29 Aug

I have certain questions emerging – perhaps relevant, perhaps irrelevant.

First of all, it is regarding UID. It is a noble but arduous venture to fulfill in the Indian context. But nothing is impossible, isn’t it. Yet, I disagree to one basic clause in UID. It stipulates that:

“The UID will link a person’s Passport Number, Driving License, PAN card, Bank Accounts, Address, Voter ID, etc. and all this information will be checked through a database. So, for example, if someone has different addresses on PAN and driving license, is liable to get caught. Those who will opt out of this program will have much inconvenience in doing business, operating bank accounts and other offices which will require a UID”.

So, does this not imply a logistical polarization. Assume, I live in Mumbai now. 10 years later I opt to live in Chennai. Under UID, I am liable to be imprisoned because of the obvious change in address. How can this be? A Social Security Card in the US or an Emirates ID Card in the United Arab Emirates does not stipulate adherence to one particular address life long. It does carry a number that validates you, your assets, your family and your current residence regardless of wherever you are within the Country. UID does not give you that freedom in its current form.

My larger Question, rather point of difference with Caste Based census is predominantly because it s enforced only upon the Hindus while Islam and Christianity too have enough sects with distinct beliefs yet do not fall under the purview of Caste Census by virtue of their Minority status. Why?

There are nearly 11 major sects of Islam followed by their innumerable sub-sects. Similarly there are roughly 13 major sects of Christianity followed by their innumerable sub-sects.

These religions too have their Upper Caste/Lower Caste classifications. They too fiercely follow a typical pride and prejudice akin to Hindus.

But, for vote bank politics, to overlook these Minorities and put them collectively under the Minority Basket without bifurcation and merely slash and slice Hindus alone appears more radical a concept that would lead to terrible consequences of elimination than consolidation of Hindus.

Again, financial capability should fall across all religious groups regardless of their constitutional status. There are affluent if not filthy rich Muslims and Christians who constitute between 33-37% of their respective religion. With ‘Minority’ sanctity provided, would it be fair to provide them with the same privilege as one who isn’t as financially sound. Take Ram Vilas Paswan example in this context for comparison. A Azim Premji’s son can not be at the same social level as some Tea Staller Abbobaker, yet they are equal by the Minority blessings provided.

To me, personally, while truly do appreciate the merits that could be derived out of such a census, if it is not applied across all strata of society, regardless of their religion, it will fragment and leave the country in an iffy situation.

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