29 Aug

Uma Bharathi is the key to a resurrection of BJP in UP, nothing better than that.  But will it prove costly?  Will it boomerang on the Party? It is a case in study where both pros and cons weigh equally.

BJP, time and time again has failed to capitalize on issues that would have garnered them a definite victory.  Barring Ayodhya where mass hysteria predominated tactics, I don’t think BJP had any pragmatic political thought process at the think tank level geared up to ensure a political gain. While the Congress has saturated into a communal outfit with pseudo-secular facade, BJP has deteriorated into a party with egocentric leaders at the helm of business virtually hindering a revival of its ideology.  Just as several times before, BJP will fail to capitalize on the wonderful platform proffered by an absolutely failed UPA2 in general and the Congress Party in particular.


With Gadkari at the helm of affairs, I see a faint ray of hope in the sense of not an outright victory but a close second place in UP elections.  That will send ripples around the Congress circles undoubtedly.  Gadkari to BJP is, till now, what Dhoni is to the Indian Cricket Team.  His toss has often won him the match. In bringing back Uma Bharathi he has really reigned in Diggy and left CON thoughtful. Diggy would not want to relive or imagine his beaten days in MP, where he was not only removed from CMship but even from power. Considering the fact that Diggy is the CON appointed candidate to look after UP affairs, induction of Uma Bharathi and entrust her with UP affairs bears some Dhoni style of captaincy…a gamble!

As you have rightly pointed, a close second is a must for BJP in UP to send ripples.  If not it will remain beaten, battered and dreaming of nothing closer than 2019. The conspicuous absence of second tier leaders should be read with a pinch of salt. That they have not liked the idea of Uma Bharathi’s come back or say, re-induction is needless to say.

Will Uma Bharathi’s return change BJP’s fortunes – only time will tell.  But it will be worthy of note that though she carries considerable clout amongst her caste, she is still considered a maverick politician whom one cannot trust entirely. This distrust was evidenced in the rout she was handed in Tikamgarh seat, her home turf in Madhya Pradesh by Yadvendra Singh Bundela of the Congress for the assembly elections held on November 27 2008.  Her outburst against LKA in the presence of TV crew way back in 2004 is also very much in the minds of the electorate. That she is a loyal of the Hindutva movement is anybody’s guess. That she talks and walks Ram Mandir is also anybody’s guess. But will this fire brand politicking bring substantial dividends to both the BJP and herself remains to be seen.  Well, UP is the battleground for all to sweat it out.  Her fiery speeches, though on the radical side is impeccable in both delivery and intonation.

Any improvement to the BJP’s fortunes in UP will certainly speak of how they will fare in 2014.  UP has always been the stepping stone for both BJP and CON to Delhi. If BJP musters 125 seats, that is substantial gain from the 51 it won last term.  More importantly, that would reduce CON from it’s 22 seats and SP from its 97.  They may not hurt Mayawati’s 206 largely.  Well, battlegrounds are drawn, enemies have already begun their defense and the general public are keenly awaiting their turn to decide.  Let us hope BJP comes out a satisfactory second.

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