19 Jun

There exists a reservoir of factual information pertinent to the blatant shortcomings our media in general and NDTV in particular practices.  Media should be in the best interest of consumer’s practices and be democratic enough to argue their institutional proclamation of Freedom of Speech.

As it were, it would appear that NDTV’s parameters of tolerance on Freedom of Speech stops where the buck stops in their favor and when spilt beyond, gets castigated. Media ethics, moral code of conduct and the interpersonal relationship NDTV is supposed to uphold and maintain as a leading Media House has, over the years, deteriorated to falling short of being anti-national. With many of their anchors freebies of Pakistan, with many of their anchors proven Hindu bashers, with many of their anchors proven prodigals of corruption and with many of their anchors politically biased, the impartiality of their NEWS is utterly lost!

Newsworthiness is defined as a subject having sufficient relevance to the public to warrant press attention or coverage in an impartial manner.  More often than not, NDTV has far from been impartial. They have picked
and chosen subjects favoring them rather than national interest. They have favored Congress in their political agenda in a unilateral manner totally discrediting other political parties not in their favor. They have hunted
individuals whom they want to discredit with relentless enthusiasm, Mr.Narendra Modi tops that list. They have had anchors involved in corrupt and scandalous political contentions with no particular penalty imposed upon them.

I guess with the ‘new-age glamour’ imperatively becoming a prerequisite for media journalism, a sense of snobbery entails it. This lot subjugates themselves to, pretend to, endeavour to exhibit constructional homonimity with rancour and ambiguity. If you attempt to somehow point it out, they treat you with unabashed disgust. More often than not, they are partisan, obnoxious, gossipy and honestly cantankerous. Moreover, they come with an attitude that they are the intellijerks of the whole world and the rest of us are mere fools or much lesser in IQ in comparison with them.

Social Media has had frequent confrontations with the likes of Nidhi, Barkha, Vikram Chandr et al of the NDTV, some amusing, mostly obnoxious. It is the responsibility of social media to highlight the visual and print media of shortcoming, partiality, unprofessionalism etc. that they observe in a particular Media. If that is construed as confrontational, abusive, trolling etc. then these Media Houses needs to revisit their code of conduct procedures and amend them to accommodate corrections, wherever from they may come.

The Electronic & Print Media have become brand ambassadors of political and religious establishments. An affinity is understandable, though not according to media ethics, but the extent to which some of them stretch themselves is ludicrous. NDTV particularly patronizes the communications media by discharging news that they are ‘paid’ to communicate, manufactured to communicate at the behest of their pay masters. And that is as good as being immoral – to me.

There should be accountability and an awareness campaign carried out to make these Media Houses realize they are not God but man-made tools created to broadcast and bring correct and impartial News!

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