25 Jun

Social Media and Internet Hindus is a subject that is currently not just becoming a cause célèbre but a imposing dilemma haunting the Main Stream Media and Left Centric Political groups.

Honestly, to me, this scare of the Social Media is a self inflicted infatuation emerging out of a complex that is 1] inferior to that of the Social Media 2] becoming answerable to the Social Media 3] being questioned by the Social Media 4] being audited, exposed and corrected by the Social Media. Now, these are traits that the Main Stream Media never had to confront with. They were their own bosses and being proxy to their political masters, elevated themselves to a position of indubitable authority. With the advent of Social Media and its spectacular and sensational prevalence over a large section of the intellectual netizen population, Main Stream Media and their Political cousins found themselves confronted, questioned, corrected and in rare cases, apologetic! It’s an incomprehensible disposition to come to truce with indeed. Therefore, the grudge, the animosity and irrepressible rage as retaliation was obviously to be expected and thus they, the Main Stream Media diligently coined the terminology **Internet Hindus** – as if to emphasize that only Hindus are their adversaries!

In a way, yes, it is by and large the frustrated and ambuscaded Hindu Community that has emerged vociferously confrontational in the several Social Medias. And rightfully so! They have been abused, ambushed and deprived of legitimate respect by these cockeyed and parochial stiff upper lipped syndicate. The three or four examples you took above are the bolder ones who have dared while there remains the double speaking likes of Akar Patel, Sanjay Jha, Soutik Biswas, Shekar Gupta, Kumar Ketkar, Vinod Sharma et aliae and their political consorts like Manish Tiwari, Digvijay Singh, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Renuka Chowdary, Jayanthi Natarajan and the vast many obnoxious others too. That they together invent, manufacture and pulverize fact and fiction alike with remarkable ease and adamancy is worthy a pat. The sanctity of Press has been so abused by these repulsive opportunists that the credibility, morality and ethicality remain a dubious virtue – mostly!

However, I have to acknowledge that, apart from all this delinquent, crass and insensible syndicate, there also exists an honorable, transparent, impartial and honest Media with eminent personalities like Madhu Trehan, Kanchan Gupta to name some, who manage to uphold the code of conduct predominantly essential for Media i.e. honest impartiality.

And, to conclude, the Social Media and Internet Hindus are here to stay, however much disliked by the uncomfortable group of hypocrites in Main Stream Media and the Left Centric Politicos.

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