16 Jun

The outcome of the BJP National Executive, for once, ended in a positive note with pragmatic resolutions and defined responsibilities delegated foreseeing 2014 elections.  Setting aside differences, the main opposition party did manage to project a virile and pragmatic commitment towards being the only alternative India has for a bright and shining future. The slanderous media coverage of the BJP executive meeting and the lame comments emanating from their political opponents was testimony to the alarm, apprehension and consternation Congress and other weaker political opponents held. That BJP managed to conclusively convey to the mass public in general and their political opponents in particular their focused preparedness and prevalent camaraderie certainly evoked jealousy and jittery alike.

Yes, I too disagree with Nitin Gadkari continuing as President for a second term, particularly so when his first term performance has been dismal. His obvious shortcomings can not be cast aside as an representational inexperience when it comes to governing a national political party. There can not be scope for ifs, buts and lessons learnt in this context. The party stands to loose from this. Instead, a dynamic and equally diabolic leader is required to take on the realms of the party with the reigns firmly in his efficient hands. Other than Modi, right now there is none in the party suiting this definition and imminent requirement. Unfortunately, with this gesture of second term, BJP has inherited once again in Gadkari an apathetic and angelic party president.

Yes, the recent mock surveys did favor BJP in a positive if not substantial way. This should not deter the party from its aim and one point focus which is to gain control of a great Nation currently in the hands of anti-nationals and thieves. They should garner enough public support and dislodge the in-house enemies sitting in the garb of Congress and its other fringe affiliates before they sell out the Nation. A pragmatic and judicious propaganda should be initiated by the most popular amongst the current BJP leadership nationwide highlighting their excellence in BJP ruled states and at the same time expose the chicanery the incumbent government is practicing.

No doubt, the litmus test for Modi will the be coming Gujarat assembly elections. A overwhelming victory will, let us hope, foresee a BJP under Narendra Modi take on the mantle of governance of India by 2014!

The uncanny media, of course succumbing to its paid masters directives, was aghast with headlines like *internal strife in BJP*, *a divided BJP concludes its national meet, *Sushma and Advani boycott national executive*, *dwindling BJP*, *leadership crisis in BJP*, *Opposition to Modi’s candidature as PM*, so on and so forth. It projected the frenzy in Congress, their political subordinates and their Paid Media more than it vainly did to tarnish the image of BJP.

No doubt, this National Executive Meeting will remain significant because of the Modi factor and the predominance he nurtured amongst his cadre and other leaders. That he stood tall way beyond any of the others on the podium is needless to say. Gadkari was brave in projecting a smile in spite of the fact that the Modi storm was overwhelming in kind and spirit. That there were at times, no listeners to hear subsequent speakers after Modi proves the stimulus is with Modi and with none else. Yet, the Dias was resplendent with all the tall leaders, both men and women, joining hands together for the sake of the party.

I only hope and pray that this feel, this momentum, this surge translates into positive votes for the BJP.

Congress’s worry is undoubtedly in the vicinity of reality even though they would not admit it nor would their Media.

Some good times to look forward to I suppose with the BJP.

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