29 Aug

Wiki has provided this definition for a minority – “A minority is a sociological group that does not make up a politically dominant voting majority of the total population of a given society. A sociological minority is not necessarily a numerical minority — it may include any group that is subnormal with respect to a dominant group in terms of social status, education, employment, wealth and political power”.

By this definition, there is no numeric predominance emphasized in a general context. Hence, it was prudently omitted from our constitution until of course, vote bank politics came into significance. This increasing dependency on vote bank politics necessitated a clinically precise paraphrasing of the word….and the then political, rather CON think tanks thought it prudent to adorn this on the Muslim community wholesomely. Thus, spell of polarized doom for Indian Politics and Religious co-habitation began and over the years has decomposed and putrefacted into the society poisonously to a point of no return.

It is at such a juncture that CON is attempting to bring in the Communal Violence Bill favoring everything that is Minority. There is no representation or protection for the Majority Community in its current format. On the contrary, it has everything in it to destroy the fabric and culture of Majority community by way of draconian laws inculcated into it.

Yes, it is pro-minority, anti-majority and totally rigorous towards groups, affiliations, rape, hate propaganda, organized violence so on and so forth.  Additionally, it conspicuously omits from its precincts J&K which is implicitly provided with a blanket protection under Article 370 of the Constitution of India. Herein lies the major divide in the CVB’s intent and its political duplicity become apparent because of this duality. I would also wonder as to what happens to the Indian Penal Codes and Criminal Procedure Codes and the Communal Violence Bill invoked in 2005.

This CVB has to be objected, prevented, obstructed and terminated in its entirety.


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  1. Shreya

    September 15, 2011 at 7:33 am

    If they pass the CVB, then the majorities should stop paying taxes and everything.. Such a biased move from govt.. How can they think of coming up with such things!? Unfair!

  2. kpp1991

    September 15, 2011 at 9:47 am

    Shreya, thanks for the comments. By stop paying taxes, the criminality of the CVB will not diminish. Hindus will still be the target of all violence provoked by the minorities. Hence, the best is to not bring the CVB in the form NAC has drafted. I personally don’t see the reason for a CVB when sufficient laws are provided for in the constitution.

  3. Shreya

    September 20, 2011 at 7:19 am

    Sir..what to do, there are problems within majority… we’re not that united like the minorities… Even people within us support them… I remember when I tweeted something abt Sree padmanabha temple treasure, I got furious replies from hindus. They said it should be used for people..then I said if so all the mosques and churches should also be searched..but instead of giving me a decent, apt reply, they got mad at me saying the temple has ample lot of money, and that thr are no locked up treasure in churches and mosques… I’ve suffered a lot when I stood for college election once. I stood as an independent candidate from class, not supporting any party..but it was ABVP, which convinced me to stand for elections, so everybody thought I stood for them.. The SFI and msf-udf people yelled at me and asked me to withdraw.. I was going to back off but after their threats I decided to contest. Some of my classmates(mostly muslims) had difference of opinion with me.. But though I didn’t win, I got good fair number of votes.

  4. Prashanth K.P. (@prashanthkpp)

    September 23, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    Shreya, what you have said is the nexus of the problem. Unless there is unity amongst us Hindus, nothing will favor us. The Minorities, even though divided amongst themselves, unite and combine to become a formidable force when confronting the ‘so called’ Majorities. This is the aspiration that we, the Hindus, need to inculcate. Muslims can be very good friends, yet, when it comes to religion & faith, no friendship counts. I am not surprised that none of your Muslim colleagues supported you in the election. I too, during my days, have faced similar acrimony from the Muslims who were supposedly my colleagues and friends. They cannot promote themselves beyond the sentiments of their religious dogma. Therefore, to find a TRUE friend in a Muslim is akin to crying for the moon.

    Thanks a lot for your comments and visiting my blog. Like I said elsewhere, my blog is very personal and open only to you and I prefer to keep it that way.


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