Media, the prolific involvement of an otherwise nonchalant group of people, knitting and stitching their set of ideas and ideologies in an emphatic manner, sometimes crude, sometimes refined and at other times unabashed, took by surprise and storm that space hitherto dominated by a set few intellectuals. These intellectuals has set forth certain norms, certain standards that perhaps suited their inflexible anticipation and anxiety that could not be disturbed. The Social Media brought about an incisive change to this set parameters and to me, shook the established foundation so severely that it invited only antagonism, hatred, competitiveness and a fear for challenge.

Thus Trolls was established.

Anything or anybody that questioned this rigid space were not only bracketed as intellectually and culturally deviated, but alas, also right wing fundamentalists. Thus, apart from its intended Wiki or Dictionary prescribed meaning, Troll got elevated to a right wing fanatic ideology and its denizens automatically became called Trolls!

What is indeed curious to note is that Trolls got vastly associated to yet another caption *Internet Hindus* – whatever that implied. But it stood to stay for whatever may be the reasons. A large amount of netizens are Hindus and any wicked attack at their sentiment obviously would have brought back requital according to its merits. To castigate a rebut to that being a *Right Wing Hindu* retaliation is mere fantasy.

Nevertheless, the left liberals and some centrist liberals too have concluded themselves that Internet Hindus means a right wing group of fanatic Hindus who are untouchable and conceptualized as the result of class conflict. These sycophant liberals suggests that the Internet Hindus belong to a lower class or segment that has its own set of goals and values and that these differ from the norms established (by themselves) of other social groups like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Blogs, Op Eds so on and so forth.

That the established norms, hitherto set as parameters of nobility for social groups, went for a toss with the intellectual occupation of a class of people who wrote, thought, qualified, quantified and communicated beyond their comprehension. While they have had to unbearably succumb to this new breed of intellectuals called Internet Hindus, they found themselves groping in the dark in search of some light that might help them compromise and compound with the Internet Hindus.

All I can say is – you guys / gals are most welcome!  Hail Internet Hindus!

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