23 Apr

Voting is a method by which an electorate chooses options to elect what they deem as efficient candidates to govern them for the stipulated period set as per constitution. It also involves the sentiments of the people by and large. A simple choice, or the umpteen options thrown to the voters in the Indian rostrum, does not allow voters to express the ordering or the intensity of their feeling truthfully. Often, a compromise is made owing to lack of efficient candidates across the spectrum. Nevertheless, voting rightfully defines the nature of governance that has been legitimately elected by the citizens of a country, however good or bad that legitimacy culminates.

Those citizens who so choose not to vote has also no bona fide right to lament on anything!

Voting is not stipulated as a compulsory *right* of a citizen in the constitution or by any legal stretch. It is but definitely an unsaid imperative that those of age MUST vote. If not, don’t crib – period! Indians, especially the 300 + million Middle Class has this habit of imparting utter disdain at the discomfort accompanying the exercise of voting and thereby refrain from it. This is callousness from their part – a sort of disowning their legal rights for temporary comforts.

Let’s take it from a political point of view. Only remnants of political ethics remain with the umpteen political parties crowding the Indian electoral spectrum. None have the moral authority or capability of proclaiming themselves to be the stalwarts of impeccable governance. They all vie for annexing *the seat* that ultimately grants them the infinite power to loot and destroy. Never has the old saying **Promises are meant to be broken** more pertinent in the Indian electoral context than anywhere else – not even in Love! Every politician shamelessly and unhesitatingly beg, borrow and die for our votes, only to *forget* them overnight after their victory. You will not find a devout politician across the spectrum that would be willing to shed fame and prosperity for national development and progress. All come with a vision as far as their nose tip only. There is nothing like the bloated and filthily used word – secularism – anywhere in the vicinity of its intended meaning which broadly is – “not specifically relating to religion or to a religious body or not religious or spiritual in nature”. Right throughout the last 64 years this word has just about meant anything else but its true meaning at the hands of the Congress Party. They have abused and reduced this word to a meaning that presently signifies THE DYNASTY and their DEEDS!

I would say, in the Indian context, after prostitution, elections are the most immoral acts of deed a politician commits with the benefit of the voter. Hence, to me both are equally culpable. Having said that, that does not relieve the politician of his duty. It is his job to execute what he has been deemed to do.

Voters being young or old are beside the point. Age is not a prolific factor in voting. The mindset of the voter is predominant. If the present day youngsters so choose not to vote, perhaps out of their frustration at the system, perhaps due to their own lacuna, perhaps due to the atrocities candidates employ or even perhaps due to their preordained stigma at politics, it still remains their right constitutionally. But to squeal, groan and bellow at the various failures of the system thereafter is certainly NOT in their rights or terrain. They simply got to shut up and endure the plight which otherwise perhaps their votes could have amended.

To refrain or abstain from voting is not in the best interest of a vibrant democracy. Vote they must and bring about changes as required. If not, the process of change becomes distant and even totally absent. In this era when electronic media is alive with events unfolding every second, it is not a dilemma for a common young voter to caste his/her vote to the best option available to him/her. Unless the voter themselves undertake to instigate and initiate necessary changes imminent to the system of governance they have endured thus far, there cannot come about much changes as desired. It should not be passion but diligence and sheer practicality that determine the voter’s sensibility. Vote bank politics, caste politics, minority appeasement politics, regional politics and linguistic politics should be shunned and demolished by the youngsters through their astute voting rights.

Though the sense and sensibility of the voter in deploying his constitutional right to vote and determine his own future remains paramount, it is not a constitutional compulsion or priority. Nevertheless, I would beg of them to employ their rightful power to vote in determining their amenity and comfort and the nation’s progress they live in.

So, let us hope that the voters will foment their votes diligently to kick out the despotic dynastic rule that has ruined our great country!


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