TERROR – The Kerala Connection

17 Sep

I had this concern all along and had raised it in almost all of my comments to several blogs that was pertinent to Terror activities surrounding kerala, Karnataka, Kashmir and elsewhere in the country. The links are very valid, very active and very profound. They have a established network in terms of manpower deployment, finance, events management and terror strikes. The brains are all distorted radical Islamic youths mostly from Kerala and Karnataka, brainwashed by a doctrine that is at worst, sinister and evil.

Kerala had all along been the hub for terror growth. No activities were required to be unleashed there since the State was already in their grips. A mere 25% of the State’s Muslim population govern 55% of its entire wealth, 35% of immovable assets and nearly 51% of all large scale businesses. The money that pours in from its Middle East sources are in multiple of millions every month. What is amazing is that majority of the Kerala ‘Kakas’ as they are called work as coffee/tea boys, paper vendors, vegetable vendors, fish sellers, minuscule supermarkets etc. yet they are disciplined to donate a percentage of their monthly earnings to a central fund collecting unit that eventually sends it across to various State units in India for funding of Terror activities. Their respective Mosques reminds them every Friday during prayers not to forget their donation.

This large amount of money that flows into the state coffers are neither investigated for its source or its intent. The banks obviously will not worry too much with the wealth pouring in since it elevates their ranking. But the State Agencies under Home Ministry in spite of being aware of this large flow of money into the State do not investigate even by clandestine means. There is no investigation to the umpteen large scale business houses that are sprung out of the blue by a Muslim. No investigation is carried out on a spontaneous deal where a large amount of land costing crores are done by a Muslim. No investigation is done when huge multistory buildings spring up as flats around the State all owned by Muslims. No investigation is done when Mosques are built like toy blocks at every nook and corner of the street all around the State. No investigations are done on a once poor Muslim suddenly owning estates, land, business houses, mansions etc. when it is absolutely known that the average salary of a Gulf Muslim is not more than Rs.15,000/- a month. Of course there are the very rich Gulf Muslims too but they do not add up the immense movable and immovable wealth the Muslims own back in their respective States, particularly Kerala.

The Kerala terror angle should be drastically investigated not just limiting to Mallappuram but to Calicut, Kannur and Kasargod as well where they have made it their strong holds. T.Nazir and 6 others are from Kannur out of which 5 of them were shot dead in Kashmir recently. But when vote bank politics takes precedence over national security, when a majority nation is held to ransom by a mere 17% minority, what better can one expect other than but Terror. Unless and until there is an alternative Government at the Center who governs with a sense of purpose and intent to safeguard its citizens from this menace, there will not be any recourse for the common citizen of India.


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2 responses to “TERROR – The Kerala Connection

  1. Shreya

    September 20, 2011 at 7:36 am

    This issue is something which should be brought to light…but when corruption is all around, who will care to? 😦

  2. kpp1991

    September 22, 2011 at 7:37 am

    More than corruption Shreya, it is the pathetic vote bank politics that is harming our fundamentals. It is already at a dangerous proportion and corroding our unique cultural fabric.

    Thanks for the comments.


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