29 Aug

It is becoming increasingly evident that an era of oppression and suppression is emerging with the Government of India relentless in its anti-democratic practices.

There has been an increasing apathy towards anything Hindu and Saffron. In the last two years, the congress government has effectively managed, with the able assistance of its paid MSM friends who are heavily gifted by this loyalty, to tarnish and vitiate Hindus as being anything but fanatic. A loud bhajan, a temple visit, a saffron dhoti, a saffron/black wrist band, an Ohm locket round your neck – all these are looked down upon as being an irritant, an intrusion and a communally cleaving insignia. Why? It is time to ponder and ponder seriously at that.

As a sequel to this sentiment, the recent socio-political events has augmented this genuine feeling, that of being singularly targeted, that of being increasingly ignored, that of being comprehensively shooed away from nationalistic sentiments. Fact of the matter remains that it has become a sort of monopolized notion that anything saffron in color is direct threat to internal and external security not to mention the safety of other beloved minority communities. In short a Hindu has become an untouchable in his own very majority country with neither political nor constitutional protection.

Amidst this increasing turmoil, the political front of Hindus, the BJP in fact, is on a stringent diet course to slim down themselves though they didn’t have to do so considering the frequent bickering, infighting and unreasonable discontent they harbored amongst themselves. This aberration augmented by a serious of electoral mishaps has not only left the party lean but also delirious.

This has provided the platform for Congress to not only Loot the Country to its basics but also propagate anarchy and despotism outrightly. The series of scams that have fallen out of the cupboards of congress closet is infinite. With Government failing to take any sort of corrective action, it was left for the civil society to take it upon themselves to bring about some sense of civility to the lost governance. But when that too is confronted with force, what other measure does the common man have. The series of events that unfolded post #AnnaHazare crusade is a direct fall out of a despair emanating from the militant governance unleashed by the Congress led government. If not Baba Ramdev, some else would have definitely lead the movement. Such was the desperation among the common man on the street. You have directly participated and felt it yourself, hence no need for me to elaborate here.

Yes, BJP has everything on a Platter now. All they have to do is mix the ingredients correctly and let it boil. And at this point in time, I see BJP only as an alternative, a better choice among two evils. How they are going to utilize this opportunity remains to be seen. But this is one opportunity they would never find offered again.

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  1. Carley

    February 22, 2017 at 10:00 am

    What a pleasure to find someone who idfetieins the issues so clearly


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