15 Sep

You have become an iconic trend setter for good governance, prosperity and welfare of the people of Gujarat. It is  internationally accepted that you are indeed an  Administrator par excellence who can steer India to a glorious future.  But as is the case with all Indians (i guess) success is never complimented.

On the contrary, it is criticized. Vigorous defamation attempts are artificially constructed to bring down prosperity both politically & economically.  Congress, with the help of radical Muslims from outside and inside Gujarat abetted by the Main Stream Media has systematically attempted to tarnish your larger than life image. When the UPA Government has shown  it lacks what it takes to ensure effective governance — courage, conviction and the ability – to take a risk for the sake of fundamental principles and democracy, it targets YOU,  with the deliberate intention to side-track public attention from its inherent and glaring imperfections.

But rest assured Sir, the entire country appreciates and acknowledges your abilities and directly applauds your success.  Congress has been always communal under its cloak of secularism.  They are a vehement lot who have during the past 60 odd years instigated communal violence for personal and vote bank gains.  All records of proof highlighting Congress involvement in communal and social disturbances,  however,  it sadly falls into the very short memory our Public recollections.  They carry an undeniable infatuation of the Gandhi clan, perhaps due to colonial inhibitions,  who are undeniably the chief architects of  the socio-economic-cultural erosion of our Country.

Gujarat Riots of 2002 is a sinister mastermind of Congress’s petty politics and yet you have become the scapegoat.  Gujarat Riots was and is a Congress/Muslim instigated treachery not only to yourself but to the Nation as well.  The significant Supreme Court Judgement is abundant proof of  your vindication of  all those nefarious allegations deliberately hurled at you.  Kudos to the legal system for upholding the mantle of justice appropriately.

I have reservations about BJP that should be taken up seriously by the Parliamentary Board.  My interest and subsequent membership with  BJP begins with the fascination I had for RSS, an organization that vowed for the Nation.  It was also the only foreseeable alternative from the eternally abhorrent Congress and its insidious manipulations of resource and wealth of a great country.  But I did find in BJP a difference which unfortunately was devoured by individual pettiness mostly post Atelji days.  Their irrelevance has become so conspicuous now that a revival is imperative and imminent.  No doubt, measures are being adopted to address this grave issue.  What baffles the likes of me is why BJP fails to perceive its demerits that stand so blatantly exposed.  Is not the frustrations of their vote bank like me, insinuations from eminent intellectuals who are fed up with Congress, consistent media trashing and lack of coherence itself be sufficient reasons to retrospect, regroup and invigorate to a Party that becomes formidable?  I Wish..!  And you Sir please take an initiative to revive BJP as a formidable National unchallenged Party.

Meanwhile, I wish you all the best.


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  1. Shreya

    September 15, 2011 at 7:26 am

    Sir…. Truly an inspiring one! Narendra Modi ji is the true son of Mother India…but some pseudo seculars with dubious motives are targetting him every now and then.

  2. kpp1991

    September 15, 2011 at 9:50 am

    Thanks Shreya. Yes, nefarious interests are behind him. But he will sail through.

  3. Shreya

    September 20, 2011 at 7:28 am

    Yes… Sadbhavana mission was a great success! “NaMo For PM” 🙂


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