23 Apr

While BJP is committing political **Hara Kiri** both in their ruling states as well as at the Centre, the saving grace is but Narendra Modi.

That the SIT report, perhaps one amongst the several that stands to indict Modi, gave a clean chit to him was a forgone conclusion. Had Modi been personally involved in the 2002 riots, the CON led UPA would have left everything else and nailed him in no time. CON knows very well that they are merely grappling in the dark – but the motive behind this sagacious propaganda is essentially to keep the Nation’s interest diverted there while they are literally drenched in the Scam muck. To this effect, they have deployed an army of courtiers like the Teestas and Bhatts to churn the issue to their benefit. Yet, despite all concerted rotten efforts, Modi has come out unscathed.

It has been proven beyond doubt that Modi is a man of able administrative qualities and a visionary. He has transformed the State of Gujarat to the forefront of States within India with his administrative acumen and incessant commitment for development. He has remained impartial and unbiased to his citizens, be they Hindus, Muslims & Christians, not to mention the very many others too, regardless of what CON jabbers. As you rightly analysed, this instills FEAR amongst not just in CON, but their allies too. This fear is not merely from the fact of getting unseated, but from the fact that they would be hunted down with their Loot!

But BJP has become a non entity opposition, a toothless tiger equally mired in corruption, mis-governance, scams, disunity, power-hungry and above all – Leaderless! While the nation looks to an alternative to CON, the next best option remains equally tainted and helpless. Their internal strife, their obvious differences, their apparent groupings, their conspicuous involvement in scams, their lucid efforts in maintaining adequate governance in BJP ruled states and their determined exertion to libation & self destruction is leaving the country in an alarming situation where the voters earnest enough to kick CON out have no choice of an alternative.

Nitin Gadkari and the rest of the crew are but small time players in the large arena that RSS fields. Neither his acumen nor his talent, as boasted, has ever been in display. Many of his decisions had backfired creating ripples in the rank and file of BJP. A second term to NG would ensure and hasten the slow death BJP is currently undergoing. I would even suspect a split in the Party in the coming days. The anti-Modi lobby within BJP is working overtime to see that a Modi-centric Delhi does not ever happen. They have immolated themselves to destruction and a salvage seems beyond possibility. Amidst this, yes, Modi stands out shining. But like Abhimanyu in the Mahabharata, Modi can only pierce the bastion surrounding him. It is impossible for him to fight a lone battle against both adversaries and enemies from within and without.

While sad at BJP being in the process of self-immolation, it would be prudent not to speculate. Wait and watch as events unfold….would be best I suppose!

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