29 Aug

The authenticity of an independent body called NAC is beyond my comprehension. Do they have extra-judicial rights to draft such sensitive laws and place them in Parliament? What is the competence of the NAC Committee Members, many of whom listed are outright criminals.  The drafting committee list comprises of:

•Gopal Subramanium

•Maja Daruwala

•Najmi W



•Prasad Sirivella

•Teesta Setalvad

•Usha Ramanathan (upto 20 Feb 2011)

•Vrinda Grover (upto 20 Feb 2011


1.Abusaleh Shariff

2.Asgar Ali Engineer

3.Gagan Sethi

4.H.S Phoolka

5.John Dayal

6.Justice Hosbet Suresh

7.Kamal Faruqui

8.Manzoor Alam

9.Maulana Niaz Farooqui

10.Ram Puniyani

11.Rooprekha Verma

12.Samar Singh

13.Saumya Uma

14.Shabnam Hashmi

15.Sister Mary Scaria

16.Sukhdeo Thorat

17.Syed Shahabuddin

18.Uma Chakravarty

19.Upendra Baxi


1.Aruna Roy, NAC Working Group Member

2.Professor Jadhav, NAC Working Group Member

3.Anu Aga, NAC Working Group Member&Joint Conveners of Advisory Group

4.Farah Naqvi, Convener, NAC Working Group

5.Harsh Mander, Member, NAC Working Group- Advisory group for Anti communal bill.


A careful scrutiny of the list would immediately dawn upon you the tarnished and suspect background of some of the members if not all. To hand to such a committee the task of developing a draft CVB is not only preposterous but portentous.  It is evident that a dark motivation lies behind this seemingly benign initiation.  I see myself instead, an involvement of a larger political design being fabricated to completely change the context of inherent laws that would expel Majority Community from the protection of the very same laws that has kept them safe from external incursions.  Yes, it is pro-minority, anti-majority and totally rigorous towards groups, affiliations, rape, hate propaganda, organized violence so on and so forth. Additionally, it does not bring within its precincts J&K which is totally left out with the blanket protection of Article 370 and this is implicitly mentioned in the CVB. There itself the major divide and its political duplicity become apparent.

It further, goes one step ahead by departing from established norms of the Indian Penal Codes and Criminal Procedure Codes. It chances to supersede even the Communal Violence Bill invoked in 2005.

Where are we heading for? Certainly, the dark cloudy days of 1975 when Indira Gandhi too went about with legislative amendments to consolidate her appetite for power is dangling here like a Democles sword over our heads as well.  This CVB has to be objected, prevented, obstructed and terminated in its entirety.

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