29 Aug

The despair of the common man against a government, elected to represent them in their time of need, but showing scant respect to burning common issues and openly sayingYOU BE DAMNED is what the present CON led UPA2 Government has heartily provided to us, the common citizens of this Nation!

Yes, the CON led government has pushed the nation to the verge of a civil war with their despotic, anarchic and authoritarian rule. Like the days of emergency, the nation is being held to ransom by the incumbent government, particularly CON. To analyze the psyche behind this irresponsible attitude is partly due to over confidence of its own performance in certain state assembly elections and partly due to the lack of a formidable opposition. CON is utilizing this situation perfectly to their benefit totally disregarding the respect of the common man.

The civil uprising from two legitimate quarters of the civil society that does not belong to the cocktail wine drinking elitists is most just. They are representing that helpless voice of the common man. That both Anna hazare and Baba Ramdev have instigated the sentiments of the common man is needless to say. Their representation has gone way beyond the Governments reach and control. Had the Government been more sensible and sensitive to the issues burning the country, had they patiently listened to these two men representing the common man, had they opted to resolve these issues amicably in conjunction with them, several of the problems could have been ironed out. Sadly, not only did the government opt to be antagonist, they went one step ahead and used violence on a pious, peaceful and mixed crowd of men, women and children, injuring several in the process, some critically. This is total injustice! There is no democratic provision to unleash the violence we all saw on TV by the Government agencies on a peaceful crowd at an unearthly hour in the name of ‘assumed threat’.

Now, whether there was a hidden agreement by the Baba and Government representatives is insignificant. If there was ever an agreement of sorts, the government should have then stood to expose that to the public rather than resort to violence. With the Main Stream Media at their behest and call, they could have slandered the Baba if at all there was something behind the screen. Justifying rude violence to not meeting an assumed pre-dictated reciprocal agreement is a point beyond the realms of understanding. The government has erred. Period.

Yes, this is an opportunity that BJP many not find being offered very often. They should capitalize on all the issues that has recently been plaguing the CON led UPA Government and ensure that the public empathy is garnered in their favor. To do this they will need some diligent, unified hard working rather than spat at each other.

The handling of Baba issue has not only been immature and unbecoming of a sane elected Government but also equally oppressive and daring. It has gone on to prove that the Government of the day cares two hoots to the common man and his problems. It re-emphasizes its ineptitude and usurp intention in no uncertain terms. The haste with which the government resorted to violence against Baba and his followers exhibits the impatience and scare CON led government is juxtaposed with. The chronic silence of the Prime Minister and the CON Party President, the mooted reaction of other party members and allies alike indicates a fallacy CON led government has befallen into knowingly or unknowingly. Is there a recourse, yes, come to terms with the fact that the people’s movement led by the likes of Baba and Anna has a veritable truth to it and approach it with precocious diligence.

If not they stake a civil war! I sincerely hope better sense prevails upon those concerned and don’t let the country burn.

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