XIAN Hypocrisy of Daijiworld in Karnataka – Nov, 2010

10 Sep

Response to a Note of One Mr. Saldanah in objecting BJP Govt in Ktka and RSS Protest on CON Slandering them as communal – 10-11-2010



Prashanth K.P Wrote – 11-11-2010

Mr. Saldanha’s views are not only hypocritical but abhorrent. It emanates basically because their religious preferences are no more affiliated easily. There was a time when they were rampant on conversion almost to the point of being starved. This was duly abetted by their Pope and funded by theirVatican. Ever since a constitutional referendum came restricting conversion, Christians, particularly the likes of Saldanha is finding it consternating. Their parochial vision becoming obliterated is by no means soothing. This is augmented by the awareness Hindus find themselves in now thus clearly evaluating and confronting the polarization Christianity has been so vehemently practicing inIndia. You along with the Islamists were the culprits who ruined the wonderful social, cultural and above all HINDU fabric of our Country. Right from year 1215 onwards you have been killing and converting and you show the audacity to name a few, who again implicated by the unscrupulous mastermind of an obnoxious Christian who unfortunately heads the Indian spineless Government. You get shocked to see children in a Hindu rally yet punish those children who don’t march to a CHURCH every SUNDAY! Anything Christian or Muslim is RIGHT, but anything HINDU is blatantly WRONG!!!! Excuse me Sir, those days are gone, thanks to both of your monolithic religions which has enabled, though late, to open our eyes. If Karnataka is anything but not progress since BJP came in, I PITY YOU!

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