24 Jun

Yes, though a ardent BJP follower, I was getting pretty beleaguered with the manner in which the BJP outfit was conducting itself playing second fiddle to the Congress in every which way possible.  In  that sense, their support of Sangama was a welcome departure from their ritualistic mannerisms and a significant move in terms of emphasizing their supremacy in NDA, rather, whatever little remained of it.  Moreover, though a foregone conclusion that the result lies heavily favoring the Congress candidate, Pranab Mukerjee, a contest nevertheless,  knowing fully well the negative result was a welcome move. In that sense, must appreciate the determination of Sangama also who chose to forego his political party and position for the sake of his singular decision to contest for Presidency. Therefore, a backing by BJP has far reaching consequences favoring the BJP in the long run leading to 2014 elections.

Undoubtedly, BJP should shed its NDA cloak and come out as a political party that upholds Hindutva, an  ideology it stood for and for which the people of India voted and won them twice. Their fall was their self inflicted departure from the Hindutva ideology.  Right now, the Hindus of India, after 8 continuous years of persecution under the Congress led UPA1&2, after the predominance granted to the Minorities at their expense, after the appeasement of minorities for vote bank politics etc. has come to realize that their identities are not just at stake but could well be extricated if not austerity measures are adopted. The Hindus undoubtedly are looking for that avenue that will fetch them what is rightfully theirs without being compromised. To this end, they look up to BJP as their savior. If BJP fails to recognize this pulse, then of course, not just BJP as a political outfit, but the Hindus as a culture will get eradicated from their country. BJP should think of political correctness now and not of political appeasement of others.

They should begin to apprise the general public of the Congress atrocities at not just suppressing the Hindu plight, but by granting everything to the Minorities at their expense. In the process if the fringe coalition partners feel ridiculed and so chose to cut relationship, BJP should gladly accept it and move on with their single point Agenda, i.e. consolidation of Hindus and their votes. They should rest their infighting, factionalism and petty egotistic differences and gather as one formidable rival to the Congress and its pseudo secular affiliates who are none other than mere opportunists. The recent Mulayam Singh turn around during Kalam’s nomination is testimony to their political chicanery.

Regional parties, though formidable from their boundaries, can not span nationally and will always look towards a large political party  that would accommodate them. Therefore, if BJP goes it alone and, God willing, comes winning with 175+ seats, all the fringe regional parties will automatically suckle to BJP unhesitatingly. After all, it is the same theory of “Survival of the fittest”, isn’t it? I hope and pray BJP realises that it is time for them  to go it alone.

In BJP’s solar system, Narendra Modi is the Sun.  Neither BJP internally nor its allies externally can  deny that fact. The hue and cry JDU makes is more out of a political gamble they  intend to adopt out of their immature political experience. Nitesh Kumar is a snake and his PM aspirations stands nowhere if Modi prevails. Hence, they are in preparation of a political hara kiri. So be it.  BJP should not be emotionally tied up to JDU’s demise. Modi has to be projected as its National leader and BJP should stand firm on it with or without its alliance leaving that choice to the alliance. Shiva Sena is a spent force and BJP, if need be, should now look towards forging an alliance with MNS.  Whatever, BJP needs to step aside from its NDA mantle and begin their ground work all alone. They have a huge possibility of beat the Congress black and blue if they utilize this opportunity diligently.

Yes – BJP should not compromise or stoop to any level in terms of its identity and begin to consolidate its huge supporters, both active and passive with some brilliant politicking.  All we can do is render a social media support which they must unfailingly recognize.

Jai BJP, Jai Narendra Modi!


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  1. sachin

    June 15, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    a true analysis which will be ignored by bjp thinktank,as they think bjp cant win elections alone and they have to fight with stupid and so called secular leadors like nitish.But bjp shudnt miss important point that issue of hindutva made them an alternative to congress and destruction of left forces.

  2. kpp1991

    June 15, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    Sachinji, thanks for reading. It is imperative that BJP unshackle itself from the inhibitions it dwells in playing second fiddle to other political parties both within its allies and without, and project itself as a party with a difference, both in governance and ideology. What is wrong in projecting itself as a Hindutva Party I wonder? Contrary to BJP Think Tank’s hollow belief they would be surprised to find tremendous support once they are determined to go to the people with a constructive agenda that is inclusive of Hindutva. Well, let us hope so.

    In the meantime, if the likes of Nitish Kumar gets ackward, don’t tag them along. It is anyway the eve of general elections and JDU would stand to loose more than the BJP in Bihar if they were to move out of the BJP blanket, especially in the name of Narendra Modiji.

    Thanks, once again.


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