16 Jun

The  “speculative”  paradox our PaidMedia, all of them in the print and visual segment is indulging against the BJP in general and Narendra Modi in particular is not just in bad taste but makes one wonder where media ethics, media loyalty to truth, media code of conduct and media impartiality has evaporated.

On 27th May, I did tweet the following:-

“”Amazing #PaidMedia headlines today:- BJP – a divided house;  BJP – troubles galore;  BJP – faction ridden party;  BJP – riddled in internal strife; so on and so forth.

Haha..contradicting reports in one shot?? | With internal feud out open, BJP in a course of self destruction via@DNA

If Modi is Goebbels, Rajiv Gandhi is none less than Hitler himslef. His hands are directly involved in Sikh Genocide.   – Cong comparing Narendra Modi to Goebbels shows Emergency mindset: BJP

Across any Media platform, the crux of their consternation was the alarmingly humongous popularity and nation wide support Narendra Modi was inheriting.  Incidentally, many media channels conducted a mock or preliminary survey of voters preference for an alternative party and leader at the center by 2014 to which and to their dismay, BJP stood clearly ahead of Congress and Narendra Modi remained unchallenged, the second nearest being the incumbent PM himself.  This, augmented by the splendid BJP Executive Meeting in Mumbai clearly exposed the trepidation of both the Press and the Congress party alike. BJP, for once in recent times, was able to elucidate the predilection of the common man.

It is needless to say that the incessant onslaught of *speculative prophecies of doom* for the BJP and Narendra Modi by PaidMedia promulgated at the behest of a dying Congress Party has to be confronted, withstood and legally accosted. Media can not be let off as an entity above the constitution and jurisdiction of India. That BJP does not have a power packed Media House of its own is one major setback.  A counter propaganda against the Congress Party and the Dynasty family could and am sure would redress the attack to a large extent.  Since anything against the Dynasty is considered taboo, perhaps the rest of the media could have been held to reason had a formidable Media house be owned by BJP.

Wishful thinking at this point in time. Words could be infinitely wasted on CNN IBN, NDTV and the remaining collaborators, something which they don’t merit.   Hence, I conclude with this quote by John Berger:- “”The Media Network has its idols, but its principal idol is its own style which generates an aura of winning and leaves the rest in darkness. It recognizes neither pity nor pitilessness””!


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