16 Jun

Gujarat Riots is a subject that has unnecessarily  held the nation to relentless debate, however frivolous and trivial it could get. That a large chunk of the politicos and their agents, the paid media could not digest the outcome of the SIT report was largely evident in the resulting talk shows, news headlines, op ed articles, blogs, tweets et al. Rather, the SIT report did not condescend to their nefarious expectation was the root cause for indigestion in them.

Predominant discomfort arose from the fact that Narendra Modi was given a clean chit. Had he been proven remotely involved in the riots, these very groups would have neither bothered with the numbers dead nor with riot itself. To reign in and implicate Narendra Modi was their ultimate desire and this was justifiably thwarted by a committee appointed by the highest law body of the country, the Supreme Court! The Supreme Court in its wisdom was judicious in appointing SIT taking a cue, a precedence from the Nanavati Committee bias when it investigated the 1984 Sikh riots.

What is appalling is the fact that in spite of the vindication of Narendra Modi by the highest authority appointed by yet again, the highest office of law, discontent prevailed amongst the left and communal thinkers, not to mention the religious minorities. On May 21, 2012  B. G. Verghese, one of the more secular journalists, wrote an article in The New Indian Express critiquing the Supreme Court monitored SIT’s report which exonerated Narendra Modi of any culpability for the riots: Lies, damn lies and statisticsThe article by Verghese  is one amongst the several that dared the SIT report, an act tantamount to perjury. I wouldn’t know if there is a law in our country that could rap the knuckles of those who did so, but I do know that in Europe and the US, such an act could be contempt of court and punishable. But then this is India, isn’t it. Yes, Verghese’s article contained material mostly worthy of thrash but significantly prominent in his distraught at Narendra Modi being vindicated.

Perhaps that was more or less the sentiment amongst a large section of the anti Modi syndicate that romped the country with a hope that he would be implicated. Like I said earlier, the number of deaths were all irrelevant and only potential to trivial arguments. 

Most disturbingly, those Hindus who also were killed in the riots were more or less a spent force. The 51 Karsevaks who were brutally murdered was a forgotten group of wasteful people whose only destiny, as our communally secular intellects desired, were meant to be killed. That our gloated, ego-centered, self-absorbed, wine drinking gate keepers of Hindu traditions chose to forget those Hindus killed in parallel with the Muslims and opted to look the other way so to speak is but the beginning of an end of Hindu culture and its values. Perhaps they would not live to see that day, but rest assured, their children would live to suffer under those very people they chose to vociferously agitate for. Verghese being one amongst them.

An impulsive, imperious and spontaneous outburst of helpless anger is what is narrated above.



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